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The Evening Tribune Hornell 1934 - present Gatehouse Media, Inc.
The Leader Corning 1965 - present Gatehouse Media, Inc.
Addison Post Addison 1967 - present Oakley Hayes, Sr., Hayes family
The Steuben Courier-Advocate Bath 1968 - present Colleen Farley


Addison CameronGreenwood Jasper RathboneTyrone
Avoca CanisteoHornby Painted Post ReadingWest Union
Bath CorningHornellsville Prattsburgh ThurstonWheeler
DansvilleHoward Pulteney TroupsburgWoodhull


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The Bath Gazette and Genesee Advertiser Bath 19 Oct 1796-1800 William Kersey & James Eddie
The Steuben and Allegany Patriot Bath Dec 1816-1822 Benjamin Smead
The Farmers' Gazette Bath 1816-? David Rumsey
The Western Republican Bath Sep 1819-Nov 1822 Erastus Shepard
Steuben Republican Bath Nov 1822-Feb 1823 Erastus Shepherd
The Farmers' Advocate and Steuben Advertiser Bath 1822-1857 1822 Benj. Smead; 1849 Wm. C. Rhoades
The Steuben Whig Bath 1828 Wm. M. Swain
The Steuben Messenger Bath 17 Apr 1828-1834 David Rumsey; 1830 Saml. M. Eddie
Farmers' Advocate Bath 1830-1832 -
The Constitutionalist Bath 1834-1843 W. P. Angel; 1834 Charles Adams; 1841 R. L. Underhill; M. F. Whittemore & Co.
The Addison Record Addison 1840-42, 1849,
3 Dec 1881
Isaac D. Booth, 1849 Dryden & Peck; 1881 O. B. Ireland; F. B. Orser & George Jones; 1882 M. Kinne; 1886 C. B. Mowers
The Corning and Blossburg Advocate Corning 1840-1843 Chas. Adams, 1841 Henry H. Hull
The Steuben Courier Bath 1843-1958 Henry H. Hull & M. F. Whittemore; H. H. Hull; 1856 H. H. Hull & Charles G. Fairman; 1864 H. H. Hull & Enos W. Barnes; 1875 H. H. Hull & Harry S. Hull; 1875 Harry S. Hull; 1890 Courier Co., LTD.
Steuben Democrat Bath 1843-44,1848-52 1843 George B. Richardson & John Dowe; 1848 L. J. Bush; 1849 Geo. H. Bidwell
The Rose Bath 1844-1846 J. C. Vincent
The Primitive Christian Bath 1844-1845 Rev. Jabez Chadwick
The Painted Post Gazette Painted Post 1846-1847 Fairchild
The Corning Journal Corning May 1847-1905 1847 Thomas Messenger; 1851 A. W. McDowell & Dr. Geo. W. Pratt; 1853 Dr. Pratt; 1869 Dr. Pratt & T. S. DeWolf; 1874 Dr. Pratt
The Addison Advocate Addison 1848-49 H. D. Dyer
The Painted Post Herald Painted Post 1848-1850 Hawley & Bennett
Steuben Farmers' Advocate Bath 4 Apr 1849-1920 1849 Wm. C. Rhodes; 1857 P. S. Donahue; 1860 A. L. Underhill
The Canisteo Express Addison 1850 T. Messenger
The Addison Journal Addison 1851-1852 R. Denton
The Hornellsville Tribune Hornellsville 15 Nov 1851-1908 1851 Edwin Hough; Hough & Kinney; Hough & Baker; E. Hough & Son; Hough & Beecher; E. H. Hough; 1869 Daniel R. Shafer; John Greenhow & Son; W. H. Greenhow
