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John W. Fristoe
Pg 746-47
was born July 13, 1851, at the old homestead in the great bend of Brush Creek. His father was Richard Fristoe, and his mother, Anna Sample. His grandfather, Richard Fristoe, was a native of Virginia, but emigrated to Mason County, Kentucky, where he spent his life. His son, Richard Fristoe. was born in Virginia in 1802, and was about five years old when his father moved to Kentucky.
Richard Fristoe, father of our subject, settled in Adams County, in 1832, and resided on the Fristoe place until within four years of his death on the eighth of January, 1881. Before he located in Adams County, he was a tobacco dealer and traveled the road from Maysville to Chillicothe, and on one of these trips, he became acquainted with his wife. He bought the Sample farm, where Sample's Tavern had been kept and went to farming in 1833, and continued that occupation until, on account of age. he retired from all business. The Samples were of German nationality. Our subject was the youngest of five children. He was reared on his father's farm and outside of the District schools, attended school at Lebanon, Ohio. At sixteen years, he began the career of a teacher of District schools and followed it for sixteen years.
On November 8, 1877, he was married to Miss Media Halliday, and there were two children of this marriage, Annabelle and Mack. His wife died November 14, 1889, and in 1891, he married Miss Mertie M. Hooper, who, with three children, survives him.
He was located at Dunkinsville from 1877 to 1886 in the business of selling farm implements, fertilizers, etc. In 1886, he removed to Peebles, where he was a member of the Village Council for two terms. He continued to reside in Peebles until he took the office of Treasurer of Adams County, which he held from September, 1894, to September, 1898, being the nineteenth person who had held that office between 1800 and 1894. After leaving the Treasurer's office in 1898, he continued to reside in West Union until his death, which occurred Saturday, September 10, 1899.
Mr. Fristoe was one of the most popular men of Adams County. As a public officer, he was accommodating, prompt and efficient. In his political views, he was a Democrat and took a prominent part in the councils of his party. He was an Odd Fellow and a Mason. In his last sickness, he united with the Methodist Episcopal Church and died in that faith. He was a man universally liked and respected for all those qualities of character which make up true manhood.
[Source: "A history of Adams County, Ohio: from its earliest settlement to the present time" By Nelson Wiley Evans, Emmons B. Stivers, 1900 - Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

Simon M. Fields
Pg 747-48
retired farmer and trader, Dunkinsville, was born on the old Fields homestead, on Ohio Brush Creek, in Jefferson Township, April 1, 1833. He is a son of Samuel R. Fields and Hannah Evans, his wife, a daughter of Thomas Evans, who lived in Adams County until 1852, when he moved to Iowa, where he died. He was a soldier of the War of 1812 and received a land warrant for his services which he located in Iowa. Samuel' R. Fields was born August 13, 1803, and died August 15, 1870. He was a son of Simon Fields, the pioneer, who has a separate sketch herein. Simon M. Fields, the subject of this sketch, was reared to man's estate in Jefferson Township, where he received the benefits of a good common school education. February 28, 1853, he married Miss Maria C. Osman, a daughter of James Osman, of Tiffin Township. To them have been born Henry C, David H., Thomas W., James P., and Ruth, wife of William Wade. In 1861, Simon M. Fields enlisted at Camp Hamer in the famous 70th Regiment, O. V. I., and continued in the service until discharged for disability, June 28, 1862. He was at Shiloh and in other engagements of his regiment until his discharge. He-came home and afterwards recruited a company in the National Guards, which he commanded as Captain in the hundred days' service at Fort Hurricane, W. Va. He was honorably discharged September 2, 1864.
Mr. Fields cast his first vote for Abraham Lincoln, and remained with the Republican party till it demonetized silver in 1873, when he cast his vote for the Greenback ticket. He afterwards became a Populist, and is now a firm believer in the principles of the Chicago platform of the Democratic party of 1896. He is an enthusiastic admirer of that great apostle of Democracy, William J. Bryan. He was a member of the M. E. Church for forty years, in which he was steward and class leader. He is now a member of the Christian Union Church at Jacksonville. He has been successful in life, and now resides in a modern constructed dwelling, on the site of the "Old Stone House" on the Andrew E Mison farm on Lick Fork, once the site of the town of Waterford.
[Source: "A history of Adams County, Ohio: from its earliest settlement to the present time" By Nelson Wiley Evans, Emmons B. Stivers, 1900 - Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

