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It’s sometimes said that old soldiers never die, they just fade away. I recently tripped over some evidence that suggests some of them fade away at quite advanced ages.
Allen County’s last Civil War veterans not only survived that cataclysmic conflict, they lived through the next two American wars and saw the entry of the U.S. into World War II.
John M. Reed, who enlisted during the final weeks of the Civil War at age 16, died Aug. 24, 1942, at age 94. He grew up in Putnam and Hancock counties and moved to Lima in old age. His son, J. McLean Reed, was superintendent of Lima’s public schools and later the first dean of Ohio State University’s Lima Campus.
Allen County’s last Civil War veteran was John Alexander Ream, who died Dec. 30, 1943, eight months after his 100th birthday. Ream, nearly a lifelong resident of the county, enlisted at age 19 in 1862. Wounded in the elbow at Wytheville, Va., in 1863, he was captured and spent nine months as a prisoner of war.
The wound, The Lima News reported at the time of his death, “crippled his arm for life.”
[Lima News, Jan. 11, 2008 - Submitted by Norita Moss]

John (Turkey) Moore, who was recently stricken down with rheumatism was found almost frozen in his room out on West North Street by Dr. Steiuer, who visited him, and yesterday afternoon the employes in the Buckeye Pipe Line office took up a collection and bought him a pair of heavy blankets. Mr. Moore is very much averse to receiving charity, and had repeatedly rejected offers of assistance from the G. A. R. Post here, of which he is a member. He is also eligible to a place in the Soldiers' Home at Dayton , but he has always steadily refused to go there. He has been able to make a living by passing bills about the city till his rheumatism got the best of him.
[Lima Daily Times, Feb 6, 1891]

William P. Holmes, residing at the corner of Prospect and Linden streets, and a veteran of the Civil war, received news this morning that he had been granted an increase in pension, from thirty dollars per month to one hundred dollars. Mr. Holmes is totally blind and almost deaf, and the increase comes as a God send. [Lima Daily News, Dec 20, 1908]

Jordan Craig, Veteran of Civil War, Attains 81st Milestone of Life
Jordan F. Craig, 718 Albert-st, celebrated his eighty-first birthday anniversary, Tuesday. With his companion, "who will reach her 80th birthday annivers-y in September, the couple were guests of honor at a dinner, given at the home of their daughter, Mrs. A. O. McKinney, 329 1-2 N. Main-st. Mrs. McKinney and a son, residing out of the city, are only living children. Seated at the table were three of the four grand-children, the remaining one being located in Oklahoma. Mr. and 3Mrs. F. A. Schuller also were guests.
Craig served three years during the Civil war with the Eighty-first regiment. He returned home at the end of that time and was married. The following day, on March 4. 1865, he enlisted in the One Hundred and Ninety-second Ohio . He served one year, until the close of the war. spent in Kansas , the family has resided continuously near Lima with the exception of two years
[Lima News, May 2, 1922]


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