The Voice of the Nation Addison 1852-1856 R. Denton, 1855 Anthony I. Underhill
The Addison Democrat Addison 1853-1854 Chas. L. Philips
Corning Semi-Weekly Sun Corning 1853-1854 M. M. Pomeroy & P. C. Van Gelder
The Temperance Gem Bath 1854 Jennie & Caroline Rumsey
The Southern Tier Farmer Corning 1854-1857 Rev. Ira Brown
The Steuben American Bath 1 Jan 1856-May 1857 Anthony L. Underhill
The National American Hornellsville 13 Feb 1856-Sep 1858 1856 D. C. Pruner & C. M. Harmon; 1858 Charles A. Kinney
The United States Farmer Corning Spring 1856 -
The Corning Democrat Corning Apr 1857-? Chas. T. Huston & Frank B. Brown; 1885 F. B. Brown & Son
The Canisteo Valley Journal Hornellsville Nov 1858-Aug 1862 1858 Chas. A. Kinney; 1861 R. S. Lewis
Addison Advertiser Addison Mar 1858-1905 1917-1938 1858 Hon. Henry M. Johnson & Col. Henry Baldwin; H. M. Johnson; 1865 Johnson, H. S. Dow & W. R. Bates; 1867 Amos Roberts & H. M. Johnson; 1873 George H. Hollis; 1881 Amos Roberts; Lyman J. Seeley
Cohocton Journal Cohocton 1859-1861 Wm. Waite Warner
The Union Advertiser Wayland fall 1863-? 1863 H. B. Newell; 1889 Newell Brothers
Prattsburgh News Prattsburg 1864/1872-1920 -
The Democratic Vidette Hornellsville 28 Sep 1865-1867 1865 Burdick Bros.; Burdick & Cooper; John M. Riley & Co.; A. J. Riley & Co.; Wm. H. Baldwin
The Canisteo Valley Times Hornellsville 10 Jan 1867-? 1867 Thacher & Tuttle; 1877 R. M. Tuttle; Tuttle & Brigham; Johnson Brigham, Tomer, Dolson & Jackman; Dolson & Mack; J. S. Dolson; The Times Association
Prattsburgh Advertiser Prattsburgh 1867-1872 Caleb B. Hoke
The Saturday News Bath 25 Apr 1868-Oct 1868 Enos W. Barnes
The Tri-Weekly Conservative Bath Aug 1868-Jan 1869 Charles Clute
Painted Post Times Painted Post 1870-1878 -
The Economist Hornellsville 8 Mar 1872-1873 M. A. Tuttle
Cohocton Herald Cohocton 1872-1872 H. B. Newell
Cohocton Tribune Cohocton 1872-1875 James C. Hewitt
The Prattsburgh News Prattsburgh 12 Dec 1872-? P. C. Howe & Sons; P. C. Howe's Sons
Hornellsville Herald Hornellsville 1873-? 1873 Graham & Dawson; 1876 E. H. Hough
The Bath Echo Bath 1874-1874 Clute and McCall
The Corning Independent Corning Dec 1874-1879 1874 P. S. DeWolf; 1876 Dr. A. J. Ingersoll
Hammondsport Herald Urbana 1 May 1874-1928 1874 Mrs. B. Bennitt & Mrs. E. R. Fairchld; 1875 Mrs. Fairchild; 1876 Mrs. Fairchild & Mr. L. H. Brown; 1877 L. H. Brown; Lyman Seeley
Cohocton Valley Times Cohocton 1875 1875 Wm. A. Carpenter; 1878 Edgar A. Higgins; 1889 S. D. Shattuck
The Canisteo Times Canisteo 25 Jan 1877-1889 1892-1900, 1918-1957 1877 S. H. Jennings; 1886 F. B. Smith
Hornell Daily Times Hornell 1877-86/1906-08 -
