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MARCH 2018
OBITS: Jeremiah Best, Joseph C. Blanchard, Child of Peter Bradt, Child of Daniel Burt, Elizabeth Brown
NEWS-ILLNESS: Mrs. S. L. Claiborne, Mrs. Charles Rhinehardt, James Gibson

BIOS: Reuben S. Allen
MARRIAGE: Ward-Giannelli
OBITS: Andrew Fisher, Nancy Farrell, Ephraim Fisk, Catharine Fonda, Adam Frank
OFFICIALS-ROSTERS: Board of Supervisors and expenditures, 1844

OBITS: Ephriham Frisbee, James Duane, Robert Tannahill, Mrs. Thomas Tillman, Thomas B. Tripp, James Teller, Son of Charles Thatcher, David Thomas, Daniel Toll, Elizabeth Toll, Mrs. Daniel Toll, Lawrence Vrooman, Alida Vrooman, Daniel L. Van Antwerp, Harriet Van Vorsto, Van Voast Child, Alexander Van Vorst, Peter Van Allen, Edward Van Slyck, Jacob A. Vrooman
NEWS-VISITS: Mrs. N. Hotaling, Mrs. Bert Williams, Mrs. Joseph Smith, Joseph P. Smith, Nellie Brown, Ida Brown, Mrs. J. C. Temple, Eugene Becker, Mrs. Henry Vonberg, George Powers, Jacob Pratt, Mrs. Joseph Nolan

OBITS: Charles Henry Potter, Clarissa Putman, Eleanor Peek, Cornelius Putman, Mrs. David Parks, Amelia Peek, Gertrude Peek, James C. Peek, Child of William Peters Jr, Maggy Putman, Peck Child, Margaret M. Prouty, Maria Passage, Peek Child, Achsah Eliza Potter, Hypolete Penett, Teunis Peek, Child of Thomas B. Peek, Child of Peter V. Peek, Andrew Peters, Catharine Powell, Rebecca Purcell, Aaron Putman, Jonathan Price
CHURCHES: News - Holy Name Catholic Church, Zion Church
OFFICIALS-ROSTERS: Board of Supervisors and expenditures, 1838 through 1843

OBITS: Jacob Norris, Anna Nichols, Gerrit Oothout, Frederick Orlop, Child of William Ouderkirk, Polly Ostrander, Fullica Ann Ouderkirk, John Owens, Robert Osborn
BIOS: Harmen A. Vedder, Symon V. Veeder, Peter C. Viele, Henrick M. Vrooman, Jan Vrooman,
MARRIAGE: Murphey-Kinsela, Schermerhorn-Vedder, Sharpenotine-Van Patten, Van Rensselaer-Hanson, Vedder-Marselus, Whipple-Hilton

OBITS: George Rees, Henry Rosmond, Son of Abraham Rynex, Henry Rogers, Nathaniel Rochester, Reaglest Child
BIRTHS: Robert Lomasney, Leo Strong, Walter George Dievendorf, Clifford Paul Brickey, Edward Francis Feeley, Ella A. Jensen, Henrietta Mary Myers, Genovefa Klumowski, Alma B. Pluhst, Helen DeDonna, William J. Wilkinson
DIVORCE: Mary and Henry Klammer

OBITS: Elizabeth Quackenboss, Charles Quackenbush, Caleb Allen, Mrs. Wm. Amer
BUSINESSES: J. H. Crane, W. E. Van Delsen, W. E. Walker & James W. Mairs, John J. Hart
MARRIAGE: McIntire-Lovett, McMichael-Morrison, Bristol-Morrison
PEOPLE: Petrus Groot
NEWS-BIRTHDAYS: E. Frisbee, Mary Vroman
NEWS-ILLNESS: Rita Blauvelt, Irving Frederleks

OBITS: John H. Meier, Anna Monteith, Thomas Manners, John M. Mason, William McClymon, Jane McClure, McCue Child, George McGowan, Joseph Martin, Eve McCamus, James McMichael, Nathaniel Millard, Child of Richard Miller, Samuel Muir
BIOS: Jacob Janse Schermerhorn, Cornelius Slingerland, Teunis Cornelise Swart, Isaac Cornelise Swits
MARRIAGES: Banker-Van Slyck, Van Santvoord-Pruyn, Van Housen-Clute, Van Slyke-Edwards

