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Schoharie County
New York
Genealogy and History

War of 1812 Soldiers

[Source: "Military records of Schoharie County veterans of four wars"; Albany, N.Y. :: Weed, Parsons and Co.,, 1891]

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

It should be borne in mind that the present towns of Summit and Richmondville were a part of Cobleskill,
and that the town of Seward was formed several years after the war of 1812.



Ezra Allen.
Summit—Farmer; single; age 26; served under Major Efner, to end of term ; died April 27, 1862, age 75. Children, Edward David D., William E., Myron W., Ezra, Jr., Almira.

Henry Becker.
Middleburg- Died 1855. Grandson, Albert, served in the war of the rebellion.

Philip Bartholemew, Captain,
came to America at the age of 16, as a soldier under Lafayette; settled in the county after the Revolution; commanded a company in this war at Plattsburg "for nine months;'' died August 16, 1824 Son, Peter A. V. Bartholemew. Grandson, Charles, served in the Union Army

John Blodgett.

Schoharie- Teacher; single ; died about 1860. Sons, Hiram and William, served in the war of the rebellion.

Robert Burton.
Schoharie-single; farmer; age 18; served full term as substitute ; died March 28, 1860. Children, Lyman, Thomas, Lovina, Nethaway. Grandson, Perry.

David Brown, Ensign.
Seward - Mechanic; married; served full term at Plattsburg; died April 7, 1878, aged 90; Lana, third wife, surviving. Children, Orsamus, Almon, Levi, John W., William L, Beriah G., Eliza J.

Philip Becker.
Richmondville - Served at Plattsburg in 1814. Son, William. Grandsons, Henry, Peter, Levi, Daniel, John, .Robert, Myron. A grandson, Philip, served in the Union Army.

Cornelius Brazee,
Summit - Married; age 30; contracted asthma in the service and was discharged for disability. Children, Nellie, Catharine, Ebenezer, Tina A. Grandson, John W.; died July 3, 1861, aged 78.

Jacob Ball.
Schoharie - Single; died in the alms-house.

John P. Becker.
Wright - Sons, George, William.

Isaac Barber, Ensign.

Olney Briggs
died August 16, 1850, aged 70.

John Jost Becker.
Wright - Farmer; single; served at Sackett's Harbor; died December 30, 1886. Children, Rebecca Youngs, Betsey Funk.

Borst, Peter
Cobleskill- Died July 19, 1860. Children, Phebe Brumaghim, Eliza Markle.

Joseph Burnette,
First Sergeant, enlisted for promotion; served at Plattsburg; died August 27, 1862, aged 69. Children, George, Youngs, David, Jane Brand, Huldah Bear.

Jeremiah Brown, Captain.
Cobleskill - Son of Captain Christian Brown of the Revolution. Daughter, Elizabeth Borst. Grandchildren, Charles, Amelia, Clara, Mrs. Catharine Fox.

Asa Cleveland, Sergeant.
Summit - Served a full term under the first call; was promoted to sergeant; served at the battle of Plattsburg and in minor engagements with the enemy ; served as substitute under the second call; died October, 1859. His wife was a daughter of David Galusha, a native of France, who served as a sergeant under Lafayette in the American Revolution, and afterward became a resident of Schoharie county. For nearly twenty years previous to his death Cleveland resided near Quincy, Illinois. A grandson James G. Cleveland, served a full term as regiment commissary of Colonel, later General, John A. Logan's regiment, and re-enlisted. Another grandson, F. H. Cleveland, served in the Union Army and is on record as a Schoharie county veteran. Charles Hunley, a grandson, served in an Illinois regiment during the rebellion also. Jacob, a son, and two daughters are living. Other grandchildren are: Nathaniel, Jane A. Pindar, Marian and Charles Aten.

Ebenezer Comstock.
Summit - Farmer; served at Plattsburg; died March 26, 1857, aged 71 years, 6 months. Grandsons, Joseph Multer and David Borst, served in the Union Army.

