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Source: "Military records of Schoharie County veterans of four wars"
by George H. Warner
Albany, N.Y. :: Weed, Parsons and Co., 1891
Transcribed by K. Torp

Killed, 14; wounded, 8; captured, 21; died in captivity, 4.

Roll of Honor.
Becker, Johannis
Ferster, John
Frimire, John
Haggadorn, Richard
Valkenberg, Joachim
Shafer, Jacob
Zimmer, Jacob, Jr
Dietz, Johannes
Ferster, Martinus
Frimire, Jacob
Strubach, Barent
Vroman, Isaac
Vroman, Teunis
Zeh, John

Dietz, Peter
Borst, Jacob
Dietz, Jacob
Vroman, Simon.

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In the selections made by our forefathers, we find that they were wise, and that but one of the number chosen proved false to the trust. Although several members of this committee were not enrolled and did not perform such military duty as the term might imply, their services as a war committee appear so intimately connected with the services of those who did bear arms, that I give them a place in the military family.

Johannes Ball, Chairman,
was chosen chairman at the organization of the committee, and held that position during the war. He was a marked man from the first, and a subject for capture or assassination, bnt escaped all harm, though at times in an apparently providential manner. The date of his death I have been unable to obtain. Two sons, Peter and Mattice, were enrolled in the First Company, as will be found. It is evident that his services as a war statesman were invaluable, and if tradition be true that he was the father of twenty-two children, he was not the man to yield to a King. A great grandson and grandson of Peter, George Ball of Sharon, survives him: William Ball of Schoharie and Harvey Ball, of Esperance are grandsons of Chairman Ball and his second wife.

Pieter—Peter Vrooman, Colonel, retained his position on the committee, as secretary, during its existence.

Joseph Becker with his three brothers were enrolled in the service and are accounted for in the roster.

George Warner, Sr., was born in Wittenberg, Germany, Jane 24, 1720, removed to America at the age of twenty-four, and at the time of the Revolution lived at what is now Warnerville, and had three sons, Nicholas and Geo., Jr., enrolled in the service, and David, "a lad of twelve years." Efforts to capture him failed until December 9,1782, when "Seths Henry" with a party of six Indians, who had been sent from Canada, through heavy snow, for the express purpose, succeeded in taking him and his son Nicholas prisoners. The party encamped for the night near what is now Richmondville, and at the entrance to Brooker Hollow. Late in the night Nicholas escaped, but his father remained a prisoner and followed his captors to Canada. From Niagara he was sent to "Rebel Island" and given parole liberty. During his captivity he was treated with comparative kindness, and after remaining eleven mouths and being sworn to secrecy, he was exchanged. Died Jnne, 1815, aged 95. His wife Dorsa died May, 1817, aged 91.
A great-great-grandson, Lieutenant Geo. W. Snyder, U.S.A., died in the service during the war for the Union. His grandsons Marcus and John Warner served in the war of 1812. Granddaughter, Mrs. John Hynds. Great-grandson Sylvester Warner. Great-great-grandson, Marcos D.

Peter U. Zielie, Lieutenant-Colonel.

Joseph Borst,
served in the Militia and accounted for.

Peter Becker,
enrolled in Captain Becker's company for service abroad.

Peter Swart,
no positive data concerning this man. It is barely possible that he was the "Peter Swart, ensign," who was-very young at the beginning of the war.

William Zimmer,
"of Breakabeen," is referred to by Simms as proving disloyal to the Patriots.

William Dietz
had a son William, Jr., enrolled for service.

Samuel Vroman,
a merchant, resided in Lower Vroman's Land, and enrolled for service. Father of "Susannah."

Adam Vroman,
supposed to have been a grandson of Adam the first, and son of the first Peter, and grand or great-grandfather of Dow J. Vroman of Middleburg, N.Y. Died October 28, 1822, aged 88.

Jacob Zimmer
resided in the eastern portion of the county. Had four sons, Peter, George, Adam and William, -not the committeeman- enrolled for service. Great granddaughters, Lovina Bigelow, Elmina Weidman.

Nicholas Sternberg
had four sons enrolled for service - Abram, David, Jacob and Lambert. Grandsons surviving, Abraham of Seward and Levi.

Sebastian France
has been referred to in one instance as a committeeman, but I find nothing more to corroborate the statement. It is very probable that he was consulted on matters of interest to the Patriots, as he was a firm supporter of their cause, and resided in a Tory neighborhood.