JULY 2017
OBITS: Nancy Dunn, William Dingman
MARRIAGES: Huntington-Douse, Lewis-Wiley, Luke-Tripp

JUNE 2017
BIOS: Jan Roeloffoe
CHURCH-NEWS: Rev. Henry Curtis Petty
MARRIAGES: Vedder-Barhydt, Vedder-Fisher
OBITS: Mary Ballou Cole, James Constable, Richard Cooke, Angela Carley, Nancy Clow, Jane Cunningham, Phoebe Courier, Mrs. F. Church, Anna Clark, Z. Carpenter Child, James L. Campbell, Margaret Cooper
NEWS-ILLNESS: Mrs. B. Allens, Mrs. E. L. Claiborne, Mrs. Parkhurst, William D. Jones, Chester Van Dyke, Mrs. Lucinda Smallwood, Rev. J. C. Temple, Mrs. Charles Rhinebrandt, Henry Holmes, H. R. Phoenix, Mrs. J. C. Temple, Edward Perriman, Mrs. William Steward, Mrs. George Brown, Harmanus Van Slyck
NEWS-FIRE: 1803-Destructive Fire at Schenectady
OFFICIALS-ROSTERS: Board of Supervisors and transactions, 1831 through 1835, 1871-Post Offices and Post Masters in Schenectady County
OFFICIALS-INDIVIDUALS: Mayor George R. Lunn, Jennie K. Rosa, Rose Perkins Hale, Dan Manning
PEOPLE: Miss C. Davis, Amy Ellis, John F. Engle
SCHOOLS-UNION: 1801-Rev. Dr. Maxcy, 1806 Union College Commencement

MAY 2017
BIOS: Sander Leendertse Glen, Symon Symonse Groot, Philip Philipse
DIRECTORIES: 1862 Residents of Schenectady, ~ 2,400 names
OBITS: E. Boardman, Myndert Brown, Aaron Bradt, William Brown, Daniel Burdick, Mrs. Enoch Brownell
PEOPLE: isaac Banker
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1848-Train Fares, 1748-3 residents killed by the enemy

APRIL 2017
OBITS: Rachel Braman, Maria Borland, Jacob Barrite, Hester Banker, Alva Benedict, Martha Bassett, Daniel Bradt, Bradt Son, Fanny Barnydt
SCHOOLS: 1863 Board of Education, department heads, history
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1862 Public Services
MILITARY: 1862 Military Organization

MARCH 2017
BIOS: George Wells transcribed by Kim Mohler
OFFICIALS: 1863 County Office Holders and Public Officials
NEWS-CLUBS: 1863 Clubs, Organizations and Office Holders
OBITS: Samuel L. Mitchell, Joseph Mynderse, Uretta Moore, Henry Edwin Meech

BUSINESS: News and Ads - Abm. A. Van Vorst & Peter Vedder, C & H Van Vranken, Howland S. Barney & Co., Francis Calo, John Southard, Van Debogert Bros, Schenectady Bank, Mohawk Bank, Schenectady Savings Bank, C. Reagles, William Pettingill, J. V. Vrooman, Andrew McMullen, William McCamus & Co., Willis Knowlton, Moses M. Jones, J. Xavier, Dr. H. Gnadendorff, A. M. Ketchum, Somes' Photographic Gallery, James Walker & Co., David H. Snell, Rodgers & Weller, B. Van Vranken, Edward Rosa, Charles A. Miller, Samuel Myers, Walter T. L. Sanders, John Lake, Edgar C. Wilson, J. DeBois, John A. Edwards, A. F. and G. C. Carley, G. Q. Carley, Thomas H. Kenny, J. D. Felthousen, George H. Doty, Geo. G. Maxon, H. Egleston, F. Blum, Lacy & Perkins, C. B. Swart, G. Westinghouse, Beal & Van Brunt, A. B. Moore, Aaron Dickinson, A. B. Ahreet, John H. Bame
DIRECTORIES: 1862 Residents of Duanesburgh, Glenville, Niskayuna, Princetown and Rotterdam

