Steuben County
New York

Canisteo Death Record for 1887.

The following is a complete list of the deaths in Canisteo during the year 1887:
Jan. 7th child of F. B. Smith.
Jan. 12th child of J Hubertus.
Jan. 23d child of J. Stewart.
Jan. 28th Mrs. Confer.
Jan. 29th Mrs. Mapes.
Jan. 29th child of Emery Beard.
Jan. 31st child of Martin Green.
Feb. 22d Thos. Hallett.
Feb. 26th child of Chas. Aber.
March 1st Bate Crone.
March 7th child of Geo. Cooper.
March 20th Mrs. Balcom.
March 25th child of Enos Cooper.
March 26th Mrs. Lou King.
April 12th Mrs. T. Hallett.
April 19th child of V. Clark's.
May 27th Mrs. Geo. Simpson.
June 12th child of Gilbert Allen.
June 28th Marion Foster.
June 28th Patrick McCarthy.
July 3d Edward O. Lathrop.
July 20th Richard VanDyke.
July 22d Hale Stephens.
Aug. 7th Mrs. Chas. King.
Aug. 17th Olive Peterson.
Aug. 30th Robt. Ewies.
Aug. 30th child of Frank Warner.
Sept. 2nd Soloman Marshall.
Sept. 28th Miner Samons.
Oct. 3d child of Rev. Jas. Moss.
Oct. 19th child of Samuel Ralf.
Oct. 21st child of Stewart Atherton.
Oct. 22d Thos. Slawson
Oct. 27th K. Tittsworth.
Oct. 28th child of Odd Hallett.
Nov. 30th Mrs. John P. Robinson.
Dec. 14th Frank Sterling.
Dec. 19th Morris Olbey.
Dec. 21st Perry J. Hallett.
Dec. 21st Silas Lason.

Canisteo Times (Canisteo, NY)
December 29, 1887; page 2, col. 3.