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1848 Marriages

February 1848

 By James S Cheevers JP, Thomas RANSBOTTOM to Susannah DANCER 

March 1848

By Wm Chaffee, Geo. BARBER to Sophronia Ann ROBINSON 

By Rev. M. Babst, Joseph BROKERTS to Catharine WERNER 

By same, Ignateus GROF to Helen KREPAIG 

By C.C.Marshall JP, James SMITH to Phoebe ARMITAGE 

By Rev. I.L.Barton, Morgan LIPPENCOTT to Margaret WERNER 

By T.H. King JP, Martin FIELD to Mahala ROBERTS 

By Rev.John S Kalb, Benj. H. REECE to Ann NASH

 By Wm J. Wilson JP, Geo. W. GOBLE to Jane ALLISON

 By Rev. Stephen Fants, James S. CHEEVERS to Cornelia F. WILLIAMS

 By Rev. M. Mortz, Lafayette TOMPKINS to Mary E. SWAIN 

By (Unreadable Doner, Samuel FENSLER to Catharine A. HARPSTER 

By T.H. King JP, Wm JAMESON to Deborah WATTS 

By Charles Crites JP, Samuel HART to Polly SHOPE 

By E. Hartshorn JP, James FERGUSON to Sarah A YAUTS 

April 1848

 By R. M. Pedicord JP, Timothy B. MILLER to Eliza BRONSON 

By Elisha McCoy JP, Michael LEATHERMAN to Charlotte WHITEHEART 

By D.W.Jones, James THOMAS to Ann ARTHUR 

By (Blank), Samuel HANSON to Phoebe THOMAS 

By Joseph Bresler, Thomas M. ELLIOTT to Charlotte KIGGENS

 By Wm.Young JP, A. GILLESPIE to Barbara A. WAGGONER 

By A. Doner, Charles DOTSON to Eliza BRENTLINGER 

By Rev. Stephen Fants, Ebonezer GRIFFITHS to Leah PATRICK 

By R.M.Pedicord JP, Jonathan BECHDOLT to Mary BUSSERT 

By same, Philip BUSSERT to Elizabeth SARBOR 

By Stephen Fants, Peter FAZE to Aurilla McCULLOUGH 

By Wm. Young JP, Wells MAYBERRY to Rebecca CLOSE 


By Geo. Ward JP, Vance H. Pangle to Barbara PIFER 

y Elmer Hartshorn JP, Peter REECE to Sarah LEATHERMAN 

By Jas. S Cheevers JP, John B. LONGSHORE to Eliza SPIKER 

By Amos Metcalf, John M. LAW to Emeline TOBY

By Daniel Thomas, A.J.LIPPENCOTT to Caroline WOOD

 By C.C. Marshall JP, Ira W. LEGER to Jane HAWN 

By Stephen Fants, James BROWN to Mary NASH

October- 1848

 By Rev. H. Doner, Charles SHOEMAKER to Rebecca SAKEMILLER

 By Rev. John Graham, L.RILEY to Susannah CUPP 

By Jas. S. Cheevers JP, Peter SMITH to Nancy ELLIOTT 

By Daniel Shuler JP, Geo. W. BRESLER to Irena Jane COINS 

By Edward Hartshorn, Jacob SHENABERRY to Elmira DICKERSON

 By Rev. E. Martz, David B. WILSON to Margaret H. RUMBAUGH 

By Rev. Stephen Fants, Orsimus H. WOODS to Caroline SLYGH

 By Amos Metcalf, Joseph MURPHY to Maria L. CRIST 

By Isaac King, James FAIR to Millie LATHERS 

By Rev. H. Dover, Henry BODIMUS to Dorathy REIBER

November 1848

 By Jesse Bowdle, Francis BERRY to Elizabeth RUDY

 By L.H.King, Robert CLAYBAUGH to Margaret M. ROBINSON

 By S.M. Washburn, G.D. CREMEAN to Tamsey JOHN 

By Archelaus Martin JP, Geo. W. COCHRAN to Mercy BERRYMAN 

By Wm Chaffee, Graville HARBERT to Ann Elizabeth MADDEN 

By Rev. John Graham, Elijah DELZELL to Mary E. McCOY

By Rev. H.Dover, Wm. BUZZERT to Susannah HOOK

 By Rev. Stephen Fants, A.N. McPHERSON to Mary Ann ATMUR 

By Wm. Reese JP, Lewis FLEMING to Mary WALTON 

By J.B.Roberts JP, Samuel ICE Jr. to Elizabeth Ann GOOD 

By Wm. Chaffee, Benj. L. UNDERWOOD to Lucinda COATS

 By Rev. John Graham, James H. Newell to Sarah CUSTARD

 December 1848

 By Stephen Fants, Samuel THOMPSON to Harriett JONES 

By Geo. Ward JP, Wesley B. RANSBOTTOM to Caroline CRAWFORD 

By Wm. Young JP, Daniel SCHUTZ to Lydia COLLAR 

By Abraham Dover, David D. LONG to Catherine DOTSON 

By Rev. D. Richardson, James BOWERSOCK to Isabel SUNDERLAND 

By J.B.Roberts JP, Jonathan H. MORRISON to Sarah KEELER

 By Wm. Reese JP, Marmadeke McCAFFERTY to Sarah Jane GRUBB 

By Jas. S. Cheevers JP, John MILLER to Barbara MILLER

 By Richard Oard JP, Geo. RIDENOUR to Eleanor P. LIPSETT

 By Rev. Stephen Fants, Wm. RICHARDS to Mary Jane PATRICK


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