OBITS: Ann McFarlan, Richard Merselus, Catharine Magoffin, James Munsell, Alexander McQueen, Margaret McCreadle, Mrs. Richard McMichael

OBITS: Abraham Lighthall, Daniel Lovejoy jr., Eunice Maria Langdon, James Lighthall, Mrs. Wm. N. Lighthall, Charity Lighthall
PEOPLE: Charles B. Potter, Halsted Close, David Campbell, Mary Shore Walker, Joseph Johnson
OFFICIALS: Board of Supervisors and transactions, 1828 and 1829

OBITS: Lucy C. Lovett, John Christian Lowerbarack, Lucy C. Lovett, Lighthall Child, Frances Lovett
MARRIAGES: Prouty-Sartwell, Russell-Smith, Scott-Clute, Schermerhorn-Adams
BIOS: Willem Teller, Carel Hansen Toll
OFFICIALS: Board of Supervisors and transactions, 1826 and 1827

OBITS: Captain Henry Paulding-Revolutionary War Soldier, contributed by Kim Torp.
OBITS: Daniel Ketchum, Douwe Kittle, John Kelly, Myndert Knights, Patty Koss
WILLS & PROBATE NOTICES: Alexander Alexander
OFFICIALS: Board of Supervisors and transactions, 1825

DIRECTORIES: 1870-1871 Schenectady County Directory now completed, final 1500 entries added.

OBITS: Edward Van Buren Kinsley, Roswell King, Thomas Kennedy
BIOS: Robert Yates
OFFICIALS: Board of Supervisors and transactions, 1824

JULY 2016
OBITS: Mary R. Hubby, Three Huysted Children, Mrs. William Huysted and a Child, Thomas G. Joyce, Child of John Joyce
MARRIAGES: Teller-Conkling, Van Deveer-Holliday, Van Dusen-DeForrest
OFFICIALS: Board of Supervisors and transactions, 1823
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1809-Schenectady Formed

JUNE 2016
OBITS: Gideon Holladay, Nicholas Hall, Archibald Hedden, Isaac Hogan, William Harris, Solomon Henderson's Child, Benjamin How
BIOS: Jan Pieterse Mebie, Gerrit Marselis, Ahasuerus Marselis, Johannes Myndertse
OFFICIALS: Board of Supervisors and transactions, 1822
MARRIAGES: Wilkie-Williams, Yates-Cobb

MAY 2016
DIRECTORIES: Over 500 Duanesburg Business Directory Listings from 1870-1871

APRIL 2016
HISTORY: Meaning of Schenectady, Early Trade, Customs and Calamities, Historic Fires
HISTORY: Early Dwellings, Churches, Free Masonry, Historical Bridge, Transportation, Education and Hotels
HISTORY: Early Families - Glen-Sanders, James Duane, Featherstonhaugh Family, General William North, Toll, Schermerhorn, Campbell, Yates
HISTORY: Reminiscences of crime, punishment, churches, old stories, shopping and more.

MARCH 2016
OBITS: Robert Hawver, Frederick Hawver, Eunice Hogan, Thomas Hall, John V. Henry, Anna Herrick
MARRIAGES: Cook-Beal, Bonny-Toll, Forester-Lewis, Freeman-Stevens, Frear-Morrison, Geers-Toll, Gombault-Cooke, Goodspeed-Wells
OFFICIALS: Board of Supervisors and transactions, 1821

OBITS: Nelson A. Hinman, Jonathan Hanford, Hulbert Child, Joshua Harman, Thomas D. Harman, Sally Ann Hoffman, Jane Hall, William Henry, John Haverley
MARRIAGES: Andrus-Marselus, Artcher-Thompson, Barns-Cheesman, Bearce-Cook, Bishop-Pike, Brown-Moore, Clute-Lambert, Clute-Paine, Conway-Slatterly, Conde-Bradford
NEWS-RUNAWAYS: Charles Duncan, Moses W. Soals, John McDougall
OFFICIALS: Board of Supervisors and transactions, 1809 through 1820

