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Allen County, Ohio

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1840 Marriages

Jan 1840

 By Adam Snyder JP, Michael FISHER to Barbary NOLL

Mar 1840

 By F.H.Ferdinand, Jacob ZORN to Elizabeth KLOPFENSTEIN

By Wm. Chaffee, Henry HACKETHORN to Sarah WOOD

By John Wilson JP, Henry BAKER to Mary A. WILLIAMS

By Isaac Bowyer JP, Henry NOLL to Elizabeth WESTBAY

By John Wilson JP, Jacob CUNNINGHAM to Nancy VINCENT

By Adam Snyder JP, Thomas POWNALL to Mary VANBLARACUM

By Isaac BOWYER JP, Samuel BURGNER to Sarah HUTSON

Apr 1840

By Issac Bowyer JP, Christopher WATTER to Polly HOGANS

 By Andrew Zanglein JP, Nicholas GLUCKERT to Mary A. MANGER

By David Gilmer JP, Michael FISHER to Mary FORD

May 1840

By Alden Besse, Phelemon WILLIAMS to Sally SHAW

By Edward Hartshorn JP, George LONG to Laura MASON

July 1840

By Charles Williams JP, John WHITEHERSE to Eliza FORD

By William Knott JP, Simon RANDALL to Jane VANVOST

 Aug 1840

 By John Guest, Josiah ROBERTS to Louisa WINSOTT

By Tolson Ford JP, James KEITH Jr. to Catharine WILLIAMS

Sep 1840

By Anson Hadsell JP, Solomon WOLLET to Elizabeth RICHARDS

By Richard Metheany JP, Joseph McNAMER to Margaret YOUNG

 By James Coleman JP, John COLBY to Barbary CRAW

Oct 1840

 By Rufus Coats JP, Henry S. Bennet to Sarah WHETSTONE

 By Richard Metheany JP, John DOR to Patience ALLYN

Dec 1840

By Samuel Blakely JP, James WILKINS to Mary HUTSON

By Eli Corson JP, John VALENTINE to Elizabeth ADAIR

By Rufus Coats JP, William HERROD to Mary FOCHT


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