Samuel Carey.
Schoharie - Farmer; married; served as teamster. While transporting a wagon-load of muskets from Schoharie to a northern military post, his right ankle was crushed under the wheel of his wagon and he became crippled for the remainder of his life; died May 9, 1866. Son, Samuel Swan Carey. Grandsons, Walter, Andrew.

Thomas Cooper.
Wright - Single; served under Scott at the battle of Bridge-water or "Lundy's Lane," where he was wounded by sabre cut on the left shoulder; died 1862. Grandchildren, George H., David and William Bouck. Another grandson, Alonzo Bouck, served in the Union Army, and died a prisoner at Florence, South Carolina.

Noah Dibble, Sergeant,
enlisted for promotion ; died at Breakabeen, July 6, 1864, aged 76. Children, Lewis, Celinda West and five other daughters living; Grandchildren, Wesley, Luman N., Noah West, Olive Aker, Leonard A. Dennison, Isaac N. Cook, John Hillman, Levi Werley, James McElroy, Abigail Roney, Robert C. Vaughn. Another grandson, William A. Crapser, served in the Union Army. He had ten children, fifty-three grandchildren and one hundred and thirty-six great-grandchildren.

John Davis.
Esperance - His father came from France with Lafayette's army and served in the Revolution ; served at Plattsburg. Son, Sables, served in the Union Army.

John Dominick, Captain.
Wright - Served as drummer in the Revolution; served under Major Efner in this war at Plattsburg; died 1822. Grandsons, Weidman, John H., George W. Great-grandsons,
John, William, Neil P.

Peter Decatur.
Middleburg- Single. Sons, Jacob, Abram and James, served in the Union Army.

John Dingman.
Schoharie- Children, Albert, Kate E.

Patrick Dibble, Captain.
Fulton - Married ; age 34; enlisted September, 1812 ; commissioned lieutenant; promoted to captain; died 1865. Son, Caleb. Grandsons, Patrick, Marion C, Benjamin, Isaac.

John Dox.

John Enders.
Schoharie - Died September 27, 1864, aged 72.

Harvey Efner.
Middleburg- Shoemaker; married; died March 29, 1885. Children, John, Harvey, Jr., Charles, Joseph, Henry, Hiram, Harriett Getter, Martha A. Carey, Mariatta Owen. Grandson, Jerome Getter, served in the Union Army.

Valentine Efner, Major,
commissioned major in the regiment organized at Schoharie under Colonel Van Vechten and served full term ; elected as representative to Congress during President Jackson's administration; died December 27, 1865. Children, Mrs. Charles Whiting, Mrs. Thomas McArthur, Ripon, Wis.

Philip Efner
served in Captain Bartholemew's company.

David Eckerson,
farmer ; married; son of Cornelius of the Revolution ; was conscripted and furnished, a substitute under the first call; drafted again under the last call and served until the close of the war; died of rheumatism and paralysis, November 21, 1872, aged 91 years. Son, David. Grandchildren, Henry and William; William killed in the war of the rebellion.

John Freemeyer, Jr.,
son of John Frimier captured in the Revolution; "served at Sackett's Harbor;" died August 22, 1876, aged 91. Son, Abraham Freemyer, Middleburg, N. Y.

John Fanning.
Schoharie-Farmer; married; died February 14, 1862, aged 78. Children, Horace, Mrs William A. Dietz.

Jacob Feek, Jr.
Fulton-Son of Jacob of the Revolution.

Nicholas Feek.
Schoharie-Died November 22,1845, aged 64; son of Peter Feek of the Revolution. Children, Catharine E. Mann, Margaret F. Houck.

George Felter.
Summit-Died in the service.

Charles Gordon
died June 21,1880, aged 90. Sons, James H., John A.

Jerome Gibson.

Samuel Granatier.

