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Name: Youmans, Jonas
Service: New York
Number: S.11919

New York
Jonas Youmans
Of Campbell in the State of New York Who was a Private in the Company commanded By Captain Luddington of the Regt. Commanded By Col. Swartwout in the New York Line for 2 Years.
Inscribed on the Roll of New York _ _ At the rate of 80 Dollars _ Cents per annum.To commence on the 4th day of March 1831
Certificate of Pension issued the 21st day of March 1833 _ _ and sent to Clerk
Arrears to the 4th of March ’33  $120 Semi-anl. Allowance ending 4 Sep ’33  $40 [total] $200
{Revolutionary Claim Act June 7, 1832}
Recorded by Leo C. Stiles Clerk, Book E.  Vol. 4  Page 83.

Declaration of Jonas Youmans in order to be placed on the Pension list under the act of Congress of the 18th March 1828.
State of New York Steuben County ss.}  On this twenty first day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight personally appeared in the court of common pleas in and for the county of Steuben and state of aforesaid now sitting at the court house in Bath in said county being a court of record, Jonas Youmans resident in said county aged seventy years, and being duly sworn in open court according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provision made by acts of Congress of the 18th March 1818 and of the first of May 1820 that he the said Jonas Youmans enlisted for the term of nine months on the first day of April in the year 1781 in the state of New York in the company commanded by Capt. Hunt (christian names not recollected) in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Weisenfelt (his Christian name also not recollected) in the line of the state of New York on the continental establishment; that he continued to serve in the said Corps until in the month of February in the year 1782 when he was discharged from the service in the village of Esopus in the State of New York.that he hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension, except the present, that his name is not on the roll of state army as far as he has been able to ascertain, and that the following, are the reasons for not making earlier application for a pension, viz, that he always supposed it was necessary to produce proof of his service and he has not been able to obtain that proof until quite recently & although very poor in 1818 & ever since yet, with the little labor which this deponent even as his advanced age has heretofore been able to perform with the aid of some of his children who remained with him until married, he did not until deprived of their aid & by age and infirmity rendered unable to perform much labor himself, and until this period, make any extraordinary exertions to procure proof of his service, an exertion now rendered necessary in order to save himself and wife the painful alternative of applying for relief from public or private charity. And in pursuance of the act of the first of May 1820 I Do solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818, and that I have not since that time by gift sale or in any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of an act of Congress, entitled “an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary War” passed on the 18th day of March 1818, and that I have not, nor has any person in trust for me any property or securities, contracts or debts due to me; nor have I any income other than what is contained in the schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed. That since the 18th of March 1818 to wit, on the 27th day of July 1822, this deponent being confined on the goal limits of the County of Steuben was discharged from imprisonment on executing an assignment of all his property to assignees for the benefit of his creditors under and by virtue of an act of the Legislature of the state of New York, entitled “an act to abolish imprisonment for debt in certain cases passed 7th April 1819, by John Cooke Esquire a commissioner to perform such duties. That the age of this deponent and the consequent infirmity of his memory, it is utterly impossible for this deponent to recollect or give a detailed statement of his little effects as they stood on the 18th March 1818, except generally that it consisted of a few articles household furniture, a cow & some articles of provision. That under the act last aforesaid it was made the duty of the said commissioner to file the Insolvent proceedings in the Clerk’s office of the county where the insolvent was discharged, that this deponent was discharged in the County of Steuben, that he has examined the Clerk’s office of said County to find the schedule of property there assigned in order to refresh this deponent’s memory as to his property in 1818, but that it could not be found.
Present Schedule of Property –
2 Hogs $5.50; 1 pail  .75; 5 Bowls 1.25; 1 set of  spoons 1.00; Corn on the ground supposed to be 6 Bushels 3.00; 1 old plough 4.00; [total] $15.50
1 set of plates $ .75; 1 set tea cups & saucers  .62 ½; 1 frying pan .75; [total] 2.12 ½ [+] 15.50; [grand total] 17.62 ½
There is due to me about four dollars.
My family consists of myself and wife only. She is sixty nine years of age. She has been afflicted the asthma for upwards of twenty years, and much of the time has been confined to her bed & under the care of a physician, she is wholly unable to do anything. My original insolvent discharge is hereunto annexed. My occupation is a farmer.
his mark X Jonas Youmans
Sworn to and declared on the 21st day of October 182, in open court before me
John Metcalfe Clerk
 I John Metcalfe Clerk of the County of Steuben do hereby certify, that it appears to the satisfaction of the Court, that the said Jonas Youmans, did serve in the Revolutionary War, as stated in the preceding declaration, against the common enemy, for the term of nine months, under an engagement, on the Continental establishment. I also certify, that the foregoing oath (or affirmation) of said Court, and I do further certify, that it is the opinion of the said Court, that the total amount in value of the property exhibited in the aforesaid schedule is seventeen dollars and sixty two & half cents. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and affixed the seal of the said Court, on the 21st day of October 1828.

