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Allen County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Early Marriages - 1838

(Source Various Lima Newspapers)


May 1838

 By Daniel Houk JP, Peter KEPHART to Mary MARTIN

By Daniel Gregory JP, Joseph JONES to Ellen WHETSTONE

June 1838

By Jas. Coleman JP, Adam SNYDER to Lydia MEYERS

July 1838

 By Rev. Geo. Poage, Samuel SURRELS to Isabella McLANE

 By Lewis Sroufe JP, Andrew Jackson SROUFE to Mary Ann MATTHEWS

 By John Wilson JP, Elijah GRUBB to Mary Ann SWIHART

By Rev. J.H.P. Yoesting, John George BERWIND to Sophia Dorothea NAUENBURGER

By John Corder JP, Joseph HARDEN to Martha LUSK

August 1838

 By Rev. Albert Halfenstein, Wm. T. HUTT to Elizabeth P. FINLEY

 Sept 1838

None listed

Oct 1838

By Rev. John Starr, James M. STARR to Rachel BELKNAP

By Anson Hadsell JP, David ALDRIDGE to Hannah LEWIS

By J.W.Hartsman, Cooper SMITH to Maria Elizabeth KISER

Nov 1838

By Isaac Bowyer JP, Eli H. STUKEY to Lucinda IRELAND

By same, Squire PINT to Mary M. PETERSON

By Rev. Alden Bosse, Mich'l BURGOON to Mary Ann VAUGHAN

 By same, Edwin BARKER to Margaret VAN BLARCOM

By Anson Hadsell JP, Samuel G. HEATH to Mary G. HADSELL

By Rev. John Starr,James M. CREMEAN to Mary Ann SUMMERSETT

By Richard Metheany JP, Asa HARVEY to Mary Ann McMULLIN

By Wm. Patten JP, John F. JACKSON to Susan POWELL

By John Corder JP, Geo. W. BODKIN to Mary BOGART

By Rev. Geo. Poage, Wm. CUNNINGHAM to Margaret Ann POAGE

Dec 1838

 By Richard Metheany JP, Job JOHNSON to Julien SPERRIER

 By John Wilson JP, Franklin DICKERSON to Nancy HALL

By Jas. Coleman JP, John W. CALDWELL to Judith R. COPELAND

 By Rev. John Starr, James W. PEARSON to Jane C. PENTON

By Tolson Ford JP, James FORD to Sarah H. KEITH


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