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These are generally in alpha order by the name of the individual mentioned as being sick

The utter inefficiency of the Lima Health Board is again demonstrated through the carelessness allowed as connection of contagious diseases- such as diphtheria and scarlet fever.
[Lima Daily Times, Feb 7, 1891]

Delphos -- Charles
Agler, 64, of near Ohio City, west of here is in Van Wert hospital with fractures of the upper and lower jaws, following an explosion that is said by relatives to have occurred when he was handling a small amount of dynamite. Clothes worn by the aged man were set afire causing slight body burns, and several teeth were knocked out. He will recover, hospital physicians believe. [The Lima News, Jan. 4, 1929]

A serious accident happened Frank
Allen at the Lake Erie and Western shops late Saturday afternoon. With other men he was rolling a heavy engine wheel when it fell over and caught his leg crushing the member in a frightful way. He was removed to the city hospital when it was discovered that the member had been fractured at the thigh. Lima Daily News, Jan 29, 1906

Mrs. T. S.
Baer, 119 ½ W. Market-st, who was operated on Monday evening at St. Rita's hospital, was improving Tuesday, according to hospital attaches. [The Lima News, Jan. 7, 1930]

Jess Basinger, was removed by the Williams and Davis Thursday afternoon from the Garford plant where he is employed, to his home at 610 west High street. Mr. Basinger was caught between two cars while attempting to make a coupling but was not seriously injured. [Lima News May 16, 1919]

Baum, 30, barber, Spencerville, was adjudged insane Monday and was ordered committed to the Toledo State hospital for the insane. Baum, believing he was endowed with religious powers, went about the streets of Spencerville shaking hands with some of his friends and slapping others in the face. [Lima News, Jan 3, 1921]

Deputy Sheriff Baxter went out to the home of Mrs. Cherry Bechtol yesterday to bring her in on a charge of insanity. She is said to be violent and the probate court has been called to take care of her. She lives at Lafayette. [Lima Daily News - Feb 1, 1909]

Becker, of 1020 Hazel-av, suffered a slight concussion on the head Wednesday when he was struck by a sledge hammer at the Lima Locomotive Works. He was removed to St. Rita's hospital in Williams & Davis ambulance. [Mar 27, 1924]

Delphos - Mrs.
John Beckner dislocated her right shoulder when she fell here Saturday.  [Lima News, Jan 13, 1920]

Delphos - Fred
Bowsher, sign painter, who suffered a broken leg Christmas Eve when he fell from a ladder while erecting a sign, submitting to an operation at St. Rita's hospital Wednesday afternoon. [The Lima News Jan. 8, 1930]

Mrs. Leona
Boyd, 617 N. Main-st, is confined to her home suffering from severe scald on the shoulders and arms when she upset a kettle of beans from a gas stove at 3 p.m. Thursday. She was thrown against the stove, when the chair she was standing on broke. A son, Roy, summoned Mrs. J. l. Holden, a trained nurse, who applied first aid until the physician arrived. [unknown newspaper, unknown date]

Brown, eighteen-months-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Brown, 818 E. North-st, is recovering from severe burns about the body suffered last week when she fell in a bucket of scalding water. The little girl, with her parents was visiting her grandmother in Wapakoneta when the accident happened. [The Lima News, Jan. 4, 1929]

J. E. Chenoweth, 282 west High street, who is employed at the Lima Locomotive Corporation was slightly injured Monday when he was cutting a piece of steel. He was taken in the Williams and Davis ambulance to St. Rita's hospital where it was found his injuries were not serious. [Lima News, May 26, 1919]

Miss Wilma
Cordier, student of Central Hi School, suffered serious burns on the arm, and Miss Mildred Jackson suffered a nervous shock as the result of the accident that occurred in the chemistry laboratory, Friday. While performing an experiment in the laboratory a boiling solution of nitric acid was overbalanced and fell on one of the girls arms. Miss Jackson's clothes was ignited but immediately extinguished. [The Lima News Jan 10, 1920]

Mrs. L. J.
Cox, of south Main street, cigarmaker at Jackman's the gas in the stove last evening, was severely burned about the face and hands by the flash. [Lima Daily News Apr 4, 1906]

Deaton, 38, of 442 n. Shawnee-st, is in the City hospital with a broken leg
suffered Saturday morning when he slipped and fell on the wet pavement in front of his home. Deaton was recovering from an injury to his leg sustained two months ago while working at the B & O shops and was out walking for the first time when the accident occurred. [May 4, 1924]

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew
DeCurtin, of east Kibby street, have two very sick little daughters, Clara aged 5 years, was slightly better last eveningm having suffered an attack of membraneous croup, her life being despaired of. Yesterday afternoon Cecelia, aged 9, was taken ill and the physician called pronounced it diphtheria. The house is quarantined. [Lima Daily News, Jan 11, 1906]

