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OCTOBER 11, 1902 TO OCTOBER 11, 1903

"Home and Country."
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     Kanestio Valley Chapter, of Hornellsville, 54 members, has continued its offer of prizes for the best essays on selected subjects of American history, both to students of the high schools and to the pupils of the district schools of the third school commissioner's district of Steuben County.
     This chapter has confined its educational work and historical research to the ten western towns of the county, or the Upper Canisteo Valley, and during the past year completed its undertaking of erecting a memorial to the patriots of the American Revolution who were buried in this vicinity.
     The memorial, a huge natural bowlder of the gray sandstone known as "the glass rock," was placed upon the State Armory grounds at Hornellsville, and stands 14 feet in height, 6 feet wide, and 4 feet thick, weighing 22 tons. (see plate 28.) Upon its face is a handsome bronze tablet bearing the dedicatory inscription:

To The Patriots
Of The American Revolution
Buried In the
Upper Canisteo Valley
This Memorial Is Erected By
The Kanestio Valley Chapter
Daughters Of The American Revolution.

     The work of erecting this bowlder, undertaken in 1902, was completed with its unveiling on Memorial Day, 1903. Special services were held in which the Forty-seventh Separate Company, the Grand Army of the Republic, and the school children participated.
     The entire cost of the bowlder was nearly $300, and it commemorates the patriotic services of more than sixty pioneers of the Canisteo Valley.
     In addition to the several lists previously reported, the records of the following Revolutionary soldiers have been verified:
     Daniel Darrin, born at Pog, New Haven County, Conn., December 8, 1756. June 24, 1776, at the age of 19 years, he enlisted in the Connecticut militia. The following is a record from the adjutant-general's office at Hartford, Conn.: "Daniel Darrin was a private in Capt. Gad Stanley's company, Col. Fisher Gay's regiment, second battalion, Wadsworth's brigade, June 24, 1776. Battalion was raised June, 1776, to reenforce Washington at New York. Served at the Brooklyn front just before the battle of Long Island August 27. In retreat to New York August 29 and 30. In retreat from New York city with main army to White Plains September 15. Time expired December 25, 1776. This battalion served after their time expired and went down to reenforce Washington at Trenton, and after Washington went into winter quarters at Morristown, N.J., the Connecticut troops were discharged in the winter of 1777." Septermber 1777, he reenlisted in Hillsdale, N. Y., under Capt. Joshua Whitney. He was granted a pension September 15, 1832. Died November 4, 1838, at Troupsburg, N. Y., and is buried in the family cemetery at Troupsburg.
     Philip Failing, born February 14, 1765, at Palatine, N. Y. The records of the Pension Bureau show that he enlisted in 1779 as a private under Col. Jacob Klock, of the New York Line. In June, 1780, he reenlisted, serving four and a half months under Colonel Dubois; and in the spring of 1781 he again reenlisted serving nine months under Col. Marinus Willett. he was in the battles of Stone Arabia, Fort Plain, and Johnstown. He was pensioned October 16, 1832; died at Jasper, Steuben County, May 17, 1842.
     James Hadley was one of the twelve original purchasers of the Canisteo Valley. The county histories state that he was in the battle of Wyoming, and he was known to have been a Revolutionary pensioner; he is buried at Hadleyville in the Canisteo Valley.
     Daniel Hamilton, of Howard, Steuben County, was pensioned in 1818. His pension record shows that he was born April 1, 1760; enlisted 1782; served three years as a private and sergeant under Captain Hunt and Col. Henry Jackson; discharged June 30, 1784. Resided at the time of his enlistment at New Marlboro, Berkshire County, Mass. He died November 23, 1824, and is buried at Howard, Steuben County, N. Y.
     John Heliker served in the New York Line in the war of the Revolution. He is buried at Jasper, Steuben County, N. Y.
     Samuel Holmes was a private in the New York Line, war of the Revolution, enlisting from Montgomery County. He was captured by the Indians, and escaping after six months, rejoined the Army. Buried at Jasper.
     Naphtali Hurlbut, born at Groton, Conn., August 12, 1767, removed with his parents to the Wyoming Valley in 1778; was enrolled as a private in Capt. John Franklin's company in 1780. Died in Burns, N. Y., March 28, 1844, and is buried at Arkport.
     Nathaniel Kellogg, born February 24, 1758, was a pioneer Baptist minister in the Canisteo Valley, and is buried at Jasper. He is remembered by several old settlers still living as a Revolutionary veteran.
     Nathaniel Kellogg, Philip Failing, John Helliker, and Samuel Holmes are buried in the same cemetery, and many old people relate that as children they heard these men recall their experiences in the war for American Independence.
     Elias Stephens served in the Cumberland County militia, Hatch's company of Minute Men. He was a pioneer of the Canisteo Valley, and was buried in the old cemetery at Hornellsville, now, unfortunately, nearly obliterated.
     Elijah Stephens served in "The Levies," New York Line. He was a pioneer of the Canisteo Valley, and was buried near Hornellsville.
     The following entries are copied from the remaining fragments of a diary kept by Capt. John Jamison during the Revolution:
     [John Jamison, born in Durham, Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 3, 1755; died at Canisteo, New York, March 23, 1836; was pensioned for two years' actual service as a Captain in the Pennsylvania troops; a part of the time he served under Col. Robert Robinson; was also in Col. Baxter's battalion of Flying Camp, 1776; at the commencement of the war he raised a company, and records in the possession of his descendants show him to have been in service as early as 1776 and as late as 1779. "The expense attending the raising of his company and for the relief of others under his command during their service was very heavy, and he was compelled to draw upon his father. This was charged to his personal account and when his father's estate was settled, he had nothing coming to him." He was taken prisoner in the battle of Fort Washington and confined on a British prison ship in New York Bay, where he contracted a disease from which he never recovered. He was one of the twelve associates for the settlement of Canisteo Valley, 1789. Another record states that of the 19 or 20 prisoners confined together, Capt. Jamison was one of four or five who lived to obtain their liberty.]