Sharon-Single; farmer; died June 5, 1867. Children, Abram L., Henry B., Gilbert R., Maria Arnold, Charlotte Collins, Jane Fox. Grandson, Samuel.

Jacob Gardinier.
Sharon-Married ; died March 22, year not given, aged 75. Children, John, James M., Mary Loucks, aged 61, Almira Vosburg.

Elisha Guernsey.
Cobleskill-Grandsons, George, Levi, Ralph and Theodore; all served in the Union Army.

James Gibbs.
Wright-Children, James, Anga.

Henry Herron.

Daniel Hager, Captain,
died March 2, 1854, aged 81. Grandchildren, Washington, Mary A. Decker, Lucinda Sitzer.

Jacob Hynds.
Seward - Shoemaker; married; died October 6, 1866, aged 78 years, 10 months. Children, John W., Christina Braman, Agnes Cross, Mary Hoyt.

Michael Hillsinger.

Henry King.


Lawrence King.
Cobleskill- Son of Leonard of the Revolution. Children, Christian, Betsey Myers, Sarah Snow.

Christian King.
Cobleskill - Died in Madison county, 1882. Grandson, John H., served in the Union Army.

John Kline.
Schoharie-Died 1838; buried in the Lutheran Cemetery at Schoharie with the group of "8 soldiers of 1812." Daughter, Rheuamia Rorick.

Charles Knox.
Esperance- Esperance, "Plattsburg" Children, George, Catharine.

Theobold Hilts,
son of Christopher of the Revolution. Grandson, Ezra. Great-grandson, George D.

James Jackson.

John L. Lord.
Carlisle - Single, aged 17 ; served in same company with Ensign David Brown. Died September, 1872, age 85. Children, Henry B., Jacob, Lucy Calkins.

John Murphey,
son of Timothy of the Revolution.

Conrad Mattice.
Blenheim-Single; served under Captain Hager; died August 27, 1863 ; widow living in 1890, at the age of 93.

George Markel.
Esperance - "Served at Plattsburg ;" died single.

Aaron Malick.
Sharon - Farmer ; single ; age 19; served three months; procured a substitute for unexpired term and returned home; made the journey home alone and through large forests, and depending upon the kindness of the inhabitants on his route for food; died July, 1850, aged 56.

Elias Malick, Captain,
Sharon - Farmer; married, aged 26; served at Sackett's Harbor and Plattsburg, and remained until the close of the war; received his marching orders while attending church, from "a man on horseback;" died March 7, 1865, aged 78. Children, John, Daniel, Philip, Aaron, Peter, Magaret Hodge, Catharine Jones. Grandson, Lester Hodge.

John Mereness.

Sharon- Served as substitute. Children, John of Sharon, Wis., Harriett.

Blaisdel Nickerson
died May, 1865.

Ezear Nethaway.
Schoharie - Farmer; single ; age 23 ; served under Captain Dominick, and discharged at end of war ; died 1862. Children, Nelson, Burton C, Grandson Robert.

Andrew Oliver
died January 1, 1850. Children, Sally, William, Abram. Grandson, William Lawyer, served in the Union Army.

Cornelius Osterhout.
Cobleskill-Farmer; single; died at Lawyersville, April 15, 1854, aged 61. Grandchildren, Wilson, Mary, Annie E., Fanny Cole, Emma Rowe.

Henry Parslow

died 1814. Son, Henry and Grandson, Alonzo, served in the Union Army.

Adam Parslow.

Silas Pierce.
- Blenheim -Died October 16, 1859, aged 72. Children, John B., Garret, Harriett Mann. Grandson, Sanford.

John Plough.

Merriman Preston.

John Ryder.
Summit - Farmer ; single ; detailed as company cook and Served in that capacity until discharged ; died February 9, 1859, aged 69. Children, David, Myron, Amy Merchant. Grandson, Charles.

