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1849 Marriages

January 1849 

By Timothy O. King JP, Levi BAKER to Esther A. NOLAN

 By Rev. Michael Martz, James F. TINGLE to Mary Ann HOLMAN 

By Rev. Stephen Fants, David BREEZE to Mary VALENTINE 

By Elmer Hartshorn, Freeman FORD to Susan M. BRIDGEMAN 

By D.P.Darling JP, Robert HARTER to Jennie WHITE

 By Isaac Hardesty JP, Wm. ICE to Charity MORRIS

 By Archelaus Martin JP, Geo. CLARK to Margaret HOCKENBERRY

By Rev. Stephen Fants, John BEAM to Rachel STEPHENSON

 By Ulrich Steiner, Samuel BAUMGARDNER to Fannie WETLY 

By Wm. Chaffee, Samuel ELWELL to Rachel YOUNG

 February 1849

By Philip Herring JP, Jacob SOURS to Harriet HERRING 

By Rev. Michael Martz, Amos HEFNER to Mary J. GILLESPIE 

By J.G.Broderick, Sebastian NOTE to Mary RINEMIER 

By S.W.Washburn, Joseph W. MILLER to Susannah HUFFER 

By Jas. Smith, Henry SHANKS to Maria CONGHENOUR 

By Joseph Griffith JP, John HUGHES to Elizabeth BUSSER

 By Archelaus Martin JP, Nathan BUCK to Jane MAY 

By Isaac Harbeck JP, Elijah HARDESTY to Mary HENDERSON

 By Abraham Doner, Joseph CRAMER to Susan BURKHOLDER

By C.C.Marshall JP, Jackson TAYLOR to Eliza WELSH

March 1849 

By Issac HardestyJP, Wm. GOLDSMITH to Sophia WARDEN

By Stephen Fants, David NICHOLS to Margaret GRIMM 

By David W. Jones, Thomas W. MORGAN to Sarah DIERS 

By Philip Herring JP, Elijah BOWERS to Elizabeth FLEMING 

By Rev. Abraham Dover, Solomon MOYER to Nancy DILSAVER

 By Isaac T.Choosier JP, Josiah STELES to Dalhome ULLERY

Apr 1849 

By James Smith JP, John TIPTON to Fanny DEPLER

 By S.W.Washburn, Daniel SWALLEY to Elizabeth FLINN 

y same, William PATRICK to Martha TRACY

By Rev. Abraham Doner, Peter YOUNG to Christina FOOS 

By same, Jacob KESLER to Lavena DELONG 

By Isaac Hardesty JP, William RICKNER to Hannah FRANKLIN

 By John Shockey, Levi GOODENOW to Elizabeth MILLER 

By Rev. L. Ensminger, Jesse RUMBAUGH to Maria HIBITS 

By R.M. Redicord JP, John KELLS to Mary HUMPHREY 

By John McKinney, Henry HUNTER to Catharine LINN 

By Joseph Griffiths Jr. JP, Daniel MEYERS to Rebecca SPANGLER

 May 1849 

By Daniel Boyer JP, Samuel BAKER to Elizabeth SPANGLER

 By same, Wesley FASNACHT to Sarah SPANGLER

 By Charles Marshall JP, Daniel SMITH to Jinkey BERRYMAN

 By Isaac Schooler JP, John BRACKNEY to Elizabeth BESSEY 

By same, James LUSK to Jane ULREY 

By John Shockey, Isaac BIDWELL to Mary MONFORT

By Isaac King JP, David WHIRRETT to Elizabeth CLAWSON

 By S.P. Tingle, Abram CONNER to Lucretia HUBBELL

 By Rev. Abraham Doner, Jacob KESLER to Savena DELONG

 By Joseph Griffith Jr. JP, Jacob GANDER to Nancy CLEVINGER

 By (Blank), Merretts HAWEY to Mary J. RUSSELL 

By Stephen Fant, Newton HOVER to Sarah WATT

 By Elisha McCoy JP, Enos MIX to Laverna RANDELL

 By same, James RUSSELL to Amillia O'NEAL

By Isaac Hardesty JP, Joseph WEAVER to Lydia RUSSELL

 Jun 1849

 By D.P. Darling JP, Philip RUSLER to Elizabeth ANTHONY

 By same, George BROWN to Elizabeth DECOURSEY 

By Elmer Hartshorn JP, Samuel BEEMER to Lydia MILLER

 By Archelaus Martin JP, Abraham DECOURSEY to Sarah YOUNG 

By Philip Herring JP, David FOSTER to Elizabeth EMMONS 

By J.O.Bredeick, Frank HEMPKER to Elizabeth STEFFEN

July 1849

 By S.W.Washburn, John WESTBAY to Hannah J. BOLANDER 

By Isaac Hardesty JP, George W. MOORE to Ann BUTLER

 By Uriah Steiner JP, John LURHI to Magdalena MOSER

 By Joseph Griffiths, Richard RICHARDS to Alba MORRIS