Ferrall, of south Jackson street, who had the middle finger of his left hand mashed Tuesday afternoon at the locomotive works, had to part with the end of the digit by the surgeon's knife. The bone was splintered and the finger had no chance to heal. [Lima Daily News, Jan 11, 1906]

Commissioner Andrew J.
Gray, who recently underwent an operation at Lima City hospital for appendicitis, has recovered sufficiently to leave the hospital. Gray was able to be at his duties in the county commissioner's office for a short time Saturday. [Apr 27, 1924]

Mrs. Nell Halter, wife of the former proprietor of the Halter cigar store at Main and Kibby streets, is seriously ill at the home of her mother, Mrs. Ward, at 770 Atlantic avenue. She is suffering from an attack of peritonitis and her condition is regarded as so critical that relatives residing out of the city have been summoned. [The Lima News, Apr. 12, 1912]

The Board of Infirmary Directors have brought Mrs. Sallie Harter here from Spencerville, and taken her to the county jail pending an investigation. It is claimed the woman is destitute and she will undoubtedly be admitted to the Infirmary while her two children, Marjorie Davis, aged five and Nellie Smart Harter, aged eight, will be taken to the Children's home. [Lima Daily News, Dec 2, 1908]

Jacob Hefner, a Lima man, aged 43, was granted an inquest before Judge Miller today and adjudged insane, application being made for his admission to Toledo hospital. [Times-Democrat, Oct 3, 1905]

When Sheriff Van Gunten and Deputy Bowersock, conveying a warrant from Judge Hutchison's court for the removal of David Heffner from his home at 814 east North street to the probate office, reached the home they found Mr. Heffner had been stricken by apoplexy and the physicians in charge refused to permit his removal. [Lima Daily News, Dec 2, 1908]

Because of a blinding snow storm and slippery pavements, a Cadillac sedan owned by Homer
Heiniger and driven by Bert Heiniger, crashed into a Chevrolet roadster, owned and driven by H.F. Ellison, Lima R.D. 2, at High and Jackson-sts, Monday evening. Considerable damage was done to both machines. A rear wheel was torn off the Chevrolet roadster and the side of the Cadillac was crushed.[Feb 28, 1923]

Higgins, a thirteen-year old employe at Banta's candy factory on West North street, had his left hand caught between a pair of rollers used in pressing gum into shape, while operating the same yesterday evening about 4 o'clock. The flesh was badly torn and the hand bruised but no bones broken. His injuries were dressed by Dr. Kahle, at his home, corner Elm and Tanner streets, he will be laid up for some time. [Lima Daily Times, Feb 7, 1891]

Burns suffered Friday morning in a kerosene explosion at her home, 1225 S. Main-st, resulted in the death at 6:30 p.m. Saturday of Mrs. Birdie
Hillery, 33, at Lima City hospital. The woman was enveloped in flames when kerosene from a kitchen stove exploded and poured over her body. The husband George Hillery heard the explosion and rushed to his wife's assistance. He wrapped her in bed clothes and put out the flames which had ignited her clothing and enveloped her body. Mrs. Hillery was born in Celina and lived in Lima for a number of years. She is survived by the husband and two sons, Wilbur of Celina, and Lewis at home. Two daughters, Helen and Beatrice, both at home, also survive. Funeral arrangements have not been completed. [Apr 27, 1924]

Milton Hussey, an aged resident of near Mendon, met with an accident with a colt kicked him, breaking his leg near the ankle. [Lima Daily News, January 6, 1912]

Jacobs, 52, inmate of the county infirmary, was adjudged insane this morning in probate court. He will be taken to the Toledo Sate hospital. [Lima Daily News, Jan 15, 1918]

Delphos - Ed
Kane, of Broadway-st, who underwent an operation Monday at St. Rita's hospital is reported improving. [The Lima News Jan. 8, 1930]

Kell, the Delphos physician who by his constant use of cocaine has rendered himself a physical and mental wreck, as related in the Times of last Monday, has been taken to the College Hill Sanitarium at Cincinnati, in the hope of effecting his recovery, and freedom from the enslaving power of the insidious narcotic He passed through this city enroute Wednesday evening, accompanied by his father-in-law, Dr. Freeman, of Spokane Falls, Wash. [Lima Daily Times, Feb 6, 1891]

An affidavit of insanity had been filed by Mrs. Inez Lippincott, a daughter of Mr. Heffner. The patient is aged about 62 years. [Lima Daily News, Dec 2, 1908]

