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County Building Destroyed by Fire at West Union, Ohio with Valuable Records
Early yesterday morning fire was discovered in the West Union, Adams county, Ohio Court house and in an hour the entire structure, together with all the county records, were consumed. The loss will reach $75,000, with $25,000 insurance on building, which was of brick, was erected in 1876, and could not be rebuilt for less than $50,000 The loss of the records is the great one. They only can be restored, if at all, after in-defatigable research and at great expeoae. The story from Peebles that a movement has started there to secure the county seat has caused indignation at West Union, it being declared that peebles is trying to take advantage of West Union's misfortune.  West Union will fight to a finish to retain its own.  [Daily Public Ledger.(Maysville, Ky.), February 26, 1910]





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