OBITS: Phebe Gee, John V. Glen, John Glen, Peter Glen, Thomas Gregg, Jacob Groesbeck
CHURCHES: History by Town
BIOS: Daniel J. Van Antwerpen, Marten Van Benthuysen, Gysbert Gerritse Van Brakelen, Arent Van Curler, Frans Van De Bogart, Laurens Claese Van Der Volgen, Jacobus Van Dyck, Dirk Van Eps, Claas Frederickse Van Petten,
DIVORCE: Peter P. Hogeboom, Lillian Estelle and Norman Selby McCoy

CEMETERIES: Vale Cemetery (over 800 entries)
FAMILIES: Yance or Yonce
History: (Early) Indian Wars on the Border 1662-1743

CHURCHES: History of the Methodist Episcopal Church
BIOS: Hans Janse Eenkluys, Dominie Barnhardus Freerman
NEWS-COURT: John Heugan
MARRIAGES: Ward-Hanker, Wendell-Penet, Vrooman-Vanderheyden

OBITS: Gustus Gombault, Joseph Gunlois, Simon Groot, Deborah Graham, John B. Groot, Agness Grieves
MARRIAGES: McMichael-Marselus, Miers-Lansing, Miller-Clench, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Niles, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, Palmer, Parker-Harger, Peck-Griffin
BIOS: Barhydt Andries Hause, Pieter J. DeSteenbakker, Claas Andries De Graaf, Jan De La Warde

CENSUS: 1810 Duanesburgh
OBITS: Barent Felthousen, Child of Abram Frank, Child of Volney Freeman, James T. Fuller, Jelles Fonda, Child of Robert M. Fuller, Samuel Farnsworth, Judith Featherly, Sarah Featherstonhaugh, Christopher D. Felthousen
MARRIAGES: Crocker-Milton, Constable-Livingston, Cowles-Meanley, Cunningham-Dorsey, Hoyt-Veeder, Cuyler-DeGraff, Hoffman-Orcutt, Taylor-Cadmus, Hudson-Benedict, Livingston-Duncan, Lourbergh-Peterson
BIOS: Arent A. Bratt, Andries Arentse Bratt, Samuel A. Bratt, Dirk Arentse Bratt, Philip H. Brouwer, Hendrick W. Brouwer, Geraldus Cambeford, Christiaan Christiaanse, Pieter and Joseph Clement, Ludovicus Cobes, Jan, Johannes and Frederick Clute

CENSUS: 1810 Schenectady 4th Ward
OBITS: Henry H. Essex, Abraham De Graff, Sarah Davis, Mary Ann Duane, S. G. F. Dunham, John Dubois, Catharine Earls, Thomas Ellis, Jacob C. Enders, Mrs. Lewis Eaton, Mary French, Rebecca Felthousen
MARRIAGES: Roff-Smith, Staley-Stokes, Schopmeier-Johnson, Stubblebein-Stubblebein, Sullivan-Trappening, Tayler-Dunlap, Shepherd-Hansen, Thornton-Root, Titus-Sweet, Warren-Givens
BIOS: Adriaen Appel, Douwe Aukes, Gerrit Bancker, Caleb Beek, Hendrick L. Bont
DIVORCES: Emma and Levi Goodro

JULY 2015
OBITS: Consaul Child, George Callender, Richard M. Cooke, Douwe Clute, E. L. Cady, Albertine Campbell, Gardner Cleveland, Chandler-Child of William, Nicholas Clute, John Consaul, Joseph Cooke, Cunningham-Child of William, Margaret Cunningham, Susan Curtis, Peter Christeanse, Jacob Clute, Jr., Henry Clay, Maria Cooper
MARRIAGES: Armstrong-Smiley, Trevithick, Taylor-Neilson, Tillman-Vedder, Van Patten-Valkinburgh, Walloomsac-Jones, Waud-Moore, Worthen-Beede, Van Zandt-Pierce, Vance-Adaiar, Gile-Lyons
DIVORCES: Mme. D'Alma and Rudolph Aronson