Jorden L. Foster
Pg 748
of Manchester, was born December 1, 1824, in Greene Township, Adams County. He is a son of Nathaniel Foster and Martha Hayslip, his wife, a daughter of Richard Hayslip. The grandfather of our subject was Nathaniel Foster, Sr., who emigrated from New Jersey in 1796, and settler! in Greene Township on Ohio Brush Creek, opposite the mouth of Beasley's Fork. He was a Revolutionary soldier and his record as such is given in this volume under that title.
Jorden L. Foster was brought up on a farm in Sprigg Township, where he resided until his marriage to Elizabeth J. Campbell, daughter of Alexander Campbell and Mary Keith, February 2, 1854. Mary Keith Campbell was a daughter of Dr. Joseph D. Keith, a pioneer physician of Adams County, and whose practice extended from Chillicothe to Cincinnati. He was a Revolutionary soldier and a surgeon in a Virginia Regiment.
The children of our subject are Sarah, married to Wilson A. Russell; Alexander C, who married Iva Osman. and Hannah, who resides at home.
Our subject enlisted as a private in Company E, 91st O. V. I., August 9, 186^, and served under Sheridan and Cook in the Shenandoah Valley. He was at New River Bridge, Stephenson's Depot, Winchester, Opequan, Cedar Creek, and many other important engagements. He was honorably discharged June 27, 1865.
He is an ardent Republican, and a member of the M. E. Church. He now resides on his farm near Manchester.
[Source: "A history of Adams County, Ohio: from its earliest settlement to the present time" By Nelson Wiley Evans, Emmons B. Stivers, 1900 - Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

Samuel R. Fields
Pg 748-49
of Wamsley, was born at Sugar Tree Ridge, Highland County. Ohio April 17. 1845. He is a son of Richard Fields and Janes Williams. His boyhood days were spent on Scioto Brush Creek, attending school in the Winter, and helping on the farm the remainder of the year. He enlisted at Camp Hamer, at West Union, in the service of the United States for a term of three years, October. 1861, in Company B, Capt. Summers, 70th Regiment O. V. I., Col. Cockerill. At the expiration of his term he reenlisted in Company 15, O. V. I., Capt. Edgington, and served till the close of the war. He was at Shiloh and all the important engagements in which his regiment participated. Was honorably discharged June 13, 1885, having never made application until that time.
August 3, 1865, he was united in wedlock to Miss Annie E. Williams, a descendant of a pioneer family of Adams County. She has borne him fourteen children, of which there are two pairs of twins. Each child's name begins with the letter E. They are: Elmer, Ettie, Evalena, Effie, Esther and Ezra, twins. Eska, Elvil, Esla, Elgar, Edna, Edgar and Edith, twins, and Elry. ,
Mr. Fields is a Methodist and an ardent Republican. He has held many local offices, and is a man of prominence in the community in which he resides, he belongs to Bailey Post, G. A. K., at Blue Creek.
[Source: "A history of Adams County, Ohio: from its earliest settlement to the present time" By Nelson Wiley Evans, Emmons B. Stivers, 1900 - Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

Charles Emery Frame
Pg 749
of West Union, Ohio, was born on a farm near Bradyville, in Sprigg Township, August i, 1866. After leaving the Public schools, in 1883, he entered the dry goods store of Connor, Pollard & Boyles in West Union, as a clerk, and remained with that house until March 1, 1898, when he was appointed postmaster at West Union, which position he now holds. This is the most important post-office in Adams County, and it is due the present incumbent to state that his management has been most satisfactory to the patrons of this office.
Mr. Frame was married August 25, 1886. to Miss Sarah Lodwick Smith youngest daughter of the late Judge John M. Smith, of West Union. In politics, Mr. Frame, while never a partisan, has always affiliated with the Republican party. Mr. Frame's parents were James and Nancy Frame, long residents of Sprigg Township. James Frame was born in Union Township, Brown County. May 30. 1818, and married Nancy Maddox. October 24, 1841. He followed school teaching for a number of years, and afterwards located on a farm near Bradyville, Adams County, and conducted a general store in that village. He was a man greatly respected and held many positions of trust in Sprigg Township. He died September 21, 1872.
[Source: "A history of Adams County, Ohio: from its earliest settlement to the present time" By Nelson Wiley Evans, Emmons B. Stivers, 1900 - Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

