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Adams County, Ohio
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Adams County Military
In The Revolutionary War


Revolutionary Soldiers
(Source: "History of Adams County")
Submitted by JRice, 2008

It has been a very great labor to secure the information given below. In the state library is a list of the revolutionary soldiers of Adams County, on continental line, who drew pensions. We also obtained a list of those who served in the militia and drew pensions and the two lists are combined. The ages are either at the death of the soldier where his death is mentioned, or where it is not mentioned, the age is given as in the year 1835. The date following the age, where there is a date given, is the date the soldiers were placed on the pension roll. The following is the list :


Alexander, John, Pennsylvania Continental, 91.
Baldwin, John, private, Maryland Militia, June 22, 1833.
Brewer. Henry, Congressional Regiment, 69, February 2, 1819.
Breedlove, John, private, Virginia Militia, October 18, 1832.
Conner, William, ensign, Virginia Continental, May 11, 1819, July 22, 1819.
Costigan, Francis, lieutenant, New Jersey Continental, 84, July 21, 1821.
Copple, Daniel, Pennsylvania Continental, age 74, died February 7, 1832.
Cochran, John Gen.
Callahan, Dennis, Maryland Continental, 86.
Cole, Ephriam, Col. Wm. R. Lee's regiment.
Cross, Samuel, private, Pennsylvania Militia, June 11, 1832.
Ceilings, James, 5th Maryland Continental.
David, Zebediah, private, Pennsylvania Militia. May 22, 1833.
Erwin, James, lieutenant, Pennsylvania Continental, 65.
Edwards, Jesse, private, Pennsylvania Militia, August 8, 1833.
Falls, Wm.
Finley, J. L., major, Pennsylvania Continental, 73.
Flood, William, Virginia Continental. 94.
Faulker, William, Pennsylvania Continental, 79.
Fields. Simon, Virginia Continental, 77.
Foster, Nathaniel, private. New Jersey Militia, August 8, 1833.
Gates, William, Virginia Continental, 74, died October 29, 1879.
Gustin, Amos, Pennsylvania Continental, 68.
Gordon, John, Pennsylvania Continental. 76.
Grooms, Abraham, private, Virginia Militia, November 16, 1833.
Hamilton, Charles, corporal, Delaware, Continental.
Hull, Isaac, private, New Jersey Militia, January 3, 1834.
Jack, Thomas, sergeant, Pennsylvania Continental, 85, died August 8, 1831.
Laney, John, Virginia Militia, died in Huntington Township buried at Hickory Ridge.
McPike, John, private, Pennsylvania Militia, May 24, 1833.
McDaniel, Patrick, Pennsylvania Continental, 94.
Magin, Charles, Maryland Continental, 82, died December 23, 1827.
McMahan, Joseph, Virginia Continental, 73.
Middleswart, Jacob, Pennslyvania Continental.
Marlatt, Thomas, private and sergeant, Maryland Militia, June 26, 1833-
Miller, James, Cleutis Artillery Company.
Mehaffey, John, private, New Jersey Militia.
Piatt, Benjamin.
Richardson, James, Virginia Continental, 80, died January 16, 1833.
Rogers, William, New Jersey Continental, 66.
Rankin, Daniel, Maryland Continental, 80.
Richards, James, Virginia Continental, 75.
Stivers, John, private, Virginia Militia, August 7, 1833.
Simpson, Robert, private, New Hampshire Continental, September 24, 1819.
Stevenson, Charles, private, Pennsylvania Militia, February 25, 1833.
Sams, Jonas, Virginia Militia.
Smith, Henry.
Thompson, John, private, Pennsylvania Militia, September 21, 1833.
Trotter, Christopher, Virginia Continental, 75, died May 6, 1828.
Trotter, John, Virginia Continental, 76, transferred from Kentucky.
Usman, Charles, private, Virginia Militia, February 12, 1833.
Waldson, Elizah, private, Virginia Continental.
Walker, James, private, Pennsylvania Militia, October 8, 1833.
Williamson, William, private, Pennsylvania Militia, October 8, 1833.
Waters, Thomas, sergeant, Virginia Continental, 87.
Woodworth, Richard, Pennsylvania Continental.
Walker, Peter, Pennsylvania Continental, 65.
Waters, Thomas, sergeant, Virginia Continental, 87, July 21, 1819.
Woodworth, Richard, Pennsylvania Continental, 79, October 28, 1819.
Walker, Peter, Pennsylvania Continental, 65, May 24, 1820.

Of this list Major Joseph Finley has a separate sketch herein. He and John Killin, another Revolutionary soldier, are the only ones known to be buried in the old cemetery in West Union. The graves of both are marked. Most of the revolutionary soldiers in Adams County who obtained pensions, did so through Wesley Lee, who acted as pension agent in West Union from about 1823, so long as pensions were obtained.

 A Brief sketch of these men can be found here




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