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Allen County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

1836 Allen County Marriages

(Source: Various Lima Newspapaers)

Apr- 1836

 By Rev. J.H.F. Yoesting, Geo. WILHELM to Maria Ann Margaretta ALTIN

 By Richard Metheany JP, David RAMEY to Nancy HIGHER

By Adam White JP, David FAUROT to Hannah RUMBAUGH

 May 1836

 By John Jameson JP, Reuben W. CHURCH to Mary REECE

By Rev. D. Burns, Daniel F. HATHAWAY to Frances MUSSER

By Adam White JP, Geo. MANS to Jane RUMBAUGH

By Joseph Conger JP, Daniel SPITLER to Margaret WELLER

 June 1836

 By John Morris JP, Peter BEACHDOLT to Susanna GRUBER

By Tolson Ford JP, Alphonsey BOWYER to Elizabeth STEVENS

 By Rev. Wm. Chaffee, Richard METHEANY to Hester Ann LEVERING

 By David Reece JP, Geo. W. GANT to Rachel PLUMMER

July 1836

By Louis Sroufe JP, Joseph STONE to Sarah LINDSLEY

By Beal Sperrier JP, Benjamin LANNING to Anna BOBB

 Aug 1836

By Benj. Cochran JP, Wm. SUNDERLAND to Elizabeth JOHNSON

By same, Frederick DILLOW to Jane BARETER

By Rev. D. Burns, Samuel KREIDLER to Amelia Ann REED

By J.H.F. Yoesting, Peter FISHER to Maria KOOK

 By David Reece JP, John STEVANSON to Susanna BRENTLINGER

By Jas. H. Coleman JP, Warren C. ALLEN to Mary COLEMAN

By Samuel Bleakley JP, Isaaac LUCAS to Elizabeth NICHOLS

By John Jameson JP, Aaron LOOMMIS to Elizabeth C. PENNINGTON

Sep 1836

By Lewis Stoufe JP, Richard CARD to Sarah RIDENOUR

By John Morris JP, Charles LUSK to Lucinda MIX

By Wm. Berryman JP, Felix DEVORE to Adaline BERRYMAN

 Oct 1836

By Benj. F. Coleman JP, Elias HARTER to Sarah HARTER

By John Morris JP, James BORDEN to Sarah WRIGHT

By Rev. Wm. Chaffee, Samuel SNYDER to Damaris STYLES

By John Jameson JP, Geo. BOLSINGER to Mary HALL

 By Wm. Reese JP, David HARSHE to Martha Jane CANDLER

By J.H. Coleman JP, Isaac COY to Sarah Jane WATT

Nov 1836

By Jas. Spray JP, John JACKSON to Rachel CHAMBERS

By Rev. Wm. Chaffee, John P. SHUCKLETON to Melinda M. LEVERING


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