JUNE 2015
MARRIAGE: Harrison-Landford - Submitted by Mary Dutcher
OBITS: Robert Conover, Frank J. Dunham - Submitted by Mary Dutcher
MARRIAGES: Mynderse-Douw, Coulter-Boyce, Brower-Stevens, Matthews-Faulkner, Smith-Smith, Miller-Goodsel, Clute-Fretz, Featherstonhaugh-Duane, McVickar-Constable, Nott-Tibbits
OBITS: Carpenter Child, Cornelia Clowes, Child of Daniel Compton, Angelica Clute, Clute Child, Carley Child, Chandler Child, Esther Carpenter, Frederick N. Clute, Thomas B. Clench, Susan Constable, Cunningham Child, Hariet S. Cooke, Jesse Coon, Jane Carey, Sarah Carner, Mrs. Child and Infant, Child of John Clark, Ralfe Clench, Benjamin Conant
CENSUS: 1910 Schenectady - 3rd Ward

MAY 2015
MARRIAGES: Yates-Kane, Moyston-Searing, McNish-Cowan, Teller-Stuart, Adams-Morrison, Blood-Simonds, Hoyt-Hicks, Bruce-Watson, Craig-Oothoudt, Sickles-Glen, Bullock-Veeder, Van Vorst-Vrooman, Van Rensselaer-Kane, Van Dyke-Staats, Willard-Smith
CENSUS: 1810 Schenectady, 2nd Ward
OBITS: Ezra Babcock, Child of Ephraim Benedict, John Bearup, Mary Boardman, Alvan Babcock, Ira Baker, John Banker, Benedict Child, William Benedict, Benson Child, Caroline M. Betts, Catharine Birch, Cornelius Bradt, Isaac Bradt, Hellen Bradt, Jonathan P. Brooks, Mary Brown, Brown Child, Samuel Bond, Joseph Bonny, Samuel Brown, William Brown, Mrs. Aaron Burt, Mrs. Nathan Burdick

APRIL 2015
MARRIAGES: Proft-Beck Submitted by Susan Bruffey Lehman
OBITS William Adams, Mrs. Stephen Whited, Samuel White, Mrs. Alexander Walmsley, Ann Willson, Phebe Whitehead, Mrs. William Weller, Jr., Andrew Wemple, Alexander Walmsley, Ward Child, Betsey Wessels, Nancy Wiley, Margaret Wilson, Henry Winegar, Mrs. Wisner, Ruth Wiggins, James Yates, John Yates, Hannah Archer, Charles Adair, Betsey Barhydt, Abraham Buys, John C. Barhydt, Cyrus Ballou, John Anderson
CENSUS: 1810 Census, Schenectady 1st Ward

MARCH 2015
OBITS: John Van Patten, Nicholas Van Patten, Eve Eliza Van Santvoord, Van Vechten Child, Alida Vedder, Arent A. Vedder, Hester Vedder, Isaac Vedder, Maria Vedder, Maria Veeder, Nicholas Vedder, Jane Veeder, Ann Ten Eyck Vrooman, Van Santvoord Infant, Mrs. Gershom Van Voast, Sarah Van Vranken, Nicholas Vedder, Henry Ward, Thomas Wasson, John B. Wendell, Mrs. Robert Wendell, Thomas Wadsworth, Frederick Walter, Sally Watson

OBITS: Catharine Vissher, Vrooman Child of John, William Van Arnum, John Van Antwerp, Rebecca Van Antwerp, Nancy Van Guysling, Alexander Van Eps, John Veeder (2), Anna Vedder, Gertrude Van Der Volgen, James Van Eps, Mary M. Van Eps, Elizabeth Van Ingen, Jacob Van Patten, Mary Van Schaick, Mrs. Gilbert Van Sice, Margaret Van Slyck, Gilbert Van Sice, Mrs. Van Voast, Susan Van Dervolgen, Peter Van Vorst, Angelica Van Vranken, Evelina Vrooman, Helen Vrooman, Child of Isaac Vrooman, Simon Veeder Vrooman

OBITS: Joseph Lemuel Shepard, Roger Skinner, Erlunia Smith, John Steers, Nancy Swart, Catharine Swits, Henry Swits, John Swits, Charles Sturtevant, Erastus Sturtevant, Susan Schermerhorn, Child of Joseph Sharratt, Henry K. Shelly, John Taylor, Cornelia Truax, Mary Teller, Elsie Ten Eyck, Maria Ten Eyck, James Thomas, James Thompson, George Thornton, Nancy Thornton, Thompson Daughter, Benjamin Tucker