By D.P.Darling JP, Philip RUSLER to Elizabeth ANTHONY 

By Stephen Fant, Stephen TUCKER to Lydia SHULTZ 

By Timothy King JP, Nicholas WINGATE to Elspy WATT

 Aug 1849 

By J.B. Roberts JP, Jacob BAKER to Mary GRUBB

 By Rev. David Jones, Joseph BROWER to Elizabeth STEVENS

 By Thomas Griffith, James DONNEL to Hannah HARBERT 

By Isaac Hardesty JP, Andrew FREDERICK to Elizabeth RICKNER 

By (Blank), Jacob GASKILL to Cass A. HOKE 

By Daniel Boyer JP, William HARDEN to Eliza SHAW

 By Rev. A. Doner, David HARTZOG to Laura MILLER

By S.W.Washburn, Percival TRACY to Leticia HAZE 

By same, James MILLER to Ellen MILLER 

By (Blank), Nicholas RANER to Caroline HUBER

 By William Reece JP, David RAINS to Mary TUCKER 

Sept 1849 

By S.W.Wasburn, Joshua BUCKMASTER to Elizabeth BEEMER 

By same, Lester BLISS to Alldulia KENNEDY 

By Issac Hardesty JP, Isaac BOWER to Hannah JACOBS 

By Daniel Boyer JP, Luther CLARK to Aurthy A. COURTNEY

 By Rev. Joseph Wykes, David FRANKLIN to Malinda MEEKS 

By same, William GIBBS to Frances MOWEN 

By Andrew Cracy JP, Robert PATTERSON to Margaret GUTHRIE 

By Joseph Griffiths Jr JP, Andrew SAKEMILLER to Catharine HILLYARD 

By Charles Marshall JP, Thomas WASHBURN to Mary JONES 

By Rev. A. Doner, Silas SWISHER to Augusta LONG

Oct 1849

 By Samuel Rockhill JP, Edward ALKIRE to Sarah STEWART 

By Andrew Craig JP, Henry HALL to Elizabeth STALEY

 By Rev. L.F.Ward, John KING to Ann METCALF 

By Isaac Hardesty JP, James SIFORD to Susan WOLFORD

By Daniel Boyer JP, George WALTENBERGER to Elizabeth STULL

 By S.W.Washburn, Napoleon HOWARD to Isabel SAINT 

By Robert Stewart JP, Alexander STEWART to Sarah ROCKHILL 

By S.K. Reed, George HOWELL to Mary STUMBAUGH 

By Rev. A. Doner, Eckhard PETER to Mary LONG

 By Franklin Dickerson JP, Jacob YOAKAM to Catharine SHINABERRY 

Nov 1849

By Issac Schooler JP, Cincinnatus BESSE to Soloma McCOLUMN

 By Michael Martz, William BLACKBURN to Amanda TRACY 

By same, Thomas GARNER to Elizabeth WATKINS

By same, Alexander SHARP to Anna POWELL

By J.B.Roberts JP, Levi WATSON to Mary BODLE 

By Franklin Dickerson JP, Peter STALEY to Elizabeth BROWN 

By same, Willis WATT to Nancy WINGATE

By Daniel Boyer JP, Elijah DREW to Polly NEELY

 By Rev. Joseph Wykes, Cyrus WINGATE to Mary HALL

By same, Samuel SANFORD to Jane SCOTT 

By Rev. A. Doner, Joseph MORT to Elizabeth HARPSTER

 By same, John HARPSTER to Elizabeth McMILLEN 

By Charles Marshall JP, Martin PETERSINE to Sarah HARVEY

By Archelaus Martin JP, Martin HAVERSTICK to Mary RUSSELL

 By S.K.Reed, Jacob SHAFFER to Mary A. HILL 

By R.M.Pedicord JP, Empire KENT to Louisa PEDICORD

 By Andrew Craig JP, John LEACH to Elizabeth McCLURE 

By Elisha McCoy JP, Elijah McCOY to Sarah NASH 

By Edward Hartshorn JP, Adonijah ROCKHILL to Susannah PARKER

 By S.W.Washburn, Samuel WARD to Effa PETERSON 

Dec 1849

 By William Chaffee, James TURNER to Margaret AYERS

 By S.W.Washburn, Joseph BERRY to Lydia McDONEL

 By James Smith JP, Charles FISHER to Elizabeth CLABAUGH 

By same, Daniel RAYL to Matilda RAYL 

By Rev. A. Doner, Emanuel HERRING to Julia CRITES

 By Wm. Moorman JP, Edgar NICHOLS to Mindwell CUMINS 

By Edward Hartshorn JP, Henry GALLESPY to Lucinda DAVIDSON

 By same, Benjamin SOUTHWORTH to Elizabeth SAKEMILLER

 By Henry Morris, William DREW to Sarah WATTERS

 By J.O.Bredeick, Stephen STIPPICH to Maryann FORNOFALT


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