Philip Ryder.
Summit - Farmer; single; volunteered as substitute; served under Major Efner; entered the service in May, 1813, and remained until discharged for end of term; died August 6, 1837, aged 47 ; buried at Summit, N. Y. Children, Ira, David, Robert, Catharine, Mary.

Amos Ryder,

brother to John and Philip ; removed to Mexico, N. Y., after the war; date of death and names of living descendants unknown.

Henry B. Reed.
Broome - Single; served at Sackett's Harbor and Plattsburg; died December 8, 1870. Children, Jeremiah, Chancellor, Mary A. Three grandsons, William L., Jeremiah and David Jackson, served in the Union Army.

Jeremiah Reed.

Broome- Laborer; single ; served at Sackett's Harbor and Plattsburg; brother to Henry H. Children, Ellis, Stephen, Daniel, George, Sarah, Edwin, Mary, Doris. Two grandsons served in the Union Army - Jeremiah and David.

Peter Rickert,
son of George of the Revolution ; died 1852.

David J. Rorick.
Son John served in the Union Army.

Calvin Rich
died at Batavia, N. Y. Grandson, Charles Lane.

John Settle.
Wright - Served under Captain Dominick.

Stephen Stilwell.
Summit- Farmer ; married ; age 37; served at Sackett's Harbor and honorably discharged; died at Windsor, N. Y., March 28, 1870, aged 93. Only son surviving, Thomas Stilwell, served in contract service, Construction Corps, during the war of the rebellion.

Teunis Snook
Summit - Removed from the county after the war. No descendants known to be living.

Benjamin Sweet,
a volunteer, wounded by gun-shot at "Lundy's Lane" or the battle of Bridgewater. Daughter, Mrs. Giles Kellogg. Two grandsons, John S. Sweet and Charles Johnson, served in the Union Army.

Peter H. Shafer.
Cobleskill - Son of Henry Shafer of the Revolution; died October 20, 1841.

David Shafer.

Oliver Spencer.

Cornelius Seymour.

Jacob Schell.
Wright - Son of John F. of the Revolution; served six months at Sackett's Harbor ; died August, 1840. Sons, Isaac, Adam. Grandson, Isaac.

John Schell.
Wright - Brother to Jacob; served three months at Plattsburg; died "about"1870.

Lawrence Schoolcraft the 3rd.

Jacob Stone.

Frederick Sipperly, Musician.
Sharon - Served as drummer; died April 2, 1878, aged 80. Daughter, Marietta Roberts.

Adam Strobeck.
Sons, John A., Peter.

Jacob Scott
joined the army at Plattsburg. Children, Janett Borst, Catharine Clemens, Nancy Rector.

Heman Roe.

Gilboa- Died June 10, 1848, aged 69. Son, Elizer. Grandchildren, Sanford P., Silas, Loren L. Hewett, Roxy A.; two others, Jenks P. and Daniel S., served in the Union Army.

John A. Shafer.
Cobleskill- Served under last call and discharged at end of the war; died April 12, 1840. Children, George H., Henry L., Annie Anthony, Henrietta Richtmyer, Elizabeth Lamoure. These are grandchildren of George Warner, Jr., of the Revolution.

John J. Towsen.
Grandsons, Jacob and George, served in the Union Army.

Moses Terpenning.
Summit-Farmer; married ; served at Sackett's Harbor; contracted the epidemic fever and was discharged for disability; reached home in an emaciated condition; died February 27, 1865, aged 87 years, 11 months. Children, Henry E., Jane Collington, Deborah Quail. Grandson, David Crowe. A grandson, Moses, served in the Union Army.

Peleg Taber.

Summit - Died May 28,1871. Three grandsons, Jacob, Gideon and Peleg, served in the Union Army.

Thomas Tibbets.
Broome -Farmer; married; died soon after the war from effects of accidental gunshot. Grandsons, John and Henry Haskins, served in the Union Army. Great grandson, Irving Haskins.