John Metcalfe – Clerk of the Court of Common pleas of the County of Steuben
State of New York Steuben County ss. On this 16th day of October in the year 1832 personally appeared in open court before Court of Common Pleas now sitting at the Court House in Bath in the County and State afore said, being a Court of record, Jonas Youmans aged seventy-four years, a resident of the town of Campbell Town in the County and State aforesaid, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 4th 1832 That he entered into the service of the United States under the following named officers as herein stated. That he first enlisted in the month of April in the year 1776 in Frederickstown in Dutchess county and State aforesaid, where he then resided under Capt. Comfort Luddington, Elijah Fuller lieutenant, in a Regiment commanded by Col. Jacobus Swartwout, of which William Mott was Major and Emanuel Gabriel a Physician, adjutant, Marched  from thence through Langtown to Fort Washingtonthence to Fort Independence and from thence to White Marsh, and was in the battle of White Plains in the month of October 1776. Gen. Washington commanded in person. Remembers of Levy there Col. Mergs, who commanded a corps of troops called “Leather Corps” and also saw Col. Gansevoort, both, of whom were in the battle. After the battle of White Plains, this declarant marched with his company and Regiment to New Windsor in Orange County and was there honorably discharged on the first day of January 1777, having served nine months – said discharge has been lost – He has no other evidence of said service, except the affidavit of Joseph Smith hereto annexed. That said Smith did not belong to Capt. Luddington’s Company, but to Capt. Pierce’s – that said, Smith entered the service as a substitute in August 1776, and when he states in his affidavit that this declarant enlisted at that time, he ought to have said that at that time he first saw this declarant in the service and this declarant further states that he again enlisted at Frederickstown in the said county of Dutchess about the first day of April      1777 into a company commanded by Elijah Townsend and Regiment by Col. Henry Luddington John Berry was lieutenant and Isaac Townsend ensign of said company. That he then resided in said town of Frederickstown – marched to a place called Wrights Mills in Westchester County. While there an express arrived that Gen. Burgoyne was advancing into the northern section of the State and the Regiment to which this declarant belonged was ordered to Fort Montgomery. This declarant marched from thence with the regiment toward Fort Montgomery, but before they reached that place the Fort was captured by the British. This took place in October 1777. They continued their march up the east side of the north river to a place opposite Esopus – and while there the British came up the river and burnt Esopus, and hearing that Burgoyne was taken, they descended the river, our Regiment marched down to Cromel Pond where it remained, until this declarant was discharged which was as this declarant thinks about the last of October 1777. That he was formerly discharged but has lost the same That he has no other evidence of the last mentioned service except the affidavit of Joseph Smith hereto annexed for three months service of the same time And this declarant further states that he again enlisted at Frederickstown in Dutchess County where he then resided in May 1778 under Capt. Elijah Townsend for six months – that said company was attached to Col. John Drakes Regiment – that he served out said enlistment and was honorably discharged at Tarrytown in Westchester County, but said discharge has been lost, and he has no evidence of said service nor can he obtain any And this declarant further states that he again enlisted at Frederickstown, where he then resided for nine months about the last of April 1779 into a company commanded by Capt. James Sackett – Col. Harpers Regiment marches to Setarry – thence to Fort Edwardthence to Crown Point – returned to Albany where he was again honorably discharged – said discharge has been lost, and he has no evidence of service, “nor can he procure any – discharged about the first of February 1780And this declarant further states that on or about the first day of March in the year 1780, he enlisted into the service of the United States at Frederickstown in the county of Dutchess where he then resided  into a company commanded by Capt Williams, belonging to a New York Regiment commanded by Col. Weissenfelt and continued in said company until sometime in the month of July thereafter – then was transferred into a company commanded by Capt. Norton, went to Orange County and there joined the Regiment – In the fall of same year marched to West Point – thence to Albany – thence to Fort Stanwix where he was honorably discharged sometime in the December in the same year – said discharge has been lost; but he has heretofore furnished proof of said service by the affidavits of Thomas Moore & Robert Moore which affidavits were handed to the Hon John Magee for the purpose of having this declarant restored to a pension, having been once on the pension list and struck off on the ground that the service mentioned in his former declaration which was in 1781 was not in the Continental Service – the said affidavit were after put into the hands of the Pension Committee of the House, who reported a bill for the relief of this declarant and which bill passed the house, but was suspended in the Senate as this declarant has been informed in consequence of the general bill of June 7 1832, or placed in the pension office And this declarant further states that he served as a soldier in the army of the Revolution nine months in the year 1781 and for the particulars of said service he refers to a former declaration, made by this declarant before the Court of Common Pleas on the 21st day of October and more on file in the proper department of the War Office; and this declarant further states that he was advised by Daniel Lonyer who made out his last mentioned declaration, that the services therein mentioned would entitle him to a pension and that in consequence thereof the services in 1780 were not stated. The last mentioned services was proved by two witnesses – the affidavits were sent to the War Department, and this declarant was placed on the pension list on the 21st day of October 1828 and subsequently struck off the rolls on the ground that the services were not in the Continental line. That the declarant was born in Dutchess County in the state of New York at a town called Frederickstown on the 18th day of May 1758 That he [lives] in Colchester Delaware County & resided at Frederickstown in Dutchess County – for a short time after the war and moved to the town of Colchester in the County of Delaware in the state of  New York and resided for about 16 years and then moved to the town of Painted Post since Campbell Town where he has resided ever since- He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present – and declares that his name in not in the pension roll of any agency or state.That he states names of William Wood and Daniel Burger of Bath Steuben Co. as persons who can testify as to your character for veracity and their belief of his services as a soldier of the revolution.
sworn to & subscribed this day and year aforesaid} Jonis Youmans
M.S. Rumsey Sep Clk Steuben County
We William Woods & Daniel Burger of Bath in the County of Steuben hereby certify that we are well aquainted with Jonas Youmans who has subscribed and sworn to the above affidavits or declaration that in believe him the seventy four year of age that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides & has been a soldier of the revolution and that we concur in that opinions 
sworn to and Subscribed the day and year aforesaid}  Wm Woods Daniel Burger
M.S. Rumsey Sep Clk Steuben County
And the said Court do hereby declares true opinion after the [?] of the matter and after sitting the interrogator’s [?] by the war and except that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary soldier and served as he states and the Court further certifies that it appears to them that William Wood and Daniel Burger who have approved the preceeding certificate as residents of the town of Bath a even states and are persons entitled of credit and that their statement is entitled & our credit and belief.
Geo. C. Edward
Ezra Chapin
Ruez J. Williams
Paul C. Cook