The Prattsburgh Argus Prattsburg 1878 -
The Reveille Hornellsville 19 Jan 1878-Feb 1878 J. Willett Smith
The Greenback Champion Hornellsville Feb 1878-1879 James D. Adams
The Steuben Sentinel Woodhull 1879-? 1879 R. C. Park
The Invincible Hornellsville 1879-June 1881 David Healey & Martin Battle; David Healey; 1880 John Tolan; Tolan & Osincup; Tolan Brothers
Hornellsville Herald Hornell ?-1898 Edwin Hough
The Avoca Advance Avoca 1879-1919 1879 W. T. Coggeshall; 1883 Martin A. Hoadly; 1884 Alvin Wood; 1887 Fred C. Dean
The Wayland Register Wayland 1879-1971 Lyman J. Seeley
The Bath Sunday News Bath 1881-1881 L. R. Smith and Co.
The Daily Independent Hornellsville June 1881-25 Dec 1881 Tolan Brothers; Tolan Bros. & Shattuck
Breeze Prattsburg 1881-1887 -
Evening Tribune Hornell 1882-1908 -
Steuben Signal Hornellsville 4 Apr 1883-1888 The Signal Publishing Co.
The Bath Plaindealer Bath 5 May 1883 1883 A. Ellas McCall, Orson L. Drew & Wm. Black; 1885 A. E. McCall
Corning Daily Democrat Corning 1884-1902 -
Morning Times Hornell 1885-1906 -
The Era Hornellsville 1887-1888 S. H. Jennings
The Savona Rustler Bath 19 May 1888 T. L. Ward
Canisteo Weekly Times Canisteo 1889-1892 -
The Daily Press Hornellsville 9 Mar 1889-1893 1889 Press Publishing Co.
The Wayland Register Wayland 1 May 1889-? 1889 C. F. Dean
The Evening Chronicle Corning 4 May 1891-? Ed Mott
Atlanta News Atlanta 1892-1893 -
Cohocton Index Cohocton 1893-1902 -
Greenwood Times Greenwood 1899-1919 -
Canisteo Chronicle Canisteo 1900-? Leon Hough; Lyman J. Seeley
Times-Republican Canisteo 1900-1908 -
The Evening Leader and Corning Daily Democrat Corning 1902-1917 -
Cohocton Valley Times and Index Cohocton 1904-1963 -
Addison Semi-Weekly Advertiser Addison 1905-07/1912-15 -
Addison Tri-Weekly Advertiser Addison 1907-1912 -
The Evening Tribune and Hornell Daily Times Hornell 1908-1909 -
Times Canisteo 1908-1918 -
Evening Tribune-Times Hornell 1909-1934 -
Evening Leader Corning 1917-1953 -
Steuben Farmers' Advocate and Prattsburg News Bath 1920-1938 -
The Prattsburgh Press Prattsburg 1928 -
The Hammondsport Herald and Bath Plaindealer Hammondsport 1928-1931 Lyman J. Seeley
The New Avoca Herald Avoca 1933-1934 -
Avoca Herald Avoca 1934-1940 -
Steuben Advocate Bath 1938-1942 -
The Addison Advertiser and the Woodhull Sentinel - 1938-1967 -
Keuka Grape Belt Hammondsport 1940-1942 -
The Steuben Courier and the Avoca Herald Bath 1942-1946 -
Steuben Advocate and the Keuka Grape Belt Bath 1942-1958 -
Corning Leader Corning 1954-1965 -
Corning Sunday News Corning 1955-1955 -
The Corning News Corning 1955-1956 -
The Steuben Courier and the Steuben Advocate Bath 1958-1968 -
Erwin Progress Painted Post 1972-1973 -

