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Lindsley, Eleazer
Service New Jersey
Number B.L. Wt. 1274-450 Lt. Col.
Issued June 11, 1789 to John Ludlow, assigner.
No papers.

Counsellor At Law
1623 H Street. Washington

March 24, 1924.

The Commissioner of Pensions,
D. C.
     I write to inquire about an ancestor of mine in the Revolution, namely, Eleazer Lindsley of New Jersey. He is shown by Heitman to have been a Lt. Col. of Spencer's Continental Regiment from January 15, 1777 to May 27, 1779. This was less than three years service, and I therefore wish to ascertain whether he did not have further service or resigned due to disability or else whether he was "rendered supernumerary (or deranged) by the several reorganizations of the Continental Army", so that I could qualify for admission to the Society of the Cincinnati by reason of descent from him.
     The Adjutant General of the War Department has just advised me that this officer "became supernumerary May 27, 1779", but as his records of the Revolutionary War are far from complete he has referred me to you for additonal information.
     Hoping to hear from you about this at an early date, I am,
Very respectfully yours,
Samuel Herrick

Rev. and 1812 Wars Section

April 24, 1924

Samuel Herrick, Atty.,
1623 H Street
Washington, D. C.

     I have to advise you that from the records of this Bureau it appears that Warrant No. 1274 for four hundred and fifty acres of bounty land was issued June 11, 1789 to John Ludlow, Assignee, on account of the services of Lieutenant Colonel Eleazer Lindsley of the New Jersey Line, War of the Revolution.
     There is no further data on file as to his services and no data as to his family, owing to the destruction of papers in such claims when the War Office was burned in November 1800.