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Acker, George
Ball, Johannis
Ball, Mattice
Ball, Peter
Barnhart, William
Bartholemew, Diewalt
Becker, Adam
Becker, Albertus
Becker, Albertus, Jr
Becker, Conrad
Becker, David
Becker, David, Jr
Becker, Frederick
Becker, Garret
Becker, Harman
Becker, George
Becker, Henry
Becker, Isaac
Becker, Jacob
Becker, Johannes
Becker, John
Becker, John Alb
Becker, John B
Becker, John F
Becker, John G
Becker, John H
Becker, John J
Becker, John P
Becker, John S
Becker, John W
Becker, Joseph
Becker, Nicholas
Becker, Pete
Becker, Storm
Becker, Storm S
Becker, William
Bellinger, John
Bellinger, John L
Bellinger, Marcus
Bellinger, Marcus, Jr.
Berner, Joseph
Berg, Abram
Berg, Adam
Berg, Philip
Berg, William
Borst, Henry
Borst, Jacob, Lieutenant
Borst, Jacob
Borst, John
Borst, John, Jr
Borst, Joseph
Borst, Joseph
Borst, Michael
Borst, Peter
Borst, Philip
Bouck, Baltus
Bouck, Christian
Bouck, Cornelius
Bouck, David
Bouck, Henry.
Bouck, Jacob
Bouck, John
Bouck, John
Bouck, John W
Bouck, Lawrence
Bouck, Nicholas
Bouck, Nicholas W
Bouck, Peter
Bouck, Thomas
Bouck, William, Jr
Brand, Michael
Brentner, Anthony
Brewer, Peter
Brown, Adam, Jr
Brown, Christian
Brown, John
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Michael
Brown, William.
Caghy, Hugh
Cartagan, Barney
Conrad, Henry
Conrad, Henry, Jr
Cortney, William
Cornelison, Cornelius
Cowley, Johnathan
Cowley, St. Leger
Criscal, Jacob
Cutty, Johnathan
Daly, Nathan
Dana, Lewis
Denny, Soyer
Dietz, Jacob
Diet'/, John
Dietz, Joseph.
Dietz, Peter
Dietz, William
Dietz, William, Jr
Dominick, John
Dominick, John, Jr
Eagars, Julius
Eckerson, Cornelius
Eckerson, John
Eckerson, Teunis
Eckerson, Teunis, Jr.
Eckerson, Thomas.
Eckerson, Thomas, Jr
Eigler, Frederick
Ellerson, David
Enders, Jacob W
Enders, John
Enders, John, Jr.
Enders, Peter
Enders, Peter, Jr.
Enders, William
Evans, Joseph
Feek, Cornelius
Feek, Jacob
Feek, John
Feek, Nicholas
Feek, Peter
Ferster, George
Ferster, John
Ferster, Martin
Fink, Peter.
Fink, William
France, Bastian.
France, Christopher
Frimire, George
Frimire, Jacob
Frimire, John
Frimire, John, Jr.
Frimire, Michael
Gerlach, Nicholas
Gilbert, Jesse
Granatier, John
Granatier, Jacob
Graus, Michael
Haggadorn, Adam
Haggadorn, Baltus
Haggadorn, Bartbolemew
Haggadorn, John.
Haggadorn, Richard
Haggadorn, Samuel
Hadsel, George
Hager, Adam
Hager, Henry, As. ex
Hager, Henry.
Hager, Jacob
Hager, John
Hager, Joseph
Hager, Peter
Hager, Samuel
Harper, Alex .
Harper, John
Harrison, James
Harrison, James, Jr.
Henry, Thomas
Henry, William
Herron, James
Herron, Robert
Hills, Christopher
Hillsinger, Jacob
Hillsinger, John
Hillsinger, Michael
Hillsinger, Peter
Hilts, Christopher, Jr
Hilts, George
Hitchman, Henry
Hoever, Felix
Hoever, Philip
Holdavvay, Henry
Holt, John.
Houck, Henry
Humphrey, Benj
Humphrey, James
Humphrey, John
Hutt, John.
Ingold, John.
Ingold, John, Jr
Jessy, Juas.
Jacobson, Jacob
Karker, Philip
Keyser, Abram
Keyser, John.
Kidney, Peter
King, Christopher
King, John.
King, Michael.
Kniskern, Henry
Kniskern, Jacob
Kniskern, John
Kniskern, Teunis
Kniskern, William
King, Leonard
Kramer, Charles
Kriesler, Baltus
Kriesler, John
Lamb, William
Lawyer, Abram
Lawyer, David
Lawyer, Jacob
Lawyer, Jacob, Jr
Lawyer, John
Lawyer, John L
Lawyer, John I
Lawyer, Lambert
Lawyer, Lawrence
Lawyer, Nicholas
Law, George.
Leek, William
Lemmon, Arch.
Lemmon, John.
Long, Nicholas
Loucks, Andrew
Loucks, Jeremiah
Low, John
Mann, Jacob
Mann, Peter, Jr.
Mann, William
Mahallen, Hugh
Mattice, Abram.
Mattice, Conrad
Mattice, Elias
Mattice, Frederick, Jr.
Mattice, Frederick.
Mattice, George.
Mattice, Henry, Jr
Mattice, John
Mattice, John Jr
Mattice, Joseph
Mattice, Nicholas F
Mattice, Nicholas, Jr
