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County Information
Founded 1791, formerly part of Albany County
County Seat: Ballston Spa
Largest city: Saratoga Springs
Area: 844 sq mi

Saratoga County is well-known for it Saratoga Race Course, open between late July and early September each year. This world-famous track dates back to 1863.
Saratoga County is also known for its role in American History, being the home of the Battle of Saratoga.
During the nineteenth century, Saratoga County was an important industrial center. Its location 30 miles north of Albany on the Delaware and Hudson Railway and its proximity to water power from the Hudson River and Kayaderosseras Creek led to rapid industrial development beginning in 1810. Some of the most important industries were paper mills, tanneries, foundries, and textile mills

The Saratoga National Historical Park is located along the Hudson River in Stillwater, and features a drive-around trail.

Courthouse Info:
Saratoga County Courthouse
30 McMaster Street - Bldg. #3
Ballston Spa, NY 12020

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