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Announcement was made in this city yesterday of the wedding of Miss Edna Sidwell of Maysville (KY) to Mr. Harry Dice of the county, at West Union, Ohio, on December 28 last. Deciding that they did not want their friends to know of their marriage the couple made their way to the Adams county capital where they were married. Since that time they have not told anyone of their marriage until recently. Miss Sidwell has been employed as clerk in several of the leading business houses of the city and is a well-known and a very popular young lady. She is the daughter of Mr. N.J. Sidwell. Her many friends will be greatly surprised to hear of her marriage. Mr. Dice is the son of Mr. Sherman Dice of Germantown. He is a very estimable young man and numbers his friends by the scores. Although the happy couple have not yet fully decided upon their plans they will probably make their home in the county. We extend our heartiest congratulations to them.
[The Public Ledger.(Maysville, Ky.), May 15, 1917]

Married on the 27th September, by the Rev. Mr. Meltzheimer, Mr. James Irwin of the state of Ohio, to Miss Susannah McCurdy of Reading township, Adams county. [The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA,  October 10, 1810 - NP - Sub by FoFG]

Married on Thursday the 15th ult., by the Rev. J. F. Melsheimer, Mr. Titian Leavur of the State of Ohio to Miss Charlotte Fromart of this county. [Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Penn), December 5 1827 - NP - Sub by FoFG]




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