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Amrine, charged with using profane language in the presence of women at the Hotel Waldo was arrested today and immediately arraigned before Police Judge Botkin. He was fined $25 and costs and sentenced to 30 days in the Toledo workhouse, He will be taken to that institution tomorrow. [Lima Daily News, Jan 15, 1918]

John Gibbs, 27, laborer, 1221 S. Metcalf-st, was arrested Wednesday evening by police on a charge of non-support from Hamilton. The affidavit for his arrest is signed by his wife, Sarah Gibbs, charging non-support of his three children, Henrietta,4; Missouri, 2; and Albert, 6 months old. [Lima Daily News, May 27, 1920]

Death opened prison doors of the Ohio penitentiary for Alexander and Cloyd
Haggard, confined there. Warden P.A. Thomas allowed the two to return to Lima to be at the bedside of their mother, Mrs. Jennie Haggard Weaver, 623 E. Market-st., when death occurred. They must report daily to Prosecutor Cable and as soon as the funeral is over Wednesday, must return to Columbus upon their own recognizance. For some months the sentence of Alex Haggard, 44, was not imposed, because of the critical condition of his mother. He has been in the penitentiary only a few months. He is her oldest son. He was convicted of stealing a bale of hay. Cloyd Haggard has been in the penitentiary more than a year having been sentenced for chicken stealing. [Lima Daily News, Jun 2, 1920]

King Family Murdered - Series of Articles

Comes For Convict
Lima, Ohio --
August H. Knosman, parole officer at the Indiana State Prison, at Michigan City, Indiana, arrived in Lima today to take charge of Lewis Jones, convict who escaped from the Indiana institution, and who was captured in Lima a few days ago by Officers Stewart and A. Harrison, of the local police force. Jones was taken back to the prison today by Officer Knosman. [Lima Daily News, Jan. 7, 1914]

Loomis, a son of Frank Loomis, was taken to the work house to serve 20 days and a fine of $5 and costs, for stealing some groceries out of L. Garlinger's buggy. [Lima Daily News, Feb 5, 1891]

On complaint of J. H. Ramsey, 319 N. Shore, R. R. Marsh, 40, was lodged behind the bars of city prison late Monday, charged with being demented. It is said Marsh has disturbing residents on the drive by making un-necessary noise and peeping into windows of homes. Chief of Police Roush is making an effort Tuesday to obtain action from probate court in having Marsh committed to a hospital for the insane. He is the second man believed to being demented arrested here in the past two days. [Lima News & Times Democrat, Dec 21, 1920]

William H. Mohler, 81, inmate of the Lima State Hospital for the criminally insane, was locked in a padded cell there Thursday while officials investigated the death of Edmond Scott Riegel, 21, another inmate who died from injuries received when struck on the head with a hammer. Mohler, eommitlud to the institution from Bluffton where he killed his wife and threw her body into a well, wielded the hammer, according to Superintendent W. H. Vorbau, Riegel was received from Trumbull county. Dr. Vorbau said the killing apparently resulted from "an irresponsible desire to slay." Mohler beat his wife, Catherine, to death on Dec. 30, 1924, then hacked her body to pieces, asylum officials said. Dr. Vorbau told of events leading up to Wednesday night's killing. Mohler picked the lock to the asylum plumbing shop where he obtained the hammer, the superintendent said. He then enticed Riegel to the basement by offering him a watch chain. A few moments later, guards heard a commotion and rushing to the basement, found Riegel critically wounded. He told the guards Mohler had attacked him. Mohler denied the accusation until several hours later. [Delphos Daily Herald, Mar 8, 1928]

An attempted brutal attack on a six-year-old girl was frustrated Saturday afternoon at City park when her screams attracted her older sister and frightened away the assailant. Helen Vogel, 11, and Mary Vogel, 6, were at the park when a man called them into a camper's tent. He gave Helen 25 cents to buy ice cream. As she left the tent he attempted the attack on the child who screamed for help. The man, who was described to police as being about 27 years old and weighing about 150 ponds, jumped into an automobile and drove thru the grounds crowded by kite contest visitors and escaped police who searched the grounds. [Apr 27, 1924]

November 1, 1930 - Lima News


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