State of New York County of Steuben} SS. On this the second day of March AD one thousand eight hundred and fifty four personly appeared before me the undersigned Justice of the Peace within and for the County and State aforesaid Abijah Youmans a resident of Thurston in the State of New York aged fifty six years who being duly sworn according to law declares that he is the son and heir at law of Jonas Youmans deceased who was a Revolutionary Soldier who served at different periods in said war in all to the amount of about five years That he served a part of the time under the command of Levi Odle in the forces raised in the State of Connetticut also a part of the time in the forces raised in the state of New York and that a pensions of ninety six dollars a year was drawn by said Jonas Youmans for a time of about three years and that his pension was reduced to eighty dollars per year and and so continued up to the [?] fourth day of March AD 1850 since which time nothing has been draw Received by Said Jonas Youmans or either of the heirs and that said Jonas Youmans died on the twenty eight day of March AD 1850 that said Jonas Youmans left no widow that there is now living six children and joint heirs of the said Jonas Youmans and it is understood and believed that there are arrearages of pensions and other claimes due for said services therefore the true intent of this is to qualify and irrerecably appoint and empower L. B. True of Washington City and district of Columbia as my true and
appointed Attorney with power of substitution to investigate substantiate demand and receive the [?] of said claim or claimes hereby eatifying evrey thing said or done by said Attorney or his substitute in virtuo hereof in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above mentioned.
Abjah Youmans
Wm Sessney
Sworn to and acknowledged before me the day and year first above mentioned and I hereby certify that I have no interest whatever in said claim.
Charles Heliker Justice of the Peace

