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1843 Marriages

Apr 1843

 By Rev. J. Alexander Jr., Moses HALLER to Esther BURKHOLDER

By same, Samuel NEHER to Anna NEHER

By Rev. Abraham Doan, George SPANGLER to Dorotha HAHN

By same, Peter STALEY to Sally RANSBOTTOM 

By A. Copeland JP, Zebulon GIBERSON to Nancy DAY

 By Charles Crites JP, Cyrus HOAK to Julia CULVER 

May 1843

By Rev. Samuel Nelson, James PENTON to Mary MARTIN

 By James Carr JP, John PILL to Mary A. SMITH 

By Rev. Jas. A. Webster, Daniel KOLLEY to Elizabeth PIERCE 

By George Spangler, George HUFFMAN to Ursula BUTCHER

By Jas. Blakely JP, Aaron F. COTTRELL to Jane MONTGOMERY 

By Moses McDonald JP, Nathan DAVENPORT to Elizabeth FOSTER 

By John Carr JP, Charles MILLER to Rebecca HERRING

 Jun 1843 

By Burgess Dickey JP, Wm. MILLER to Margaret COON

By Rev. Geo. Spangler, Andrew HOHN to Rebecca McClure 

By S. Montgomery JP, Henry WALTZ to Margaret McMULLEN 

By B.H. Lanning JP, John KEITH to Catherine SCHOONOVER

Jul 1843

 By Charles Crites JP, Benjamin MANLEY to Mary CARR 

By same, Thomas J. WEST to Lydia BRAMLET 

By Rev. Geo. Spangler, Philip GRIER to Wilhelmina HARBST

 By Rev. Edward Williams, Jonas MONEYSMITH to Elizabeth LONG 

By same, Jacob LAKEMILLER to Mary A. HUFFER 

By Enos Oseley JP, M.A.COPELAND to Eley K.SNIDER

 By Job Johnson JP,Thomas JOHNSON to Mary A. STUDEY

Aug 1843 

By( Blank) Calestine KERGHNER to Katharine LEIBLE

 By W.H.Valentine JP, Michael BAKER to Mary A. KIETH

 Sep 1843

By Charles Crites JP, George KNITTLE to Margaret WATERS

By Jas. S. Clemons JP, Sebastian IKE Jr.,to Mary HOOK 

By Samuel Nelson, David LOGAN to Minerva RODGERS 

By Rev. John Alexander, Benjamin REED to Quintilla CREMEAN 

By Rev. Abraham Doan, Charles BOWSHER to Mary STEPLETON 

By Rev. John Alexander Jr, John McCUSMAUL to Susannah GATE 

By (Blank) William WHETSTONE to Margaret ELSWORTH

Oct 1843 

By Sam'l Meyers JP, John POWNAL to Catherine MYERS

 By W.H.Valentine JP, James KEITH to Margaret WILLIAMS

By Rev. Geo. Spangler, George ROHRBACKER to Catherine SCHLIP 

By Moses McDonald JP, William HANTHORN to Jane HARFORD 

By Rev. Henry Morris, Amos SMEADLEY to Rebecca HAMAN 

By Anson Hadsell JP, Anthony HALL to Deborah WALTON 

By Allrn Gilmore JP, William SHOCKEY to Pamelia CORSON 

By Rev. John Alexander Jr, Tobias COON to Eleanor DeCAMSEY 

By same, Jacob HARTMAN to Sophia FLEIZ 

By Benj. Vance JP, Frederick HARTER to Mary HIGHER

 Nov 1843 

By Rev. Abraham Dowd, John STEEPLETON to Hetty BOWSHER 

By Sam'l Blakeley JP, George BENTON to Sarah CORDER 

By same, Richard HOWELL to Isabel MONTGOMERY

 By Sam'l Focht JP, Hugh BAILEY to Mary ORR 

By Jos. Hall JP, Cyrus HALL to Louisa BELLINGER 

By Rev. John Alexander Jr, Warren ROBERTS to Mary RUMBAUGH 

By same, John BRYAN to Minerva BOSSE 

By Rev. Thos. Reed, William MILLER to Elizabeth FINLAND 

By same, Josiah COWAN to Elizabeth A. MILLER 

By Charles Crites JP, Samuel FULK to Eliza BRYAN 

By Sam'l Focht JP, Jacob KLINGANAN to Elizabeth TAM 

By Moses McDonald JP, Allen REYNOLDS to Jane HANTHORN

 By Rev. T.H.Tanke, Herman MEEKSTROTH to Christine SCHEBUETHAMYS

By same, Herman WIEVVILLE to Christine NUSSMEISE 

By same, Herman FLADDENGOHAMS to Elizabeth HOUERATH 

Dec 1843 

By Benj. Vance JP, Eli BRUNFIELD to Elizabeth RAMEY 

By Wm. Highland JP, Samuel SHOUPE to Catherine TESTER 

By John Rogers JP, Samuel COLEMAN to Nancy COPELAND 

By same, Frank KELLER to Margaret RUMBAUGH

By Wm. Valentine JP, Henry LEATHERMAN to Mary J. WHITEHURST


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