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War Of 1812
Numbers: No claim for pension
Soldier: Marlatt, Abram
Service: Capt. Rowley, N.Y. Mil.
Bounty Land: 1117-80-50; 8952-80-55 Cancelled; 17951-80-55

4012 Oct 28/50
68.529 Abram Marlatt Priv & Sergt
Capt. Rowley & Commander N.Y. Militia
Land War 1812
Jan 8 '51
63 A W Watkin
9 Sept '13 to 9 Dec '13
Allowing 80 Acres
Augt 29 '14 to Novr 8 '14
John Kennedy Capt
Warrant 1117
Iss Feby 12th 1851
Sent to
John M. vincent
Elyria, Ohio
Vol. 35 Page 174

3529/4102 Act March 3/55
Abram Marlatt, Sergt.
Capt. Rowley's Co. N. Y. Militia
War 1812
Admitted 80 Acres
Warrant No. 17.951
Issued Jany 17/56
and sent to Abram Marlatt Woodhall Steuben Co. N.Y.

68,529 Act March 3/55
April 14/55
Abraham Marlett Sergeant
Capt. Rowley
Col. Levitt
Ent. Sept 1813
Dis. Dec 1813
War 1812 NY Mil
Recd Warrant 1117 80a
C W Bennett Washington DC

68529 Act Mar 1835
Abram Marlatt Sergt
Capt Rowleys Co NY Mil
Admitted 80 Acres
Warrant No. 17951
Issued Jany 17,1836
And Sent to Abram Marlett Woodhall, Steuben Co, NY

No. 4102 Oct. 28 1850
Abram Marlatt
Col. Philetus Swifts
Regt. N.Y. Militia
1812 Land
Act Sep 28 1850
Abram Marlatt
John M. vincent
Elyria Ohio

If this declaration is in any respect insufficient return with specifications to me at Elyria Lorain Co. Ohio
John M. vincent

General Land Office
November 16th 1858
In reply to your letter of the 11th instant I have to inform you that Military Bounty Land Warrant No. 1,117 for 80 acres issued under the Act of September 28th 1850 in the name of Abram Marlett was patented December 20th 1855 to David Stiles of Fremont Indiana, the same having been returned to this Office regularly located from the Land Office at Indianapolis Indiana
I am very Respectfully
Your Obt Servt
Hon George C. Whiting,
Court of Pensions

Treasury Department,
Third Auditor's Office

January 27 1857
It appears from documents on file in this Office, that Abram Marlatt a Sergt of Captain Rowley's Company of N. York Militia enlsd the service on the 9 September 1813 and served till the 9 December 1813 also from 29th August 1814 to 8 November 1814 under Captain John Kennedy
B. F. Gallaher
Commissioner of Pensions, Department of the Interior

December 29th, 1858

In your letter of 11th ulto this Office is desired to withhold the Patent on Bounty Land Warrant No. 17951 for Eighty acres, act March 3, 1855, in the name of Abram Marlatt.
I have, therefore, to state that the said Warrant is on our files, having been returned by the Register of the Land Office at Chariton Iowa as located by Henry A. Truax of Lyons City Clinton Co. Iowa to whom it appears to have been regularly assigned. The Patent will be withheld until I am further advised by you.
Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
To Geo. C. Whiting Esq.
Commissioner of Pensions

STATE OF NEW YORK, Steuben County Clerk's Office, ss.} I, CHARLES W. CAMPBELL, Clerk of said County, do hereby certify that C. M. Griswold Esq., before whom the foregoing affidavit was subscribed & sworn and who has thereunto subscribed his name, was at the time of so doing, a Justice of the Peace in and for said County, elected and sworn, and duly authorized to take the same, and that his signature thereto is genuine. In Testimony Whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name, and affixed the Seal of said County, at Bath, this 26 day of December 1855.
C. W. Campbell Clerk.

State of New York Steuben County} ss. Zebulon Tubbs of the Town of Woodhull and County & State aforesaid aged seventy years being duly sworn according to law Deposes and says that he has known Abram Marlatt Since the year one thousand eight hundred and ten - that said Marlatt was hired by said Tubbs to substitute in his stead on a draft in the war with Great Britain commonly known as the War of 1812 between the United States and England - that the said Tubbs now has in his possession the original discharge of said Marlatt as Sergeant in Captain Rowley's company dated at Fort George Dec. 9th 1813 - that he has known said Marlatt ever since and has always known him as Abram Marlatt and that the said Land Warrant accompanying this affadafitt should be issued to Abram Marlatt instead of Abraham Marlett as therin written and that Abram Marlatt is the identical man who is entitled to said Land Warrant. State of New Yor Steuben County} ss. Zebulon Tubbs
Zebulon Tubbs of Woodhull in said County and State being duly sworn according to law by me deposes and says that the statements set forth in the above affadavits are true.
C. M. Griswold
Justice of the Peace
in and for said county