Children's Letters - Northern Christian Advocate

South Bradford, Steuben Co., N.Y. - April 12, 1881.
Mr. Editor: - I am eleven years old. I have a little canary bird. Its name is Freddy. We have got a a little dog. Its name is King. My Pa and Ma are members of the Methodist
Episcopal Church. I go to church every Sabbath. Both of my grandma's are dead. They have gone to heaven. And both of my grandpa's are livng. I love them all. My grandma
Sexton took your paper about twenty years. She died in 1875. She was sixty-four years old. I have a brother. He is thirteen years old. His name is Lee. Now Mr. Editor, if
you will print this you may hear from me again. From your friend,
Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, May 12, 1881; pg. 6.
GREENWOOD, N.Y., July 17, 1882.
DEAR MR. EDITOR:-I thought I would write one more letter to the ADVOCATE. I thought perhaps you would print this one if I made no mistakes. I am not used to writing letters but I want to see one letter from here. I shall be 11 years old next November. I have two little brothers but no pets only dolly and I am getting too large to play with that much. Our day-school is out for vacation and I mean to have a good time picking berries and playing with my schoolmates. I go to Sunday school every Sunday. Our minister's name is E. G. W. Hall, we like him very much, he is so pleasant and kind to us little folks. It rained here the Fourth so that we did not enjoy the day much, but the Saturday night after we had quite a nice display of fireworks. I guess my letter is getting too long so I will stop writing for this time.
Your little friend,
Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, July 27, 1882; pg. 6.
BATH, Steuben Co., N.Y., Dec. 31, 1882
     DEAR MR. EDITOR: - This is my first letter. As I cannot write, I will have mamma write for me. I got a large wax doll with hair and blue eyes, Christmas. I have a
little kitten and a dog, and his name is Shep. I go to Sabbath school and learn a verse. I go to day school. The school-house is near our house. The teacher boards here,
her name is Miss Thomas, I like her very much. I am going to spend New Year's at Grandpa Crow's with papa and mamma. I like to have mamma read the letters in the NORTHERN
to me, as I cannot read good enough. I am six years old. Please print this if you do not think it is too long. From your little friend,
Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, January 11, 1883; pg. 6.
PRATTSBURGH, Steuben Co., N.Y., Jan. 9, 1893.
DEAR MR. EDITOR: - I have been going to write to you for a long time. I go to day and Sunday schools. My Aunt Mary said: "I want you to write a letter to the editor and cut it out and send it to me." Aunt Mary and Uncle James visited us last Fall. I enjoyed it very much and after they went away it was very lonesome. I had quite a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, although they were not here. Aunt Mary gave me a very nice present of a Bible. They live in Wisconsin. I guess I will have to close this letter.
Your friend,
EDNA SHULTS, (10 years)
Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, January 25, 1883; pg. 6.
Prattsburg, Steuben Co., N.Y.
Dear Mr. Editor: - My papa reads to me all the children's letters. I think the Northern is the best paper my Father takes although he takes many others.
Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, February 22, 1883; pg. 6.
     DEAR MR. EDITOR: - I have not seen any letters from this place so I thought I would write one. The school house was burned but now we have a new one built. School will
commence the 1st of September. Papa has taken the ADVOCATE ever since I can remember. I have pieced two bed quilts and got fifty blocks towards another. I got one sister
and two brothers. My letter is getting pretty long so I will close. Please print this for I want to surprise Papa.
     From your little friend,
          NELLIE HAMILTON, (9 years.)
     Those "two bed quilts" are good evidene of Nellie's industry. And her interest for the new school house is suggestive of her intention to improver her opportunities
to study. Now we doubt not that the piecing of the quilts is very nicely done; she would not allow a single misplaced piece to remain; not even an awkward stitch would she
permit. So, too, is her letter nicely written, but that word "got" is a piece in the wrong place; have would be much better. And like most American boys and girls she needs
to be cautioned against the too frequent use of that instrusive, ugly little "got." It is a good word when rightly used, but it makes itself too familiar with us Americans.
Study when to use it and when to avoid it. Nellie will let us hear from her again sometime. - EDITOR.
Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, August 2, 1883; pg. 6
JASPER, N.Y. JUNE 8, 1895.
DEAR EDITOR: - I have two brothers and one sister, their names are Frank, John and Jennie. Frank has a goat and a little dog. John has a little kitten, and Jennie has a larger kitten. I do not go to school now, for it has been out two weeks. I think I had better stop now. Yours truly, RAY WOOTTOM. (Aged ten years).
Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Wednesday, June 19, 1895; pg. 7.
JASPER, N.Y., Jan. 24, 1896.
DEAR DR. SAWYER: - I thought I would write a letter to the NORTHERN. I have written two before this. My father takes the NORTHERN and I like it very much. My papa is the pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church in this town. The young people of this place have an Epworth League of Christian Endeavor, of which I am a member. The people of this town
have been holding union meetings for the past three weeks. There are three churches in this place, Baptist, Presbyterian and Methodist. Last night the service was in the Presbyterian church, to-night it will be in the Baptist. I have attended services with the exception of three or four nights. I have three brothers and one sister. One of my brothers came since I wrote to you last, he came on the 13th of July, 1895. His name is Charles Wesley. He is a beautiful baby. I guess I will close now.
Yours respectfully, RAY H. WOOTON.
Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Wednesday, February 12, 1896; pg. 7.

