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Allen County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Birth Records

[Much of this data was gleaned from obituaries and death records]


Birth Date



Van Oss, Annette S

14 May 1946

Van Oss, Roland J

Staup, Lucille

Vandermark, Marilyn S

14 Oct 1938

Vandermark, Ellis D

Huber, Olive

Verbayke, Vera R

24 May 1904

Verbayke, Otis

Sowers, Della M

Verbryke, Grace W

16 Apr 1900

Verbryke, Oscar

Wright, Anna

Verhoff, Dorothy J

10 Jul 1948

Verhoff, Raymond

Horstman, Connie

Vickery, Ted A

11 May 1949

Vickery, Louis

(?), Treva M

Victory, James L

28 Sep 1946

Victory, James

Burkholder, Dorothy

Vogt, Christina F

26 Aug 1912

Vogt, Frank

Moreo, Mary

Volbert, Robert A

13 Jan 1926

Volbert, Casper A

Garee, Clelan

Von Gries, Mary L

18 Aug 1917

Von Gries, Henry

Gilen, Elizabeth

Vorhees, Willis W

20 Feb 1908

Vorhees, Daniel

Sisson, Lizzie


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