Adam P. Vrooman.
I have been given the name of Adam Vrooman, Schoharie; "served as teamster at Ogdensburg." In the history of Kellogg's company it appears that Adam Vroman was one paid for transporting men and baggage. Evidently not a soldier. A list of soldiers of this war who applied some years after for subsistence and clothing gives Adam P. Vroman, Jr.

Benjamin Warner.
Wright - Son, Adam. Grandson, Isaac, served in the Union Army.

John Warner.
Richmondville - Farmer; married ; age 25 ; served under Captain Brown at Plattsburg until discharged; commissioned lieutenant of Militia in 1815, and captain in 1817; died December 8, 1870. Children, Peter H., Maria Harroway. Grandsons, Melvin and Elias Harroway.

Marcus Warner.
Richmondville - Farmer; aged 22; served under Captain Brown at Plattsburg; died April 13, 1879, aged 88. Children, Nancy M., Catharine.

Jacob Welch.

Sharon - A lad who served as orderly for a colonel.

William Young.
Wright - Served under Captain Dominick. Daughter, Huldah Borst.

Peter Yansen.
Middleburg - Served at Sackett's "Harbor" died in 1855, aged 66. Sons, Peter, Joseph and Henry, served in the Union Army.

Peter Wiltey.

Wright - Served under Captain Dominick.

Teunis Slaughter.
Middleburg - Son of Nicholas "Slyder" of the Revolution.

David Mattice.


Lawrence Van Dyke.

The men named in the roster following resided in the county after this war, and in the towns given, but I have no authority to show that they were residents of the county when they entered the service:

Henry F. Becker.

Ephraim Casey. - Esperance.

Amos Clark. - Gilboa.

Minard Cole. - Broome

Abram Dobbs. - Middleburg

William M. Efner. - Gilboa.

Jeremiah Ham

Daniel Mackey. - Gilboa.

Henry Manning. - Middleburg.

Henry Morrison. - Richmondville.

Andrew Shafer. - Fulton.

John Shutter. - Middleburg

Elisha L. Smith. - Broome.

William Snyder. - Gilboa.

Elijah Sprague. - Gilboa.

David Travis. - Fulton.

Cornelius Van Alstyne. - Sharon.

Peter Van Dewerker. - Carlisle.

Levi Wales. - Gilboa.

Fred Winewright. - Fulton.

David Wilsie. - Summit.


Giles Kellogg, Captain.
Cobleskill-Merchant; married; aged 28; served through his term of enlistment; was recommended for appointment in the U. S. Army, by Major Benjamin Forsyth,under date, "Camp French Mills, November 17, 1813;" died October 29, aged 50. Children surviving, Giles L., Louisa C. Riley, Harriett Borst. Grandchildren, Martin, Andrew and Charles Kellogg, Albert A. and Alden K. Riley, William, Clinton, Schuyler, Marcus and Charles Borst, Giles and Merrill Mann, Christina Dietz, Mary Lendrum, Ella Maynard, Sarah Layer, Christina Young, Anna Simmons, Mary Passage, Elda C. Quackenbush, Christina.

William Elmendorf, First Lieutenant.
Cobleskill - Farmer; volunteered with the company; resigned April 15, 1813; died February 22, 1869, aged 96. Children surviving, Caroline Randall, Mary Palmer, Sarah Mansfield, Jane Sons. Grandsons, Lewis and William Randall, Albert and George Sons; all served in the war for the Union.

John Ingham, First Lieutenant.
Sharon - Clothier; enlisted as second lieutenant with his company; promoted to first lieutenant, to succeed Elmendorf.

Curtis Thorpe, Second Lieutenant.
Cobleskill - Merchant; enlisted as first sergeant; promoted to lieutenant, April 15, 1813; removed from the county after leaving the service.

Abraham Bouck, First Sergeant.
Cobleskill - Farmer; enlisted as second sergeant; promoted to succeed Thorpe ; died May 23, 1846, aged 76.