Hugh B. Madden, an Inmate of the county infirmary, will be subjected to a lunacy inquest on Monday. January 17, at 9 a. m. He was born in Perry county and has a brother, J. C. Madden, residing in Continental. The warrant was sworn to by Infirmary Superintendent J. C. Baxter. [The Times-Democrat, Jan 14, 1916]
Hugh B.
Madden, an inmate of the county infirmary, was adjudged insane this forenoon in the probate court of Allen county. He was removed to the state hospital in Toledo at noon, being taken to that institution by Deputy Sheriff Miller. [The Times-Democrat, Jan 17, 1916]

The condition of Henry
Maisch, 335 w. Kibby-st, who was painfully injured Sunday when he was struck by the handle of a hand car, was reported to be little improved Tuesday. The blow tore the ligaments in the back of his neck loose. [The Lima Daily News June 8, 1920]

Delphos -- John MILLER, 18, son of Joseph MILLER, of Cloverdale, escaped death around 7 p.m. Saturday when he was thrown thru the windshield of an automobile in which he was riding between Mandale and Cloverdale. MILLER suffered a three-inch cut on his neck that missed only by the fraction of an inch of severing the jugular vein. This cut, along with others on his head and face were dressed by a local physician after a passing motorist had brought the youth to this city. Several stitches were required in dressing the cuts. A Mr. BRINKMAN, who was driving the car escaped injury when the automobile left the road and crashed into a ditch. The two were on their way to Delphos for the evening when the accident happened. [November 2, 1930- Lima News]

Mrs. Jackson
Myers of 718 west Elm street, is very ill and is not expected to recover as she is quite old and very feeble. She is the mother of Marcus Myers, the east High street grocer. [Lima Daily News, Apr 4, 1906]

Orlen Nebergall, 727 E. Second-st, was given first aid in St. Rita's hospital for a fractured big toe on his right foot at 10 p.m. Friday. Attaches said he broke his toe while working in the J. F. Renz and Sons Bakery. [The Lima News, Jan. 8, 1937]

Pugh, stone dealer, of 925 east High street, is seriously ill at his home, suffering from cancer of the stomach. He has been ill but five weeks. Lima Daily News, Apr 3, 1906

T. S.
Rabe, of 925 Reese avenue had the large bone of his instep broken in an accident in the blacksmith department of the Lima Locomotive Works. [Lima Daily News Apr 4, 1906]

Reider, well known south Main street saloonist, was today ajudged insane in probate court. He will be taken to the state hospital at Toledo tomorrow. Reider was taken by police last Saturday night, when it was thought that his case had become serious and when he became violent while in his saloon. [Lima Daily News, Feb 23, 1915]

At the inquest of Frederick
Rose, last evening, the court found him sane, and the patient was discharged. [Times-Democrat, Oct 3, 1905]

O. J. Rose, city clerk who received a telegram announcing the critical illness of his wife at Pasadena, California, where she has been for several months on account of ill health, left for the Golden State over the Erie road Saturday and expects to reach his destination next Thursday. [Lima Daily News, Jan 29, 1906 ]

Lima state hospital is to get another insane criminal as the result of a sentence given at Cincinnati yesterday by Probate Judge William H. Lueders in the case of Mrs. Minnie Schmitz, declared by alienists to be "the victim of an imperative idea and an uncontrollable impulse."
Mrs. Schmitz strangled her 17-year-old daughter Gertrude, December 22, because she feared that the girl would grow up into a woman of lax standards The murder created a sensation at the time and was regarded as one of the most brutal Cincinnati has witnessed for many months.
That the Schmitz woman was impelled by an insane fury, which might have sought any other person for a victim, is the opinion of the court alienists. It was also stated that she had been insane prior to the murder and attempted suicide, and the woman's husband admitted that he had deemed her mentally unbalanced for several months. [The Times-Democrat, Jan 14, 1916]

Harry G. Shondel, 29, waiter, and veteran of the world war, has been adjudged insane in probate court and will be conveyed to the Toledo state hospital for the insane. Shondel believes he is to be returned to France and detained in hospitals there. He was held for detention in army camp hospitals overseas. [Lima Daily News, Jun 2, 1920]

Smith is on the sick list. [Lima Daily News, Feb 5, 1891]

J. W.
Steiner, after a severe attack of typhoid fever, is able to be out again. [Lima Daily News, Feb 5, 1891]

Walker, 19, W. Spring-st., who required four patrolman to keep keep in the patrol on the way to the station, Saturday night, was adjudged an eplieptic in probate court, Tuesday and ordered committed to Gallipolis Hospital for Epileptics. Walker had driven his family from the house, police said. [Lima News & Times Democrat, Dec 21, 1920]

Mrs. Weaver, of east Kibby street, who has been seriously sick from dropsy, is very little improved. Lima Daily News, Jan 29, 1906

Condition of Richard Yocum, 614 E. Market-st, who suffered a wrenched back in a fall Wednesday at the State highway garage, on West Street-rd, was reported improved Tuesday. [The Lima News, Jan. 7, 1930]


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