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Allen County, Ohio

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1842 Marriages

Oct 1842

 By Thos. Nash JP, Jacob RUMBAUGH to Comfort WHITEHERSE

By Rev.J.M.Crabb, Henry SHELBY to Emeline BLACKBURN

By Samuel Meyers JP, John CLARK to Charlotte HEROFF

 By same, Michael BUSH to Anna M. WALSH

By Benj. Laning JP, Casper BONSIG to Francisca BOWMAN

 Nov 1842

By Anson Hadsell JP, Morgan MUMAUGH to Jane McCLURER

By Rev. Sam'l Tingle, Abraham RITCHEY to Mary MOMOR

By John Wilson JP, John CLARK to Sarah DAVISON

By Enos Ofley JP, Oliver BOGART to Sarah LOCKHART

By Rev. John Crabb, Remus BEACH to Mary FERGUSON

By John Penton JP, Charles DUDGEON to Margaret CARTER

 Dec 1842

 By Rev. John Crabb, James ANDERSON to Martha DOBBINS

By Eli Carson JP, Andrew BUDD to Mary MONCRAFT

By Rev. John Alexander Jr, Charles HOVER to Adaline SUNDERLAND

 By same, George BUSICK to Ann HECKATHORN

By Anson Hadsell JP, Edward HANTHORN to Elvira MILLER

By Edward Hanthorn JP, John SKINNER to Adaline ROBINSON

By W.H.Valentine JP, George WILLIAMS to Micaja RANES

By Rev. Wm Chaffee, George MASON to Rachel HARBERT

By Harrison Gregory JP, Zadock BICE to Eliza A. SUNDERLAND


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