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Allen County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Birth Records

[Much of this data was gleaned from obituaries and death records]


Birth Date



O'Connor, Kathryn M

22 Dec 1910

O'Connor, Denis

Conway, Mary

Oen, H. Edward

21 May 1893

Oen, Fred

Jordan, Nellie

Olt, Linda L

22 Oct 1942

Olt, Richard

Amstutz, Evelyn

Oswald, Dorothy

13 Jul 1921

Oswald, Scarfie V

(?), Ruth M

Overholtz, Nancy E

21 May 1933

Overholtz, James

O'Brien, Catherine

Overholtz, Oscar

8 Oct 1891

Overholtz, William

Clemm, Sarah

Overholtz, Richard L

12 Dec 1932

Overholtz, Harry

Brogan, Nellie

Owens, Betty A

9 Mar 1929

Owens, Carl

Bartz, Laura

Owens, Marcele M

30 Aug 1902

Owens, James

Obenour, Cora M


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