Isaac Trimble Foster
Pg 749-50
grocer, of Manchester, Ohio. was born on Gift Ridge, in Monroe Township, March 6. 1857. His father was Nathaniel and mother. Martha (Kelley) Foster. His grandfather, Isaac Foster, was one of the first settlers on Island Creek, where he built the old "Foster Mill," which stood within a few rods of where the Island Creek Church now stands. His son, Nathaniel Foster, operated the mill for many years after his father's death. Our subject was reared a farmer's son and obtained his education in the District school on Gift Ridge. He was the only child of Nathaniel Foster, and worked on a farm until 1894. when he removed to Manchester, where he engaged in the grocery business in partnership with Samuel B. Truitt. The latter retired in [896 and since that time our subject has conducted the business alone in the Stevenson building on Second Street.
Mr. Foster has been three times married, first, to Agnes Leedom, daughter of Daniel Leedom, by whom he has had three children; Ora M., May, and William E. His second wife was Ida Belle Carr of Lewis County, Ky. She left one child, Lena Belle. His present wife is Nettie, daughter of John Truitt. She had been twice married before she married Mr. Foster; first, to Fred. Bailey, by whom she has one son, Frank B. Bailey; second, to John McDaniel, by whom she has one son, Truitt McDaniel. Both sets of children are at home.
Mr. Foster is a lifelong Republican. He and his wife are active members of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Manchester. He is a Mason. As a man, he is remarked for his quiet and unassuming manners and strict integrity. He enjoys the favorable consideration of all who know him, either socially, or in a business way.
[Source: "A history of Adams County, Ohio: from its earliest settlement to the present time" By Nelson Wiley Evans, Emmons B. Stivers, 1900 - Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

Richard C. Franz
Pg 750-51
was born June 17, 1870, at Stout, in Adams County, Ohio. His father was Conrad Franz. His mother's maiden name was Dora Fink. They were natives of Wurtemburg, in Germany. They emigrated to this country in 1850, shortly after Conrad Franz became of age. Our subject spent his summers on his father's farm at diligent and hard work. He attended the District schools a few months each Winter, but his studies were desultory and very much according to his own inclination. He did not take up the study of English grammar until he was seventeen years of age. He was very fond of books, and while a great reader, never had any one, properly qualified, to direct his reading. Until the age of twenty, he had attended but three Summer Normal schools. At that age, he became a teacher of common schools, and continued in that profession, from the Winters of 1890 to 1893, inclusive.
In the Spring of 1893, he attended the National Normal School, at Lebanon, Ohio, from which he graduated in the Scientific course in 1894. He studied during the Summer of 1894. and was Superintendent of the Public Schools at Rome, Ohio, and Stout Post office, in the Winters of 1894, 1895, and 1896. In the Summer of 1895, he taught a Normal school at Peebles, and in the Summer of 1896, at Stout. In the Fall of 1896, he entered the Classical Course at Lebanon, Ohio, and left, after eight months' study, in April, 1897, to teach a Normal school at Stout. He spent the winter of 1897 at his home in Stout and studied. In the Spring and Summer of 1898, he taught a Normal school at West Union.
He was elected in the Spring of 1898 for the Winter term at Rome, but resigned to accept the Hannibal school in Monroe County. Ohio, where he taught in the Winter of 1898 and 1899. He was re-elected unanimously to the same position, but declined, and accepted the superintendence of the West Union schools, succeeding Prof. J. E. Collins, now of Batavia. He holds a life certificate from the State Board of School Examiners of Ohio. In his religious views, he is a Presbyterian. In his political views he is a Republican, but has never taken any prominent part in politics.
What Prof. Franz is to-day, is the result of his own ambition and efforts. He undertook to make a teacher of himself, and by his untiring industry, energy and application, he succeeded. He was conscientious and earnest—two prominent features of his character. He believed in thoroughness from the very commencement of his preparation for teaching. He has been devoted to his profession with that constant enthusiasm which is characteristic of every successful teacher. He is strong in all of the moralities. His sense of justice is the most refined and his judgment is always the result of deliberate reflection and of a course of reasoning. He has made his profession a success because he loved it, and because he is enthusiastic in following it. His success as a teacher and superintendent is unquestioned, but above all that, he is respected, admired and loved by all those who know him for his ideal and perfect character as a man.
[Source: "A history of Adams County, Ohio: from its earliest settlement to the present time" By Nelson Wiley Evans, Emmons B. Stivers, 1900 - Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