BIOS: John Morrison
OBITS: John W. Newkirk, Robert Neach, Sebastian Olsaver, James O'Connor, Lenah Oothout, Mary Ostrander, Peter Olsaver, Mary Louisa Perry, Perry Child, Elizabeth Powell, Christopher Peek, Thomas Powell, Elizabeth Prince, Mary Ann Purcell, Peter Proal, Rodgers Son, George Reese, Maria Riggles, Jane Ryley, Mary Shephard, Margaret Stuart, Mary Ann Stillman

CEMETERIES: Cobblestone Cemetery-900+ burials from 1919 and prior.

OBITS: Jane Johnson, Henry Duane Jones, Lyman Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Jennings, John Johnson, John Kelly, George Wray Kane, Adrian Kissam, Mrs. John Lambert, Juliet Low, Margaret Lapeus, Lyon Child, Joseph Martin, Martin Children, Mrs. McClintock, Mrs. Samuel Mathews, Sally McCredie, Abijah Miller, Moyston Daughter, Nancy McDougall, Ann Mynderse, Mrs. Mynderse, Mrs. Mary Murdock, Meeker Child

OBITS: Jesse DeGraff, Almira Dorn, William Dunlap (1820), William Dunlap (1826), Ethan Edwards, Mercy Edwards, Nancy Empie, Featherstonhaugh Sisters, Felthousen Child, James Fenn, Elijah Flemming, Elizabeth Fonda, Henry V. Fonda, Fuller Child, Jesse T. Fuller, William Griffin, Walter Groesbeck, Mrs. Sukey Groot, Gezina Hall, Lewis Hall, Julia Ann Haulenbeck, Robert Hudson

OBITS: Adair Child, Catharine Barheydt, John Bradt, Betsey Barker, Horace H. Barnum, Mary Beekman, Elizabeth Benedict, Melissa Benedict, Ezra Bolles, Bonny Child, Maria Bradt, Mrs. Harmanus Brower, Mrs. Cornelius Clute, Clute Child, Peter Conry, Charles Coan, Adam Condey, Cooke Child, Samuel S. Cooke, Andrew Cowan, Peleg Cornell, Orpah Crane

JULY 2014
OBITS: Gertrude Van Antwerp, Peter Vandervolgen, Francis Van DeBogart, Joseph S. Van Driesen, Simon F. Van Patten, Zeger Van Santvoord, Mrs. Van Vechten, Catherine V. W. Van Vechten, Daniel Vedder, Vedder Son, Maria Veeder, Martin Ward, Charles Warford, Liile Wiley, Eliza Willard, Letitia Willett, Jane Yates, Mary Yates, Benjamin Youngs, Elizabeth Yout

JUNE 2014
OBITS: Thankful McArthur, Helen McDonnell, Ann McKinny, Margaret Mercer, Hannah Miller, John R. Mynderse, David Mumford, Abraham Oothout, Caroline Theresa Pierpont, William Powell, John Prouty, Mr. Quick, John F. Reamann, George Reelman, James Shears, Joseph Shepherd, Mrs. Lawrence Schraffer, Catharine Slater, John Smith, Rebecca Smith, Alexander Thompson, John Thornton, Jacob Thurston, Ann Topping

MAY 2014
OBITS: John Barker, James Bradford, Thomas Barton, Mrs. Peter Becker, John Bentley, Cornelius J. Demarest, Benjamin DeWitt, Richard Duncan, Fonda Child, Hester Gardiner, Nancy Goodall, Abraham A. Groot, Hansen Child, David Johnson, Robert Johnson, John Lasher