Brief in the case of Jonas Youmans
Town of Campbell Town in the State of N. York
(Act 7th June, 1832.)
 1. Was the declaration made before a Court or a Judge?  Open Court
  2. If before a Judge, does it appear that the applicant is disabled by bodily infirmity?
  3. How old is he? 74 years
  4. State his service, as directed in the form annexed.

Period When the Service Was Entered Duration of the Claimant's Service
Yr. Mos. Days
Rank of the Claimant Names of General and Field Officers under whom he Served
April 1776 9 mos. Private Capt. C. Luddington
Col. Jacobus Swartwout} N.Y.
abt. the 1st April 1777 abt. 7 mos. Private Capt. Elijah Townsend
Col. Henry Luddington}
May 1778 6 mos. do Capt. Townsend; Col. Jno Drake
April 1779 9 mos. do Capt. Jas. Sackett; Col. Harper
March 1780 9 mos. do Capt. Wittimore; Col. Wiesenefelt
1781 * 9 mos. do not named

5. In what battles was he engaged? White Plains 6. Where did he reside when he entered the service? Dutchess County N. York
Is his statement supported by living witnesses, by documentary proof, by traditionary evidence, by incidental evidence, or by the rolls? Traditionary evidence and ? living witnesses who testifies to portions of the two first terms of service.
Are the papers defective as to form or authentication? and if so, in what respect?  They are not attached according to the Regulations
I certify that the foregoing statement and the answers agree with the evidence in the case above mentioned.
Ossie Gordon  Examining Clerk. * Refers for the evidence of this term of service to his papers filed in the pension upon which he was placed on the pension roll on the 21st Oct 1828 from which he was stricken on the grounds that the service was not in the Continental line. – His pension Certificate is sent herewith


Record Division.             
Department of the Interior,
Bureau of Pensions,
Washington, D. C., _________________, 190__.
ss – 11,919
In reply to your request of ______________, received ___________________ for a statement of the military history of Jonas Youmans a soldier of the Revolutionary War, you will find below the desired information as contained in his (or his widow’s) application for pension on file in this Bureau.

Officers under whom service was rendered
Dates of enlistment or Appointment Length of Service Rank Captain Colonel State
Apr. 1776 July 1, 1777 Pvt. Comfort Luddington Jacobus Swartwout NY
Apr 1, 1777 Oct. 1777 " Elijah Townsend Henry Luddington
May 1778 6 mos. " Elijah Townsend John Drake
Apr. 1779 Jan 1780 " James Sackett Harper
Mar 1780 Dec 1780 " Wittemore Weisenfelt
1781 Feb 1782 " not named Weisenfelt

Battles engaged in, White Plains
Residence of soldier at enlistment, Frederickstown, Dutchess County
Date of application for pension, ?
Residence at date of application, Hornby Steuben Co., NY
Age at date of application, b. at Frederickstown, NY May 18, 1758
Remarks:  d. March 28, 1850
[Rest of remarks are too faint to read].
Very respectfully,