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Genealogy Trails

OCTOBER 11, 1904 TO OCTOBER 11, 1905.

JUNE 27, 1906. - Ordered to be printed with accompanying illustrations.

Pages 142 thru 143

      Kanisteo Valley Chapter has 78 members. As its patriotic work the chapter contibuted the entire amount received from chapter dues to Continental Hall, $64.
     The chapter has also had printed and distributed to the other chapters throughout the state copies of the state law relating to the care of abandoned and country cemeteries by town boards. The law was enacted by a two-thirds vote of the legislature and signed by the governor April, 1901, but its existence as a statute seems to have been generally unknown  or overlooked. It is confidently expected that this action of the chapter will lead to the betterment of the present condition of pioneer and rural burying grounds generally, as well as being of special assistance to the Daughters of the American Revolution chapters in their efforts to reclaim and restore the forgotten and neglected resting places of our patriotic dead.

Roll of honor of the Kanisteo Valley Chapter which has not been printed, except in the chapter yearbook.

     Colonels: Arthur Erwin, James Frye, Hanyost Herkimer, sr., John Taylor.
     Lieutenant-colonels: Benjamin Birdsall, Jacob Ford, jr.
     Lieutenant-master: Andrew Morris.
     Major: Enos Clapsaddle.
     Sergeant-major: John Stedman.
     Fife-major: Timothy Doty.
     Captains: Storm Becker, Peter S. Dygert, Conrad Folts, Henry Godwin, Zachariah Hungerford, John Jamison, Abraham Lewis, jr., Stephen Matthews, William Simonds.
     Lieutenants: Johannes Bouck, Samuel Bull, William Clapsaddle, Daniel Denniston, Bethuel Farrand, Jacob Folts, Roswell Franklin, Hanyost Petrie, jr., George Philip, Leonard Proctor, Thomas Steadman, Jedediah Stephens, Gideon Walker.
     Sergeants: Elijah Buck, Timothy Culver, Daniel Dennison, Timothy Hall, John Ryder.
     Corporal: Joseph Blood.
     Physician: David Jones.
     Civil Officers: Samuel Crafts, John Hurlbut, sr.
     Patriot women: Martha Jackson Bennett, Rhoda Smith Farrand.
     Privates: Reuben Allen, Jonathan Atwood, David Ayres, Jeremiah Baker, sr., David Bangs, Enoch Bangs, William Barnes, Thomas Bennett, Solomon Bennett, Jonathan Burr, Isaac Chapel, Enoch Chapin, Abiel Cole, Nehemiah Closson, Samuel Crafts, Moses Dennis, Levi Doty, Ezra Downer, Edward Downes, Warner Dygert, Jacob Failing, Philip Failing, Amos Francis, Reubin Gates, Josiah Griswold, Ebenezer Grover, Nathan Hallett, Eleazar Hamlin, Olive Harding, Richard Hathaway, John Hurlbut, sr., Benjamin Jones, thomas Keeney, Alexander Kirkpatrick, John Lathrop, Robert Manning, Martin Murphy, John Nicholls, sr., Frederick Oyer (Eigher), Ebenezer Patchin, Elnathan Perkins, David Pearce, John Pierce, Daniel Pierce, Joshua Ransom, Lawrence Rinkle (Wrankle), Philip Rounseville, Timothy Ryder, Christopher Robinson, David Scott, Samuel Sedgwick, sr., Daniel Smith, John Smith, Solomon Smith, John Stephens, Uriah Stephens, jr., Moses Stickney, Simon Stickney, John Stoddard, Lot Swift, Daniel Townsend, Barzaleel Washburn, Paul Wetherbee, Daniel Wetherbee, Solomon Wilson, Jonathan Wilson, Samuel Wood, Samuel Woodworth, Michael Widrig, Jacob Widrig.