APRIL 2014, Update #2
OBITS: James Adams, Eldert Ament, John Brown, Mrs. Barnard, Thomas Burgess, Moses Beal, Icabod Bonny, Cornelius Bogardus, William Breeze, Ann Brown, Samuel S. Brush, Samuel Bishop, Jacob Beckman, Christopher Beckman, James Bradshaw, Edward Brown, John Brown, Enoch Brownell, John Butler, Rebecca Borland, Walter Buchanan, Elvira Cooper, Jane Combs, Anthony Conkling, Maria Corl, George Wray Cuyler, Eliza Cunningham, James Constable, Nancy Corl, Jane Constable, Elizabeth Cowans, John B. Clute, Sally Cody, Sarah De Graaf, Jacob I. De La Matter, David C. Denney, James Duane, Jonathan Edwards, Robert Forrester, John Fitzgerald, Bartholomew Fogarty, Esq., Robert Fulton, James Freeman, Thomas Gifford, Catharine Glen, Henry Glen (d. 1814), Henry Glenn, John Henshall, Esther Hudson, Eliza Hudson, Magdalena Houghtaling, John T. Hudson, John Hetherington, Maria Jackson, John Joyce, Joseph Kinsela, Jeremiah Knowles, Gilbert R. Livingston, William Marsh, Catharine McAuley, Alida McKinney, Sarah McCue, Charles Martin, John Magoffin, Alexander Monteith, Sarah M'Cartee, William J. McCartee, Leanora Mercer, Anna McFarlan, Mary Moore, John H. Meir, Luke Owens, Catalina Peek, James Pratt, Ann Rogers, Elizabeth Romeyn, Asa Rowell, Susannah Reaseboom, Joseph Rogers, Catharine Roseboom, Charles Russ, Rev. D. Romeyn, Major Snell, Nancy Stevens, Richard Schermerhorn, Holly St. John, John L. Stevenson, Mrs. Cyrus Stebbins, Angelica Shurtleff. Joseph Shurtleff. Olive Shurtliff, T. T. Smith, Robert Smith, Simon Schermerhorn, Timothy Tredwell Smith, John Taylor, Elizabeth Van Ingen, Dirck Van Ingen, Gertrude Van Ingen, Henry Van Patten, Sally Van Sice, Aaron Vrooman, Margaret Vrooman, Nancy Vrooman, Susanna Vrooman, Alexander Vedder, Adrian Van Slyck, Francis Veeder, Peter F. Veeder, Jas. Van Horne, Abraham Van Horne, John V. Van Ingen, Elizabeth Van Slyck, Martin Van Slyck, Nicholas Van De Volgen, Peter C. Veeder, Catharine Vedder, Nicholas F. Vedder, Anna Vedder, Harmar Vedder, Elbert Willett, Rebecca White, Robert G. Wetmore, James Wilson, Jellis Yates, Maria Yates, Nicholas Yates

APRIL 2014, Update #1
BIOS: Theodore Wells Barhydt, Garrett Spitzer, Garrett De Spitzer, Ernestus De Spitzer, Ceilan Milo Spitzer, Aaron Bovee Spitzer, Nicholas Spitzer, J. H. Crane, Andrew Truax, M. D.
BIRTHS - NEWS : Lang, Robson, Schuyler, Oatman, Hargraves, Dixon, Francesco, Carriero, Rafalowski, Lyons, Connell, Eaton, Burch, Waddell, Miller, Lis Parker, Luther, Tankowski, Krom, Brockmyer, Jones
CRIME: Van Alen brothers murder Garrit Steers; Eva Kenska Murdered and Dismembered (1914)
MILITARY SKETCHES: 750 Military Related Sketches
HISTORY: Early county history; Later county history
DIVORCE: Barney and Carrie Snow, Florence and Harry Campbell
NEWS: Runaways and other notices - Volkert Vedder, Eve Fisher, Nathaniel Wright
SCHOOLS: History of Union College
TOWNSHIPS: History of the townships Niskayuna, Glenville, Princetown, Duanesburgh, Rotterdam
PROBATE: Harold McCall Otto, John Bt. Clute, James Peck, Wm. J. and Sarah M'Cartee, Doct. John Brown

Dec 2013:  1883 pensioners
Mar 2013: bio for WILBUR
Apr 2012: Fire News story for FEATHERSTONHAUGH; Train Wreck Story; death notice for FOOTE, TRUDEAU, HOGAN; sick list news for LIEBENSTERN
Oct 2011: Bio for BENNETT, MAXON
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Baptisms: Pearson's Genealogies, Marriages

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