Merenes, George
Merenes, Jeremiah
Merkel, Jacob
Merkel, John
Merkel, Nicholas
Merkel, Henry
Merkel, Philip
McCoy, John
Money, Jacob
Morrell, James
Murphey, Timothy
Murray, James
Murray, Thomas
Nicholas, Garret
Otto, Frank
Otto, Godlove
Pain, John
Patchen, Isaac
Patchen, Freegift
Pick, Martinus
Price, Daniel
Reinhart, George
Reinhart, William
Resue, John
.Richtmyer, Christian
Richtmyer, George
Richtmyer, Jacob
Richtmyer, Peter.
Rickert, George
Rickert, John
Rickert, Marcus
Rickert, Nicholas
Rilyea, Henry
Ritter, John
Ritter, William
River, Benj
Rorick, Barner
Rorick, Caspar
Roth, Thomas.
Rumrath, Henry
Salge, Henry
Satterly, Eacus
Schell, Adam
Schell, Christian
Schell, George
Schell, Frederick
Schell, Jacob F.
Schell, John F.
Schoolcraft, Jacob
Schoolcraft, John.
Schoolcraft, Lawrence
Schoolcraft, Lawrence, Jr
Schoolcraft, Peter.
Schoolcraft, William
Schuyler, John
Schuyler, Simeon
Shafer, Adam
Shaf er, Adam, Jr
Shafer, Christian
Shafer, Dewalt
Shafer, George
Shafer, Jacob
Shafer, John F
Shafer, John H.
Shafer, John T
Shafer, John, Jr
Shafer, Joseph
Shafer, Hendricus
Shafer, Henry
Shafer, Lambert.
Shafer, Marcus
Shafer, Marcus, Jr
Shafer, Peter
Shafer, Teunis
Shelmendine, Richard
Shelmendine, George
Sidney, Joseph
Sidney, Henry
Sidney, Peter
Sidney, William.
Singer, John V
Slyder, Nicholas
Smith, Thomas
Snyder, George.
Snyder, Jacob
Snyder, Jacob.
Snyder, John
Snyder, John.
Snyder, John, Jr
Snyder, Henry
Snyder, Lodwig.
Snyder, Peter.
Snyder, Philip
Snyder, William.
Steinbrunner, Benj
Sternberg, Abram
Sternberg, David
Sternberg, Jacob
Sternberg, Lambert
Sternberg, Nicholas
Strobeck, Adam
Stubrach, Barent.
Stubrach, Christian.
Sutherland, Ancus.
Swart, Lawrencey.
Swart, Peter, ens.
Swart, Peter
Swart, Teunis.
Thorp, Ezra.
Tufts, Zachariah
Turner, James.
Valentine, John.
Valkenberg, Joachim
Valkenberg, Jacob
Valkenberg, John.
Valkenberg, Joseph
Van Dyck, Cornelius
Van Dyck, Jacob
Van Dyck, John
Van Antwerp, John
Van Loan, Jacob.
Van Slyke, Martin
Van Slyke, Peter
Vosburg, Harmanus
Vrooman, Adam
Vrooman, Adam A.
Vrooman, Barent
Vrooman, Bartholemew C
Vrooman, Bart
Vrooman, Barent, Jr.
Vrooman, Abram
Vrooman Ephraim
Vrooman, Ephraim
Vrooman, Isaac.
Vrooman, Isaac, Jr
Vroman, John
Vrooman, Martinus
Vrooman, Peter B
Vrooman, Peter
Vrooman, Peter A
Vrooman, Peter C
Vrooman, Peter I
Vrooman, Samuel
Vrooman, Simon
Vrooman, Teunis
Warner, Christophe
Warner, George
Warner, George, Jr
Warner, Joseph
Warner, Nicholas
Webber, Henry, Jr
Werth, Henry
Werth, John
Wilber, John
Winnie, Conrad
Yansen, Henry
Yansen, John
Yansen, Joseph
Young, William
Zeh, David.
Zeh, Joseph
Zeh, John.
Zeh, Nicholas
Ziecraft, Jacob
Zielie, Peter
Zielie, Martin W
Zielie, Peter U
Zimmer, Adam
Zimmer, Jacob
Zimmer, Peter
Zimmer, George
Zimmer, Jacob, Jr
Zimmer, William

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Ball, Peter, Mattice.
Becker, Joseph, Jacob, George, John, William.
Bellinger, John, Marcus.
Borst, Jacob, Joseph, Peter, Philip.
Enders, John, Peter.
Eckerson, Thomas, Jr., Cornelius, John, Teunis.
Frimire, Jacob, George, John, Jr.
Ferster, Martinus, John.
Hager, Jacob, John, Peter, Joseph.
Keyser, Abram, John.
Kniskern, Jacob, William.
Lawyer, Abram, David, Jacob, Johannes I., Lambert.
Mattice, Frederick, Jr., George, Nicholas.
Patchen, Isaac, Freegift.
Schoolcraft, Jacob, Lawrence, John.
Sternberg, Abram, David, Jacob, Lambert.
Shafer, John H., Henry, Jacob, Lambert.
Swart, Teunis, Lawrence, Peter.
Van Valkenberg, Joost, Joachim.
Warner, Nicholas, George,
Zimmer, Adam, William, George, Peter.
Vroman, Samuel, Simon, Peter A., Adam.
Vroman, Isaac J., Peter L
Hilts, Christopher, Jr., George.
Richtmyer, George, Christian, Peter.


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