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1845 Marriages

Jan 1845

 By Rev. Sam'l Yourtree, Thomas RUSSEL to Margaret JOHNSON

 By same, James SATHERTHWAIT to Ellen R. CUNNINGHAM 

By Rev. M.C. Robst, Joseph BYERADORFER to Elizabeth PFENINING 

By C.H. Williams JP, Daniel MEYER to Mary A. RANES 

By Rev. S.M. Beaty, George TRUMBULL to Prizzella ELLIOTT 

By Simon Dreshler JP, Mathias WAGNER to Mary ROUTH 

Feb 1845

 By Thomas Nash JP, Samuel WATT to Mary GREAR 

By Jos. Bresler JP, John STALTER to Leah FOSTER 

By Jas. Cheevers JP, Martin MILLER to Mary RIGGLE 

By Archelaus Martin JP, Phillip PLACE to Rebecca JOHNSON 

By Rev. Harris Wells, Lemnel WILLIAMS to Mary ELLSWORTH 

Mar 1845 

By Anson Hadsell JP, Thomas McCLURE to Ruth GREAR

 By Sam'l Wilson JP, James LUSK to Catharine KEYSOR 

By Charles Crites JP, Abraham EAST to Jane McMELLEN

 By Enos Evans JP, Smith BAXTER to Mary CREMEAN 

By Charles Williams JP, John KEITH to Eleanor HILL

 By Burgess Dickey JP, Frederick ROSS to Anna COON

April 1845

By Charles Crites JP, Joseph BRESLER to Elizabeth DOUER 

By same, David LONG to Sarah RIDENOUR

 By I.W. Hall JP, Samuel STUMBAUGH to Lucinda STALEY

By Sam'l Blakeley JP, Daniel McMURRAY to Jane COTRELL 

By same, Bazzel MOORE to Margaret RODENBANDER

 By Rev. Enoch Harvey, John GILLASPEY to Susannah HEFNER

 By John Rogers JP, Robert BEER to Ann E. VANTRESS 

By S.M. Cowan JP, James McFARLAND to Rosannah WALKER

 By Rev. John Shockey, John M. SMITH to Mary O'NEAL 

By Rev. Sam'l Yourtree, Viers MAGUIRE to Sarah COCHREN 

May 1845 

By Chas. Williams JP, James HUSTON to Cornelia ENOS 

By same, James O'NEAL to Sarah J. HURST

 By Rev. R.D. Masons, George HOLBROOK to Mary V. NICHOLS 

By Rev. John Crabb, Joseph TINGLE to Ann S. CUNNINGHAM 

By John Corder JP, James CORDER to Margaret BEER 

By D.P.Darling JP, Eli DELONG to Susan DODSON 

By same, John BEAR to Mary TYSON 

June 1845 

By Job Johnson JP, Ellsay ROGERS to Nancy J. MORRIS 

By same, Frederick WEIMILLER to Polly HERPST

By same, James SHAW to Sarah JAROLM

By Rev. John Crabb, James AUTROM to Nancy RUMBAUGH 

By Rev. M.C. Holst, Michael MILLER to Margaret COTTONBERGER


By Sam'l Blakeley JP, Solomon SAUM to Sarah CARPENTER

 By James McLean JP, William VAN HORN to Sarah SPURGE

July 1845

By Burgess Dickey JP, Eleazor COTTELL to Catharine MYERS

 By James Cheevers JP, George MACK to Mary RITTER

 By Amos Evans JP, Reuben WILLIAMS to Margaret MAY 

By Rev. M. Bates, William TINGLE to Mary A. BATES

 Aug 1845 

By George Spangler JP, Christian BURKE to Catharine BROSIUS 

By Edward Hartshorn JP, John LEATHERMAN to Mary A. BROWN 

By Samuel Focht JP, Stephen KLINGMAN to Ann CONNER 

By J.W.Hall JP, Adam EVICK to Eve FISHER 

By James Watt JP, Bradick BAILEY to Lucy LAWRENCE Sept 1845

 By John Crabb JP, Edward MARAT to Sarah COLE 

By Achelaus Martin JP, James PANABAKER to Elnora ASH 

By Allen Gilmore JP, Jackson DAVIDSON to Clarinda MIX 

By George Spangler JP, Henry HATTER to Catharine SHAFFER 

By Samuel Wilson JP, M.W. BOWDLE to Letitia McCOY 

By Anson Hadsell JP, Samuel McCLURE to Elizabeth PATTERSON 

By Abraham Doner JP, Jacob CRITES to Mary J. CREMEAN

OCT 1845

 By R.S.Anderson JP, George MYERS to Lidia A.WILLIAMS

 By Edward Hartshorn JP, Melanethon PETIL to Lydia J. THARP 

By (blank) Matthew N. SHANE to Mary BUCHANAN 

By Geo. Spangler JP, John H. FISHER to Mary SIMON

 By Amos Evans JP, Frederick SAKEMILLER to Elizabeth HARTER 

Nov 1845 

By Edward Williams, Benjamin WHITNEY to Minerva H. DANIELS

 By C.H.Williams JP, Samuel SHELLABARGER to Rebecca LONGHRIGE

 By Rev. M. Bobst, Charles MARKLEY to Ann C. COTSENBERGER 

By Samuel Wilson JP, John F. MILLER to Mary STEVENSON 

By Charles Crites JP, Arthur VAN WEY to Louisa OLMSTEAD 

By same, Samuel CLUTTER to Elizabeth EAST 

By William Reese JP, James M. CANDLERS to Susan RAYL

 By John Corder JP, Charles BRACKNEY to Mary ARTHUR 

Dec 1845

By Shadrack Montgomery JP, Simeon SMITH to Sally HOWELL 

By Samuel Focht JP, George KLINGMAN to Mary TAM 

By Samuel Blakely JP, John GREENAWAIT to Julian BAKER 

By Anson Hadsell JP, John B. PATTERSON to Sarah WATT 

By Peter Houck JP, John CHRISTIAN to Elizabeth ELASAS 

By James Watt JP, Presley GANT to Ellen O'NEAL 

By Rev. Wm. Miller, Joseph HOWELL to Jane MILLER 

By Wm. Reece JP, John GRUBB to Elizabeth ROBINSON

 By Moses McDonald JP, Samuel SAXTON to Mary CORNS

 By Jas. Cheevers JP, Barnet STATLER to Laura SLAYTON



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