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1847 Marriages

January- 1847 

By Rev. M.L.Straw, Isaac BOWERS to Martha J. ANDREWS

 By Wm. Reese JP, Solomon MILLER to Nadmie Ruth SWAIN

 By Jas. Watts JP, Michael CONKLE to Mary MOORE

 By same, Jacob CONKLE to Mahala SHOCKEY 

By Simon Dresher JP, John HENSKEY to Mary Ann CONRAD

 By John Rogers JP, John BODENBENBER to Hannah SNIDER 

By same, Wm. BECHDOLT to Elizabeth PARLETT

 By Rev. Peter Hanck, Augustin BOB to Catherine HERPSTER

 By Conrad Schemmel JP, Charles SPANZENBERG to Catherine HALLER 

By Allen Gilmer JP, Wm COOK to Elizabeth Jane CLINE 

By Rev. Samuel Wilson, Jesse HANKINS to Lydia GIBESON

 By Samuel Focht JP, Perry HOWARD to Charlotte CURTIS

 By Archlaus Martin JP, Wm BICE to Anna SUNDERLAND 

By Edward Hartshorn JP, Henery FUNK to Alecy NOLAN 

By Abraham Dower JP, Nicholas CALDWELL to Evaline CALDRILL 

By Jas. E. McFarland JP, Geo. Frederick ROTH to Anna Doratha WREST 

By Rev. Hibbard P. Ward, Thomas FORD to Elizabeth STEVENSON

 February 1847

 By Rev. Geo. P. Poage, Wm CLEVENGER to Matilda ASHING 

By J.R.Roberts JP, Joseph A. MOORE to Sarah H. FORD

 By Rev. M. Bobst, Geo. CONRAD to Maxmillana BOBB 

By Henry Mollenhour JP, Benjamin STEMEN to Lucinda COURAD 

By Isaac Schooler JP, Isaac LAPLEY to Jane VORHIS 

By Charles Crites JP, Marcus CUPP to Elezabeth BROWER

 By same, Abraham DONER to Sarah STEMEN 

By Wm. Reese JP, Simon W. BENTLY to Margaret PROSSER 

March 1847

 By J.B.Roberts JP, Hamilton G. MARSHALL to Nancy MORRIS 

By Edward Hartshorn JP, Michael PETERSON to Nancy WATKINS 


By Rev. Samuel Wilson, Wm. F. BRANIN to Elizabeth CRAWFORD 

By Rev. Jas. Franch, Wm. G. BIDDLE to Mary Jane HAWKS

April 1847

 By Samuel Focht JP, Joseph Green LUSK to Mercy RICHARDSON 


 Samuel FAIRFIELD to Jane REED 

By Israel Lucus JP, James BERDEN to Margaret Ann PARLETT 

By Archelaus Martin JP, Wilson M. HARTER to Elizabeth ALEXANDER 

By Timothy H. King JP, Dixon GRANT toElizabeth STALEY 

By Edward Hartshorn JP, Daniel PERHARUES to Margaret BOBB 

By Rev. Wm Miller, Hiram HULLINGER to Susan ROOT 

By Jas. Cheevers JP, Christian WOLF to Susannah REESE


By Rev. G.M.Hunt, Joseph M WOLCOTT to Louisa WINSOT 

Samuel FRENCH to Margaret T. ROBERTS 

By Rev. Martin Bobst, Erhart ZINK to Elnoria KEIZER

 Francis COLER to Catherine BUELER

May 1847

 By Isaac King JP, Isaac MILLER to Catherine THOMAS

 By Rev. M.L.Starr, Philip MITCHEL to Mary Ann FUNK

 Francis NEWCOMER to Harriet KENT 

By Rev. Martin Babst, John FRIES to Mary KENNINGER 


Heinrich WISMAN to Margaretta ARNOLD 

Francis STOLLE to Susana SESTER 

By Charles Crites JP, Frederick TOSTER to Sarah Jane (unreadable) 

By Deacon Jesse Bowdle, Philip H. HANKS to Mary Jane CRAWFORD 

By Elder Isaac Johns, Michael SHAFER to Sarah WHETSTONE 

By Wm Reece JP, Jesse GARWOOD to Rachel SWAIM 

By Rev. Peter Hanck, Samuel WAGGONER to Sarah HAROTT or HAROFF 

By Shadrach Montgomery JP,Wm RYON Jr to Malissa TAYLOR 

John TAYLOR to Irene Jane RYON 

By Archleaus Martin JP, Wm MAY to Nancy NUBS


Jun 1847

By Archelaus Martin Jp, James MAY to Nancy PORTER

 By Charles Crites JP,Wm B. COCHRAN to Sarah Ann BOWERS

 By Wm Chaffee, Wm Franklin RAY to Amanda M. TUTTLE 

By Samuel Foebt JP, Wm LUSK to Ann MORRIS

 By Daniel Bilter JP, John FOCHT to Mary METZ 

By Rev. M.L. Starr, Wm A. HOVER to Rebecca A CLIPPINGER 

By Rev. Samuel Wilson, Isaac PORTER to Rachel BRYANT 

By Archleaus Martin JP, Eli PETERSON to Eleanor WINANS 

By Rev. Adolphus Conrad, Henry HAVERKAMP to Christina Elizabeth KATTMAN 

By Conrad Schummel JP, Joseph USERMAN to Rosena FRANTZ 

July 1847

 By Samuel Focht JP, Jacob REES to Lucinda BRENTLINGER 

By Martin Bobst, Andrew FISHER to Victoria AREMBUSTER 

By Rev. Edward Williams, Wesley OGAN to Nancy CUSTARD

 By Peter Houck, John BOBB to Mary HOLLER 

By Michael Martz, Thompson IRWIN to Levisa TINGLE 

By Rev. Wm. J. Wilson, David MOWEN to Cloa UMSTEAD 

By Rev. Daniel Thomas, John H. PENTON to Lavina TERRY 

August 1847

By Samuel Focht JP, James WHETSTONE to Huldah METZ 

By Allen Gilmer JP, James DAVISON to Huldah ELLSWORTH 

By James E. McFarland JP, David TESTER to Elizabeth CLUSTER 

By Rev. Edward Williams JP, Cyrus H. HOVER to Martha POST 

By Shadrach Montgomery JP, Lewis C BLAKELY to Elizabeth YOUNG 

By J.B.Roberts JP, James L.SMITH to Rebecca Jane NEELY 

By John Bakeborn JP, Thomas GEETING to Esther GRATE 

By Conrad Schemmel JP, John HOUTZER to Sarah Emaline HAGEDORN


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