Resolved L. Cowdry, Second Sergeant.
Sharon-Blacksmith; enlisted as third sergeant; promoted to succeed Bouck.

Gideon C. Reed, Third Sergeant.
Sharon - Wheelwright; enlisted as fourth sergeant; is found on pay-roll of June 22, 1813, as a matross or private.

Peter Burhans, Fourth Sergeant.
Carlisle - Farmer; enlisted as first corporal; promoted to fourth sergeant. Children, John, George B., Joseph C, Margaret Young, Catharine Sprong

Ebenezer White, 1st.
Sharon - Farmer ; died at Watertown, May 10, 1813.

Melzar Skinner, 2d.
Sharon- Farmer; enlisted with the company ; sick at home in summer of 1813 - certified to by Squire Miller, and furlough extended July 17,1813.

Jacob L. Lawyer, 3d.
Cobleskill - Farmer; enlisted with his company and served full term ; died July 30, 1850, aged 55 years, 10 months. Children, Jacob, Nancy France, Anna E. Becker, Rebecca Hager.

William Youngs, 4th.
Carlisle -; Farmer ; age 24 ; went out with the company as a substitute for John Frazier; wounded by gunshot in left thigh at Ogdensburg, February 22, 1813 ; underwent amputation, and with John Pierce was provided with special transportation to Sackett's Harbor at a cost of $25 ; died of dropsy of the heart, December 1, 1860, aged 72. Children, Demosthenes, Andrew, Lana Wing.

Coon Moot.
Cobleskill- Farmer ; enlisted, as fifth gunner, but is found on payroll of June 22, 1813, as matross or private. It is possible that he did not serve to end of term.

Apollos Lane.
Cobleskill-Farmer ; enlisted as sixth gunner, but is found on pay-roll of June 22, 1813, as matross or private.

John Caryl, 1st.
Sharon - Farmer; is found on pay-roll of June 22, as matross.

Bennett Sloan, 2d.
Sharon - Farmer; entered the service with his company and served until August 31, 1813; furnished a substitute and bond and discharged.

Aaron Thorp, Jr., 3d.
Cobleskill - Farmer; found on the volunteer roll but not on payroll.

John Haling, Jr., 4th.
Cobleskill-Farmer; found on pay-roll as matross.

Adam Rector, 5th.
Sharon - Farmer; rank of matross on pay-roll of June 22, 1813 ; served until August 31, then furnished substitute and bond, and was discharged from the service.

John Smith, 6th.
Sharon - Farmer; rank of matross on pay-roll of June 22,1813.

Joshua Ward, Second Corporal.
Sharon - Farmer; age 27 ; entered the service with his company; furnished William Gould as substitute to finish, term, and gave bond August 17, 1813; died June 18, 1873, aged 86. Sons, Joseph, Joshua.

David D. Lawyer, Second Corporal,
enlisted with his company as third corporal; promoted to second corporal to succeed Ward, who was promoted to first. Records indicate that he furnished a substitute, "David Brown," to finish term of service. Burial in Albany Rural Cemetery. Daughter, Celia Youngs.

Barent C. Teneyck, Fourth Corporal.
Sharon - Farmer; rank of matross on pay-roll of June 22, 1813.

John Harper, Corporal.
Sharon -Farmer; enlisted as matross; promoted to corporal and to sergeant before expiration of term; died September 19, 1871, aged 85 years, 9 months. Sons, John K., James. Grandsons, Duryea, William, Jacob.

Ezra Eldredge, Jr., Corporal.
Sharon - Farmer; enlisted as matross; promoted to corporal.

Chauncey Day, Drummer
Cobleskill- Farmer; enlisted with the company; was wounded in the leg by "cannon ball."

Abram Bouck, Jr., Drummer.
Cobleskill - Farmer.

Jacob Lampman, Fifer.
Sharon - Farmer.

John Campbell, Fifer.
Cobleskill-Shoemaker; entered in the service as fifer; "took a musket at Sackett's Harbor, June 15, 1813."