HISTORICAL GAZETTEER OF STEUBEN COUNTY, NEW YORK, Compiled by Millard F.Roberts, 1891: Chapter 6, The County Press

History of the Press of Western New York By Frederick Follett, Rochester, N.Y. Printers' Festival, 1846

This County seems to be the first in which an attempt was made to establish a Newspaper Press in Western New York. In 1796, WILLIAM KERSEY and JAMES EDIE, commenced at Bath, the publication of a paper entitled the "Bath Gazette and Genesee Advertiser."
In 1816 or '17, DAVID RUMSEY commenced, at Bath, the publication of the "Bath Gazette."
About the same time, BENJAMIN SMEAD started a paper called the "Steuben Patriot," to which was soon after appended, "and Allegany," making the amended title read, " Steuben & Allegany Patriot."
In the fall of 1819, ERASTUS SHEPARD commenced the publication of the "Western Republican," and continued it until 1822, when the materials went back to Elmira, and the publisher to an eight years' foremanship in the office of JAKES BOGART, at Geneva.
CHARLES WILLIAMSON, if I mistake not, is considered as the founder of Bath. He was the agent of some foreign land-owners in Western New- York, which was the means, no doubt, of imparting to him, and to his acts, an influence far greater than was possessed by others. His imagination, I am told, did not stop at the founding of a Village, but soared in the prospective, to the developement of the resources of a City. For this purpose, a race course was laid out, a Press was established, and various things were done, which were deemed essential by him to mark the founding of a magnificent city at least in the imagination! The great power and influence of the "Patroon of the West," as Mr. Williamson was sometimes called, did not save the "Gazette & Advertiser " from a fate too common among similar establishments of a later day. How long it managed to keep up an existence what became of its materials or its publishers, are questions entirely out of my power to answer.
BENJAMIN SMEAD relinquished the business to two of his sons in 1824 or '25, and the paper haa since been published under the title ol the " Farmer's Advocate."
DAVID RUMSEY, who made the attempt in 1816 or '17, to revive the old Gazette, was from Salem, Washington county. The attempt seems not to have been a successful one, as the paper was continued only about a year, when the materials were disposed of to Mr. Cowdery, who took them to "Olean Point."
Thus have I been compelled to turn off " Old Steuben," with a mere skeleton picture of what her Press is, and has been. This is no fault of mine, neither is it the fault of the Committee who originally had this matter in charge. It is the more to be regretted, as Steuben was the first county in which an attempt was made in Western New York to establish a Newspaper Press. The Printers of that county have been desired to furnish the data upon which a more full and perfect sketch of its rise and progress could have been traced. They have failed to do it, and with them reals the fault.

Gazetteer of the State of New York: Embracing a Comprehensive View of the Geography, Geology, And General History of the State, and a Complete History and Description of Every County, City, Town, Village, and Locality. With Full Tables Of Statistics. By J. H. French. Syracuse, N.Y.: Published By R. Pearsall Smith 1860.

Page 620

The Bath Gazette and Genesee Advertiser, the first paper published in Western New York, was established at Bath by Wm. Kersey and James Eddie in 1796, and was continued several years. In 6 months from its first issue its circulation had reached 1000 copies.
The Steuben and Allegany Patriot was started at Bath in 1815 by Benj. Smead, and was continued until 1822. It was then changed to
The Farmers' Advocate and Steuben Advertiser. In 1849 it passed into the hands of William C. Rhoades, and in 1857 into those of P. S. Donahe, by whom it is now published as
The Steuben Farmers' Advocate.
The Farmers' Gazette was commenced at Bath in 1816 by David Rumsey.
The Steuben Messenger was started at Bath, April 17, 1828, by David Rumsey, and was published by him, Saml. M. Eddie, Wm. P. Agnel, and Chas. Adams successively until 1834, when its name was changed to
The Constitutionalist, and its publication was continued successively by R. L. Underhill, Whitmore & Van Valkenburgh, and Dowe & Richards, and by the last named firm as
The Steuben Democrat, until 1844. The paper was then suspended. In 1848 it was renewed by L. J. Beach, and in 1849 it was transferred to Geo. H. Bidewell, by whom the publication was continued until 1852.
The Steuben Whig was published at Bath during the political campaign of 1828, by William M. Swain.
The Steuben Courier was established at Bath in 1843 by Hull & Whittemore. It is now published by H. H. Hull.
The Temperance Gem was published at Bath in 1854, by Jenny and Caroline Rumsey.
The Addison Record was published in Addison by Isaac D. Booth from 1840 to 1842, and in 1849 by Dryden & Peck.
The Addison Advocate was published by H. D. Dyer in 1848-49.
The Voice of the Nation was commenced at Addison by R. Benton in 1852. In 1855 the paper passed to Anthony I. Underhill, by whom it was published until 1856, when it was removed to Bath and its name changed to
The Steuben American, and its publication continued until May, 1857.
The Canisteo Express was published at Addison in 1850 by T. Messenger.