     28 Oct 1776 Reed of Lieut. Erwin of Capt. Jamison's Company in Col. Baxter's Batt'n of Flying Camp Six Musquits six Bayonets and Scabboards five Belts 89 Cartouch Boxes Being the property of the State of Pennsylvania they being more than wanted
          In behalf of Coll. House
                    C. 7m'y Store. P. Amboy.
     Dec 30 1776 then died David McCargan
     Jan the 8 1777 then died Andrew Clark
     Jan the 13 1777 then died John Picot
     Jan the 8 1777 then died William Jones
     Dec the 29 1779 the names of these of my company
          Alexander Dunlap, John Welley, Michael Murphy
                    Capt. John Jamison

     The following names are found on a page together:
     Thomas Carty Joseph Hale John Goode Peter Grobe Casuard (?) Swink Amos Langhey William Bell John Worel

     These entries are found on several pages:
     Reed of Mr. Pintard First pair of Shoes
     Reed on ship board 1 Blanket 1 Blanket Coat 1 Shirt
     Reed in Cash for to pay making shirts 2L 16. 0.
     Reed in Cloth Linen and Sundries for Clothing L32 1. 0.
     Sept 15, 1778 paide for my boarding to Sundry Landlords L64. 1. 9.
     July 26, 1779 Robert Huneday to Supper L0. 10. 0.
     July the 30, 1779 to one Gill of Rum 0. 10. 0.
           31 Robert Honeday to milk at Sundry times 0. 12. 1.
     Aug 3, 1779 James Glass to 38 sheaves of oats L6. 10. 0.
           3 Mary Johnson to six doz of oat sheaves L13. 10. 0.
     Aug the 2, 1779 Samuel Haslet to Two doz of oat sheaves 4. 10. 0.
     Aug the 3, 1779 George Lefrise 1. 15. 0.
     Aug the 2, 1779 Samuel Shanon Total L1. 2. 6.
     July the 27, 1779 Abraham Luke to Twenty Seven Sheaves of oats 4. 15. 0.
     27 John Martal to seventeen Horses one night at pasture 2. 12. 6.
     30 Joseph Likens to one Bushel of Rey an pasture for seventeen horses one night 16. 7. 6.
     30 James Glass to twenty eight sheaves of oats 4. 10. 0.
     William Armstrong to one pound of Lead ay pr 12 dollars.
     Solomon Lypeage (?) to 1/4 pound of tea at three dollars pr pound
          to one pound of Coffee at 16S. pr pound
          to half yard Silk gauz six dollars
          2 yds & one half yd of ribbon 5 dollars
          2 yds & half y of binding at 2 dollars.
     Leut Erwin 2 pr shoes 1 Beaver Hat