Arnold Pratt, Fifer.
Cobleskill- Shoemaker; enlisted as matross; appointed musician; killed in action at Ogdensburg, February 22, 1813.

Welcome Butterworth, Fifer.
Cobleskill -- Farmer; offered his services to President Madison by letter, dated June 1, 1813.


George Acker.
Sharon - Farmer.

John B. Ackley.
Cobleskill- Farmer.

James Brown.
Sharon - Farmer; died at Ogdensburg, "Wednesday, February 10,1813."

John J. Becker.
Cobleskill- Farmer; died February 10, 1888, aged 91.

Peter Brewer.
Cobleskill-Farmer; absent without leave, May, 1813. The $34.62 expended in searching for him appears to have brought back the man, as we find him on the pay-roll of June 22, 1813.

Zachariah Burhans.
Carlisle -- Farmer.

Elijah Carter.
Cobleskill - Shoemaker.

Charles Chase.
Carlisle - Farmer.

Eli Peek.
Carlisle-Age 37; enlisted at Sackett's Harbor, July 27, 1813, for balance of term.

George Dox.
Cobleskill - Farmer.

David Fraats.
Enlistment not found: found on pay-roll of June 22, 1813, and that his sick furlough was extended July 19, 1813, on testimony of Dr. John C. Moeller before J. Miller, J. P.

Samuel Foster.
Sharon - Farmer: found as above on enlistment-roll of June 1, 1812. There is a record that he sent "Oliver Perry." I do not find Oliver Perry on any record, but find Samuel Foster on pay-roll of June 22, 1813.

George Hiney.
Sharon - Farmer; died August 26, 1872, aged 85. Children, Sylvester, James, Richard. Grandson, John H., served in the Union Army.

John Hiney.
Sharon - Farmer; died May 14, 1864, aged 74. Sons, Stephen, Josiah. Grandsons, Peter, John S., Daniel, Charles, Levi.

Eli Kibbey.
Cobleskill - Farmer.

Abraham Kromer.
Cobleskill - Tailor; served full term and discharged with his company ; died March 24, 1847. Children, William E., Henrietta, Lucy Sherwood.

Henry Letcher,
Cobleskill-Farmer; "died at Ogdensburg, Jan. 24, 1813, at 9 o'clock, p. M." An inventory of his effects taken.

John Mickle, Jr.
Cobleskill - Farmer; furloughed for sickness, and furlough extended July 16,1813, by J. Miller, J. T.; died Octobers, 1883, aged 103; buried at Warnerville, NY

Frederick Lucantry, Jr.
Cobleskill - Farmer.

Oliver Perry.
On record as sent as substitute for Freeman Thrall, a merchant of Cobleskill, and not for Samuel Foster.

Enoch Treadway.
Cobleskill-Carpenter; furloughed home, and furlough extended July, 1813.

Nathan Wilcox.
Cobleskill - Farmer; furloughed home, and furlough extended July 14, 1813.

Juad Wetherly.
Cobleskill - Farmer; aged 27; five feet eight inches high, dark; complexion ; taken prisoner at Ogdensburg, February 22, 1813; has received no pay since entering the service.

Freeman Wolverton.
Middleburg - Farmer.

Asa Whitmore.
Carlisle - Farmer.

The following named persons are found on the enlistment-roll of July 1, 1813. As their names do not appear again, there is no proof of service.

Abraham Shafer.
Cobleskill - Farmer.

Eber Townsend.
Cobleskill - Farmer.

John Lakham.
Carlisle - Farmer.

Jacob I. Moak.
Sharon - Farmer.

John McDavit.
Cobleskill - Cabinet-maker.

Carpus Loring.
Cobleskill - Blacksmith.

Walter Wright.
Carlisle - Farmer.

Edmund "Dia," or Dey.
Sharon - Farmer.

Jeremiah Yager.
Cobleskill - Farmer.


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