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Anniversary Announcements

Mr. and Mrs. William Clevenger of Elida are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary today (Friday).
[The Times-Democrat, Jan 14, 1916 ]


Elida- Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDonel will celebrate 50 years of marriage, both 71 years of age, were married Jan. 13, 1900 in the Methodist parsonage in Elida.
[Lima News, Jan 8, 1950]

Spencerville- Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Young of near Hartford, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday.
[Lima News, Jan 3, 1950]

Family Reunions

Rummell Family Has a Reunion
The members of the Rummell family gathered for their 2nd annual reunion Sunday August 31st, in the city park. A very bountiful table was spread and seventy members gathered around it and sang "Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow", after which prayer was made by Mr. E. G. Waltz of Lima. After relieving the table of part of its burdens, a very interesting program was rendered.

Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Emmit Rummell and daughter, Lenna and Mrs. Taft of Milton Center, O., Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stepleton, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Stepleton and son Glen, Mrs. Hattie Coffman and son Garland of Muncie, Ind., Mrs. Ida Beard of Sandusky, O., Mr. and Mrs. John Rummell and children, Emma, Nora, Elick, Fred and baby of Spencerville, O., Mrs. Ager of Huntington, Ind., Mrs. Anna Miller of Findlay, O., Mrs. Harriet Hall and granddaughter Miss Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Herron, Mrs. Sarah Norman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jennings and three children, of West Cairo, Mrs. Amanda Murry, Mr. Oscar Weaver and daughter, Mr. Thomas Weaver, Mr. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Weaver of Beaverdam, O., Mrs. Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Woolery, Mrs. Bersee, Mr. and Mrs. Xema Peterson and son Rolland, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kline, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stepleton, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fitzsimmons, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tarr and Mrs. Lou Briggs and Norman Mae and Raymond Briggs, Mrs. Elizabeth Shobe and son Garner, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Waltz, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Calder, Adam Roberts and daughter of Lima. [Lima Daily News, Sep 3, 1913]


The Hesket family reunion at the City Park Sunday was well attended and enjoyed by everyone present. Many south Lima residents are members of this splendid family and were enabled to meet many relatives from distant points. The next annual reunion will again be held at City Park next fall, and much increase in attendance and interest is expected. [Lima Daily News, Sep 3, 1913]

Nungester reunion

The Nungester reunion was held at the City Park Thursday, Sep 4th. This being the first reunion held by the family. A great many found relatives which was unknown before the reunion. After the friends and relatives had gathered around the fastal board (which was fairly groaning with the weight of good things to eat), Rev. House returned thanks for the many blessings which this family has received. After dinner the meeting was called to order by G. E. Nungester, of Celina, and a permanent organization was made. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: president, W. H. Nungester; vice president, G. E. Dumm; secretary, Jennie Cremean; assistant secretary; Bert Nungester; treasurer; Mary Shrider, historian; Cliff Nungester. Several good speeches were made by prominent men of the family. Mr. T. R. Hamilton, lima attorney, made a very good address on good citizenship. After talking over the past and much visiting the meeting was dismissed by singing "God Be With You Until We Meet Again" They all went home feeling it was  good they had been at the reunion, and each one promised to return the first Wednesday in Sept. 1914, when the Dumm and the Nungester families will reunion together. They being closely interwoven by marriage. Those present were: A. B. Nungerster, Lima; I. N. Ningester, Lima, G. E. Nungester and wife, Celina, O., Miss Florence and Mrs. George Nungester, Celina, O., Harry Nungester and family, Celina, O., Emma Hardesty and family, Wapakoneta, O., Stella Tobias, Wapakoneta, O., Mary Overholtz, Mrs. Thomas Helmer, Mrs. Harriet Dumm, Martin Nungester and wife, Daniel Nungester, Sarah Bowsher, Mollie Mowery, Amanda Miller and children; Gertrude Bowsher, Ernest Bowsher of Cridersville, O., Lydia Nungester, Roy Nungester, Wm. Nungester, Mrs. Jennie Hockenfry, H. H. Nungester and wife; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johns of Delphos; Rant Davis, Chicago, Ill.; George W. Cave and wife, Indianapolis, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. S. Rogers, Ft. Wayne, Ind., Pearl Inglehart, Ft. Wayne, Ind., Mrs. Cornelia Nungester, Hume, O., Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nungester and family, Albert, Martha, Chester and Lester, of Hume, O., J. A. Rhodes and wife, Hume. O., and the following from Lima, O., Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shrider, Miss Mary Shrider, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Matherson, Chas. Long, Vivian and Lucille Long, Mrs. Cora Emerick and daughter Gladys Pierson and daughter, Mary McClain, Mrs. Wm. Nungester and children, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Rumbaugh and children, Mary E. Nungester, Eva Wallace, Mr. and mrs. Wm. Bender, Hugh Zerkle, Mrs. Callie Stevely, Clarence Nungester, Nora Nungester, Mrs. Bertha McFarland, Chas. McFarland, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Conley, Cabel Coon and wife, Mrs. J. M. Ruby, Catharine Cremean, H. Zerkel and wife, W. H. Nungester and wife, Mrs. J. R. Clark, Mr. and mrs. S. E. Dumm and children, Bert Nungester and family, Levi Smith, Kate Smith, Clara Davis, Florence Ludlow, Cecil Clark of Convoy, O., Amanda Waldron, Scott, O., Dell Davis and wife, Postage, O., Total number present 155. [Lima Daily News, Sep 5, 1913]


Ridenour family

The Ridenour family reunion, one of the oldest in the history of Allen county, will hold their first reunion on Thursday, September 2nd, at McBeth Park, Lima, Ohio. A special invitation is extended to all relatives of the family and their friends to attend. Come early. Bring well filled baskets and enjoy a day's outing. An interesting program will be rendered in the afternoon. A jolly good time is assured; good boating and fishing. Be sure and come.
E. V. Ridenour, Pres. | C.C. Apple, Secy. |
[Lima Daily News, Aug 25, 1909]


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