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1840 Census of Pensioners

A Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services
with their Names, Ages and Places of Residence
pub. by Blair and Rives, 1841

[The name after the age indicates the head of household]

John Toland, 76 John Toland - Green
Nathaniel Reynolds, 77 Charity Reynolds - Green
Nathaniel Foster, 80 Nathan Foster - Green
William Yates, 90 William Yates - Monroe
Charles Stevenson, 78 Charles Stevenson - Monroe
John Stivers, 74 Robert Stivers - Liberty
John Mc-, 90 John Mc- - Liberty
James Williams, 89 Newton Williams - Jefferson
Richard Woodworth, 85 Richard Woodworth - Jefferson
John Blair, 78 Andrew Marton - Spring
Jesse Ellis, 86 Jesse Ellis - Spring
John Killin, 83 John Killin - West Union




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