Alfred Rust Fulton
Pg 751
was born in Franklin Township, Adams County, November 28, 1834. His father, David Fulton, and his mother, Phoebe Gibson, were both natives of Loudon County, Virginia, and resided near Upperville. They came to Ohio in 1833. At that time they had four children, sons. They had five children born in Ohio, our subject and two daughters. He obtained his education in the common schools and was brought up to be a farmer.. He was one of the few young men of Adams County who never taught schools. He enlisted in Company E, First Ohio Heavy Artillery, August 22, 1862,at the age of twenty-nine years and served until the twentieth of June, 1805. This service was upon his conscience, as has been everything in his life. On November 7, 1867, he was married to Miss Lydia Potts, of Marble Furnace, a daughter of Samuel Potts.
They have three children, sons, Thomas. Clarence, who married Miss Jennie Williams and resides in Loudon; Charles Gibson, formerly a teacher, but now a clerk in an iron ore establishment at Sparta, Minn.; Homer Clayton, a lawyer in Duluth, Minn.
Mr. Fulton's father was a Whig and Republican and he has always been a Republican. He is a member of the Methodist Church in Loudon and lives his faith every day.
He owns and cultivates over five hundred acres of good land, and everything about him has an air of care and thrift. His word is as good as his bond and the latter is redeemable in gold on demand at any time. Mr. Fulton has acquired a competence and knows how to enjoy it. He has a pleasant home where he is surrounded by all the comforts of life and can spend the days of his old age in peace. No man stands higher in the esteem of his neighbors and the public, and his life and character entitle him to this estimate. If good works would send any one to Heaven, Mr. Fulton is sure of it. but his good works all proceed from principle and from a sense of Christian duty and obligation.
[Source: "A history of Adams County, Ohio: from its earliest settlement to the present time" By Nelson Wiley Evans, Emmons B. Stivers, 1900 - Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

William Stewart Foster
Pg 752-53
attorney and Mayor of Manchester, was born in the old Buckeye Station residence, October 19, 1868. Attention is called to the article on "Buckeye Station' for the historical character of his birthplace. His father was Charles Wilson Foster, born January 13, 1839. His wife was Miss Laura Jane Stewart, daughter of William K. Stewart. Charles Wilson Foster enlisted in Company G, 70th O. V. I., October 17, 1861. He was promoted to Corporal. Sergeant. First Lieutenant and Captain. He veteranized, and at muster out, August 14. 1865, was Captain of the company he had entered as a private.
In 1867, he bought the Buckeye Station farm, and the same year, on November 21. 1867. he was married. He has our subject and another son, Charles Damarin, born September 20, 1877. Charles Wilson Foster lived on the Buckeye Station farm for nine years. He then conducted a store at Soldier's Run for two years. From 1878 to 1883. he was a merchant at Wrightsville. Since October, 1883, he has resided at Manchester.
Our subject began the study of law in 1886. with Dudley B. Phillips in Manchester. In 1887 and 1888. he attended the Cincinnati Law School, and completed the course. On October 21, 1889, he was admitted to practice law. He opened an office in Manchester, where he has since resided. In 1890, he was the Republican candidate for prosecuting attorney of the county, but was defeated by Cyrus F. Wikofif. In April, 1891, he formed a law partnership with his preceptor. Mr. Dudley B. Phillips. In the Fall of 1891, when Mr. Phillips was elected to the State Senate, Mr. Foster was elected Mayor of the village to fill the vacancy caused by Mr. Phillips' resignation to take the office of Senator. He was married December 4, 1892, to Miss Grace Hundley, daughter of James P. Hundley.
In 1894, he was elected Solicitor of the village of Manchester, and served one term. In 1894, he was elected Mayor of Manchester on a straight Republican ticket over an Independent Republican on a reform ticket, of which office he is the incumbent.
[Source: "A history of Adams County, Ohio: from its earliest settlement to the present time" By Nelson Wiley Evans, Emmons B. Stivers, 1900 - Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]



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