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Adams County
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Three Men Shot Down and Killed.
A correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette, writing from Manchester, Ohio, under date March 21st, says:
A horrible tragedy was perpetrated here yesterday, resulting in the death of three of our citizens. The persons engaged in this affair were James Huff, a broom manufacturer; John C. Rinehart, a school teacher, and G. J. Connell, a carpenter. It seems there had been a difficulty between the parties of several years' standing.
Yesterday, while Rinehart and Connell were quietly walking along the highway, in the neighborhood of Hill's school house, they met Huff, who was much intoxicated. As soon as Huff saw them he drew a revolver, exclaming: "You are the d_____d dog I wanted to see." Upon this, Rinehart drew a pistol, but too late to save Connell. Huff had fired and killed Connell instantly. Rinehart then returned the fire, the ball taking effect in Huff's left side, near the heart, but, however, giving Huff time for a second shot, which brought Rinehart to the ground, mortally wounding him. A farmer by the name of Pownall, residing near where the sad affair occurred, hearing the firing, hastened to the scene of action, arriving just in time to gain the particulars from Rinehart, who died in a few moments after his arrival. Thus ended the lives of three of our citizens.
Rinehart was to have been married in a few days to a lady of high standing. Huff leaves a wife and four children to mourn his loss. Connell was a widower, who had just returned from Fort Scott, Kansas, where he had been engaged in the carpenter business. The sad affair has cast a gloom over the whole neighborhood.
["Gallipolis Journal" (Gallipolis, OH) Thursday, March 31, 1870 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]


On Saturday the 10
th inst., was executed in the town of West Union , Ohio, between the hours of 2 and 3 o’clock, in presence of about fifteen hundred people, David Becket, for the murder of William Lightfoot.
At 12 o’clock he was conducted by a strong guard to the place of execution, where a solemn address was delivered on the occasion by the Rev. Lorenzo Dow; he was succeeded by two other gentlemen - after which the culprit arose and addressed himself to the surrounding multitude for the space of twenty minutes.
  His countenance was mild; his manner and speech free and unembarrassed.  He appeared about the age of twenty-five - the flower of youth glowed in his face, even to the last moment.  During his address he made the following confession:
“I cannot say that I am innocent - No, I am guilty of the crimes laid to my charge; those hands deprived William Lightfoot of his life; those are stained with his blood, for which I freely resign my life, and hope in a few minutes to meet him in a happy eternity.” Chillicothe pap.
 [The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA,  January 25, 1809 - NP -Sub by FoFG]

Columbus, Ohio, July 19 -- The United States Circuit Court, Ohio District, commenced sitting in this town on the 9th instant and the United States' District Court on the 16th.  Strother Johnson of Adams county, a stage-driver, has been convicted of taking from the mail bags, a letter containing a draft of $42 50.  The Court has not yet passed sentence upon the  prisoner.
["Republican Compiler" (Gettysburg, Penn), August 22, 1827 - NP -Sub by FoFG]

West Union, Ohio, Jan 25 1821.  On Thursday last, Mr. Orsborn Webb was committed to the county jail, on charge of sending a challenge to fight a duel. 
[Source: "National Intelligencer", Feb 6, 1821; Sub. by K.T.]

West Union, Ohio Dec. 24. -- One hundred additional Indictments charging citizens of Adams county with bribery in connection with the recent election were returned by special grand Jury, bringing: the total for the day 272 and the grand total for the week to 833.  [El Paso Herald.(El Paso, Tex.), December 24, 1910, Page 6]

West Union, Ohio,Dec 28 -- West Union's hotels are overflowed today with citizens of Adams county waiting for a chance to plead guilty to the charge of selling their votes. Wagon loads of indicted voters poured into the city during the day. As fast as their cases are called they pleaded guilty, were disfranchised for five years and given a small fine. It is expected the grand Jury now in session will return 160 more indictments before tonight. Already 750 have been Indicted. [Enterprise news-record.(Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or.), December 31, 1910]

West Union, Ohio Dec. 27. - Charges that votes  purchased by one party were stolen by another before they could be cast were made to Judge Blair today during the hearings of Indictments growing out of the alleged election frauds in Adams county. Voters from the infirmary who had been paid six dollars to vote the republican ticket were kidnapped and given ten dollars to vote the democratic ticket, it was alleged.  [Enterprise news-record.(Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or.), December 31, 1910]





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