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1841 Marriages

Jan 1841

 By Andrew Zanglein JP, Christian RUCK to Elizabeth COLTER

By Rufus Coats JP, Sam'l F. JACOBS to Nancy HARDEN

By Tolson Ford JP, John SHELLENBARGER to Mahaleh YENSEL

Feb 1841

By Rev. Isaac Hunt, Jacob MANS to Catherine ROBERTS

By Rev. John Yoesting. George GEYER to Catherine KLAPFENSTEIN

By A.M.Hadsell JP, Edmund FAULKNER to Betsy RUMBAUGH

By Tolson Ford JP, Armstrong E. BOYD to Sarah A. SHELLENBARGER

By Benj. Laning JP, Armstrong MILLER to Elizabeth HEIDECKER

 Mar 1841

By Richard Metheany JP, Conrad HOLTZSHAUSER to Margareretta WAGNER

By same, George CRAFT to Elizabeth MURDOCK

 By Andrew Zanglein JP, Capar BONSIG to Mary BYERSDORFER

By Benj. Laning JP, Daniel AYERS to Martha FOSTER

By same, Isaac POWELL to Sarah Van BLARACON

By Samuel Bleakly JP, Cornelius COPSEY to Mary COPSEY

By same, John NICHOLS to Frankie COON

By Richard Metheany JP, Robert LAYTON to Martha CORDER

By Anson Hadsell JP, Henry RICHARDS to Sarah TITUS

By Harrison Gregory JP, Francis GREGORY to Martha BERRYMAN

April 1841

By Rev. Michael Martz, Thomas MILLER to Rachel Ann THORP

By Eli Corson JP, Aaron RICHARDSON to Anna CLINE

By Nathan Woodbury JP, Nelson BASIL to Mary MILES

 By E. Hover JP, Andrew KESLER to Catherine SHAFER

By Richard Metheany JP, Michael WAGNER to Hannah LEVERING

By Daniel Hoak JP, Emanuel PLACE to Hannah WINANS

By Josiah Walker JP, Henry BECHDOLAT to Anna COLEMAN

By Edward Hartshorn JP, David POWELL to Sophia WALDRON

By same, Henry ROEDER to Sarah HAWK

 By Rev. Wm. McGookin,John A. LEE to Elizabeth McCULLOUGH

May 1841

By Eli Corson JP, William HOVER to Ann STARRETT


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