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1852 Marriages

Jan 1852


June 1852

BARNES, George to HARTER, Priscilla

Jul 1852

 By D P Darling JP, Washington SOUTH to Sarah BOURTS 

By same, George BREWBAKER to Sarah RIDENOUR 

By same, William GREER to Elizabeth VAN WYE 

By Anson Hadsell JP, Tobias WOODS to Nancy SNODGRASS

By S W Washburn, Isaac BURTON to Sarah FLINN 

By Rev A Doner, David CRUMERINE to Catharine SELLARS

 By Thomas Griffith, David CONKLE to Mary VERMILLION 

By Jonas Seitz JP, John RIDENOUR to Lydia SHERRICK 

By (Blank), Peter ZINN to Catharine KLINEDENST

 By M Leatherman JP, David RIDENOUR to Sarah RISON 

By Samuel Thompson JP, Merritt HARVEY to Rebecca WICKS 

By Benjamin Byerly, Benjamin PARKER to Louisa TRIPLETT 

By Freeman Bell JP, George UTER to Margaret MADDEN 

Aug 1852 

By Thomas Delzell JP, Henry AMELUNG to Margareta HOENIG

 By John Sprott JP, Jefferson WISE to Olive OLMSTED

 By same, George CURTIS to Helinda McPHERSON

By same, Sherburn GRANGER to Emaline ROBINSON 

By S W Washburn, John RICHARDS to Eliza COCHRAN

 By Daniel Richardson, Henry WHETSTONE to Sarah WOOLERY 

By James Bonner, Daniel McKIBBEN to Eliza ARMSTRONG

 By Harrison Maltbie, John WESTBAY to Eliza RIDENOUR 

By William Wilson, Peter DAVIS to Mary LEWIS 

By Rev A Harmount, Henry REECE to Lucretia NASH

By same, James MEHAFFEY to Sarah YOUNG 

By J B Roberts JP, Samuel MOORE to Margaret MAUS 

By John Shockey, George LAMPLIN to Christena BOYD 

Sep 1852

 By Samuel Thompson JP, John GOODIN to Jemimah BARNES

 By same, Leroy BRADFORD to Elizabeth CLEMONS 

By Rev A Harmount, John WAMSLEY to Minerva CHERRY

 By John Davis, Amos POWELL to Margaret BENTLEY

By (Blank), Armstrong BOYD to Elizabeth THOMPSON

 By Anson Hadsell JP, Jacob RUMBAUGH to Susannah SWAIN

 By Elisha McCoy JP, William MELSON to Margaret COOK 


By (Blank),Jerich MILLER to Sara CURTIS 

By Thomas Griffith, George GIBSON to Sarah PARKINS 

By Benjamin Byerly, George EDWARDS to Anna PARKER 

By John Shockey, Samuel SHOCKEY to Susannah SNYDER 

By same, Louis LAUDICK to Clarissa MILLER 

By (Blank), John JACOBS to Fanny DAVIS 

By Anson Hadsell JP, Henry HOMAN to Eleanor CHENOWETH 

By (Blank), William McFADDEN to Nancy RUSSELL

Nov 1852

TITUS, Isaac to ARCHER, Hannah


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