Page 621

The Addison Journal was started in 1851 by R. Denton, and was removed to Allegany co. in 1852.
The Addison Democrat was commenced by Chas. L. Phelps in 1853, and was merged in The Voice of the Nation in 1854.
The Addison Advertiser, established in 1858 by E. M. Johnson & Henry Baldwin, is still published
The Corning and Blossburg Advocate was commenced at Corning in 1840 by Chas Adams. In 1841 it passed into the hands of Henry H. Hull, by whom it was merged, in 1843, in the Steuben Courier, at Bath.
The Corning Journal was commenced by Thomas Messenger in May, 1847. In 1851 it passed to A. W. McDowell and G. W. Pratt, and in 1852 to Dr. Pratt, its present publisher.
The Corning Sun was started in 1853 by M. M. Pomeroy and P. C. Van Gelder. In 1854 Rev. Ira Brown became the publisher, and changed its name to
The Elmira Southern Tier Farmer and Corning Sun, and continued it until 1856.
The United States Farmer was published at Corning in the spring of 1856.
The Corning Democrat was established in 1857 by Chas. T. Huston. It is now published by Frank B. Brown.
The Painted Post Gazette was started by - Fairchild in 1846, and continued 1 year.
The Painted Post Herald was published by Hawley & Bennett from 1848 to 1850.
The Hornellsville Tribune was commenced in Nov. 1851, by Edwin Hough. It is now published by E. Hough & Son.
The National American was established at Hornellsville in 1856 by C. M. Harmon. In Nov. 1858, it was sold to Chas. A. Kinney, and its name changed to the
Canisteo Valley Journal.
A paper was published for a time at Hammondsport, on Crooked Lake.

          "ANOTHER LUMINARY EXTINGUISHED" - The Steuben Messenger, a pestilence print, published at Bath, expired last week. Verily, the "signs" tell of "war, pestilence
and famine," among the anties. - [Penn Yan Democrat.
The Albany Argus (Albany, NY) April 20, 1832; pg. 1.
The Bath Farmers' Advocate, an inflexible and well conducted democratic paper, entered its 18th year, on the 16th inst., and the 25th since its present editor
established the Steuben Patriot. "As the journal under the change of titles (says the publisher of the Advocate) has been wholly or partially conducted by its founder
up to this day, and always strictly and zealously devoted to the dissemination of the same principles, we deem it a duty to ourselves and out supporters, to claim for
it the Age to which it is justly entitled - and shall therefore denominate our next sheet, No. 1 of Volume 25. This claim is made to gratify the honorable pride of an
aged typographical laborer of forty-two years in the cause of Democracy; and we feel sure that our contemporaries in the same holy work in Western New-York, will cheerfully
concede to us the honor of long service and (referring to our county canvass for 24 years) a plain-speaking proof of efficiency not often surpassed in other counties."
     Allusion is here made to the venerable BENJ. SMEAD, a veteran in the ranks of the democracy as he is in the editorial corps. The compliment is due not less to him
than to the uniform course of the County in which he has been so long a laborer. STEUBEN has no superiors in her devotion to the principles and measures of the Democratic
Party. The publisher relinquishes all thoughts of suspending the paper, under increased expenditures and "the shock of the times," but promises its continuance, we are
glad to see, with renewed vigor. "Our friends (he says) urge its continuance - our creditors are merciful - our subscriptions have been nearly doubled - Steuben
Democracy promises to sustain us - together with the certainty of redeeming the state in another campaign - all induce us to go on, and prosecute the work with new
vigor and better hopes."
The Albany Argus (Albany, NY) December 25, 1840; pg. 2.


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