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1844 Marriages

Jan 1844

 By Benj. Vance JP, Amos CLAWSON to Mary J. POTTER 

By D.P.Darling JP, Henry SPRAGUE to Margaret TYSON 

By Sam'l Blakeley JP, Jonathan WELLER to Nancy POWELL 

By Charles Crites JP, William POWERS to Rebecca BARNT 

By same, Amos FOSSONACT to Dorothy RIDENOUR 

By Rev. Jos. Crossley, Ross CROSSLEY to Phoebe APPLE 

By Anson Hadsell JP, Jacob HUEY to Artemesia RICH 

By Rev. Sam'l Miller, Silas W. SLATER to Margaret A. MOORE 

By Samel S. Cheevers JP, Samuel HUME to Catherine HOLLER

 Nov 1844 

By Anson Hadsell JP, George HADSELL to Mariah THAYER

 By Rev. Samuel Yourtree, John BEILER to Margaret CUNNINGHAM

 By same, William PANGLE to Sarah McDONAL

 By Rev. John Crabb, Lester BLISS to Belinda HOVER 

By same, John WATT to Christiana GREAR 

By Rev. M. Herbst, Michael FRANTZ to Walburger HERBST 

By Edward Hanthorn JP, Ephriam DAVIS to Dursilla SHINABERRY 

By Rev. Sam'l Tingle, H.H. McCAIN to Mary J. MAXWELL

 Dec 1844

 By Rev. John Crabb, Samuel COON to Mary TRACY 

By same, D.W. SHOCKEY to Sarah J. HUSTON 

By Moses Brenham JP, John HUMMELL to Mary MORRIS 

By Rev. Sam'l Sylvester, Cyrus HOLLAND to Mary CHIPPINGER 

By Jas. McFarland JP, John SHOWAN to Margaret FOSTER 

By Rev. Geo. Spangler, John SAMMETINGER to Catharine TOBIAS 

By Rev. John Swablen, Henry LAMMAS to Elizabeth NEMIRE

July 1844

 By Edward Hartshorn JP, Edward SHINABERRY to Hannah FAUROT 

By same, Hiram PROTMAN to Margaret ELLIOTT 

By James McFarland JP, Edward VANNORTWICK to Rebecca VAN NAGLE 

By S.M.Cowan JP, Beverly SHARD to Mary JACOBS 

By Rev. Samuel Wilson, William PRIDDY to Elizabeth BOWYER 

By Burgess Dickey JP, George COON to Susannah RIGHT 

Aug 1844

By Edward Hartshorn JP, Alexander CRAWFORD to Caroline WALDON

 By same, William WOLF to Elizabeth STRUCKMEYERS

 By S.M.Colson JP,Simon DRESHER to Margaret WISEMAN 

By Rev. George Spangler, Paul BIRK to Polly VANBLARICOM 

By Benj. Vance JP, Daniel BRENTLINGER to Rebecca CARTER 

By James McFarland JP, John JULIEN to Mary A. COOK 

By Rev. Wm. Chaffee, John WINFIELD to Jane TERRY 

Sept 1844

 By Benj. Vance JP, George GREGORY to Catharine MILLER 

By Rev Geo. Spangler, Philip KLOPTENSTEIN to Christiana ZORN 

By Rev. David Crall, Andrew EDMISTON to Mary B. WINROTT 

By Rev. S.S. Yourtree, Barton A. HOLLAND to Lydia OSMON

 By Rev. Samuel Wilson, William C. KEITH to Amanda DONNELLS 

By Rev. Wm. Robst, George SCHEMMEL to Maria FLEITZ 

By same, Michael HUMMERT to Anna BOBB 

By D.P.Darling JP, Samuel PILLARS to Narcissa CUTLER

 By same, Wm. S. BROOKS to Lucy CHAMBERLAND

By Samuel Yourtree, Samuel CUSTARD to Elizabeth JACOBS 

By Wm. Reece JP, William B. WEYER to Lucretia NASH



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