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List of Names for un-Called for Letters at the Post office - Dec 17, 1889:
Hasia Clark - J. B. Cahin - Mrs. R. Camphor - Samuel Chrimes - Mrs. Joe Dixon - J. Ehler - Bull Fisher- Dell Foab - Josie Failon - Richard Failon - Mrs, M. Feathers - Samuel Good - Will H. Guernsey - J. J. Gray - Jennie Gristwall - R. Hutch - Ellen Jones - Burtie Kinney - Bertie Larston- Mrs. E. J. Lowry - J. K. Milligan- F. S. Miller- Isaac C Moore- Mr. Morris- Alonzo Richardson- Miss Maud Smith- Jesse Smith- Frank Symonds- Henry Steward- Billy Stewart- Jorden Suessy- Jas L Scott- Wm H. Shaffer- Thaedon Trinirup- Miss M Tabler- Albert Wertz- J. L. Whitney- Henry Wertz- Annie Whistler- Anna Williard- William Bernice
[Allen County Democrat, Dec 20, 1889]

A mysterious suit case, containing a whole wardrobe of wearing apparel and other valuable effects, secreted in an open field just south of the Erie tracks which was uncovered yesterday, has given the police a mystery to unravel. The suit case was discovered yesterday by Mrs. Van Zent while she was gathering "greens" in the field near her home. She brought the satchel to police headquarters where a quiet investigation is being conducted. A new suit of clothes, several shirts, neckties and numerous other valuables were found inside the grip. Every mark of the owner's identification had been carefully removed, while marks of a knife were discovered on either side of the suit case. As yet, police have been unable to solve the mystery surrounding the ownership of the satchel. [The Lima News, April 17, 1912]

There are probably hundreds of Lima people whose birthday falls on Tuesday February 25, but the un-usualness of three relatives enjoying the same natal day is distinct. William H. Buck, born in 1855; L. Buck, born in 1857, and Walter Guy, a cousin born in 1877, will celebrate the occasion at Walter's home, 222 south McDonald street. [Lima News, Feb 23, 1919]

Delphos O.-- Farmers complained to county officials that low flying airplanes threatened the city's milk supply. It gives the cows hysteria. [The News Sentinel, Jul 25, 1922 - Submitted by Barbara Ziegenmeyer]

H.J. Ridge, county extension agent, is in Ottawa Thursday attending the district conference of county club leaders.
[Mar 27, 1924]

Wilbur Rowand, 122 S. West-st, and Donna Shappell, 224 S. Collett-st, will take part in the National Republican Mock Convention to be held at Oberlin College, May 12 and 13. [Apr 27, 1924]

Special music by the vested choir is on the program at St. Paul's Lutheran church for the vesper service at 4 p.m. Sunday. Mrs. Joseph Davison is chorister, and J.B. Adkins, organist.
[Apr 27, 1924]


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