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1853 Marriages

Jan 1853 

By Isaac Hardesty JP, William McFADDEN to Marthann ANDERSON 

By Joseph Coughenour JP, John PARKER to Jane WAGGONER

 By Jonas Seitz JP, Michael ANSEL to Lilles WILLIAMS 

By Rev A. Harmount, Uriah MILLER to Mary SAKEMILLER 

By Samuel Rockhill JP, James KERLEN to Jane BOWERS 

By Phillip Herring JP, Jacob MOSIER to Sementha MILLER

By Anson Hadsell JP, Greer BOWMAN to Mary CASBEER 

By John Shockey, Henry PHILLIPS to Almeda MILLER 

By Harrison Maltbie, Silas McGRADY to Elizabeth DARLING 

By Thomas Delzell JP, George MILLE to Margaret WEAVER

 By J W Dinkle, Thomas GIBSON to Louisa SHOTWELL 

By Rev Ulrich Steiner, Abraham STEINER to Catharine LUKEBILL

By Freeman Bell JP, William WURT to Saloma HERRING

 Feb 1853 

By Rev A Doner, Samuel STEBELTON to Mary PARKER 

By Ulrich Steiner, James AMSTUTZ to Mariann HABINGER 

By Thomas Davis JP, Leonard NOBLE to Lucinda ARMITAGE 

By Henry Moris, Issac CLEVINGER to Katharine ASKEN

By D P Darling JP, Harrison MORINGER to Mary LOSH 

By R M Badeau, William BICE to Clementine CUNNINGHAM

 By John Dinkle, Byron LOOMIS to Julyette HAYS 

By John Amstutz JP, Erastus HEATHMAN to Ellen CARTER 

By Jonas Seitz JP, Peter WALTERS to Eliza GREER 

By Rev Thomas Elcock, William SCOTT to Christana CLIFTON 

By Isaac Schooler JP, Jeremiah MILLER to Mary CARTER 

Mar 1853

By J B Roberts JP, James TABOR to Elizabeth HULLIBERGER 

By (Blank), Eli BAKER to Lucinda BOWER

 By Moses Bonham, Freeman YOUNG to Charity ROBERTS 

By Freeman Bell JP, Levi STUKEY to Ann BEILER 

By R M Badeau, George OLMSTED to Rachel SPROTT

 By same, John JACOBS to Sarah SHULER

 By Harrison Maltbie, Peter RIDENOUR to Lydia BODLE 

By same, Moses McCOY to Hester PANABAKER 

By Rameth Hussey, Luther BOWERS to Nancy MENDENHALL 

By Archelaus Martin JP, Smith MOORE to Ann MOORE

 By Rev Ulrich Steiner, Peter LEHMAN to Lydia MOSER

 By Stephen Cremean JP, Ezra STALTER to Sarah MILLER

 By J O Brederick, Frances DAVIS to Mary LEY 

By Rev R D Oldfield, George OSBURN to Mary FORD 

Apr 1853

 By James Humphrey JP, Ephriam ALLARD to Polly PATTON

 By Thomas Davis JP, John SNAVELY to Margaret RUPERT

By same, David SHANKS to Rebecca GASKILL 

By John Dinkleman, David JONES to Sarah OWENS 

By J B Roberts JP, John BIMEL to Margaret LOAGHRIDGE 

By same, Rehoboam DOVE to Margaret CUPS

 By William Moorman, Emanuel LANDERS to Mary MOORMAN

 By J S DeLeal, John HOOPER to Ruth PORTER

 By same, Daniel WAGGONER to Catherine EDMON 

By Rev. A Doner, David KROUSE to Mary TEEGARDEN

 By same, Gratten POAGE to Susan COCHREN 

By Phillip Herring JP, William KERSHNER to Barbary BRYAN

 By Michael Martz, Cyrus HOLCOMB to Elizah MORRIS

 By Rev. S W Slater, Amaziah DAVISON to Eliza NIGH 

By Archelaus Martin JP, Charles PLACE to Casander HOAK

 By Samuel Rockhill JP, Samuel ULLERY to Julia CURTISS

 May 1853

 By Stephen Cremean JP, Daniel WAGONER to Mary BOWERS

 By Daniel Richardson, William BROWN to Felinda TRUESDALE

 By Phillip Herring JP, Abraham STEINER to Mary COALER 

By same, Samuel CLUTTER to Elizabeth PYFER 

By Rameth Hussey, Harrison CLAWSON to Margaret MIERS

 By Rev. Thomas Elcock, James LAMON to Sarah RISLEY 

By (Blank), James FRAZER to Jane CONKLE 

By John Webster JP, William KEITH to Christenay LAWRENCE 

By same, Henry FISHER to Margaret GUTHRIE 

By Rev A Harmount, Joseph JONES to Ann EDMON 

By W B Hutchlings JP, Jesse JOHN to Mary ROUSH

 By Thomas Delzell JP, Washington HELPHREY to Mary HARRIS

 By J DeLeal, Nelson HAND to Mariah RUSSELL

Jun 1853 

By George Ward JP, Ezra STRATTON to Lucy ROBINSON 

By Harrison Maltbie, George McCLINTOCK to Elizabeth BEAR

By Issac Hardesty JP, John TUTTLE to Sarah ROBERTS

 By same, Samuel CROSSLEY to Charlotte SMITH

 By Rev A Doner, Jacob MOWER to Elizabeth STEBLETON

 By J S DeLeal, Christian DEADRETH to Mary BOGART 

By Rev A R Krebs, Abram PANGLE to Mary MARTZ

 By Nahum Smith, George McCOMB to Susannah BOGART

 By J W Hall JP, Joseph REED to Rachel LEMON 

By Rev Nathan Taylor, Henry CLARK to Mary GARBUTT

 By John Webster JP, C W HURLBERT to Patience LAWRENCE

By Michael Martz, George MORT to Jane DENNIS 

By Ulrich Steiner, Ulrich SPALINGER to Barbary GEIGER

 July 1853

 By Freeman Bell JP, Adam YOCUM to Mary MILLER

 By Archelaus Martin JP, George COON to Mary GASKILL 

By Thomas Delzell JP, Andrew MILLER to Miranda HOOPER 

By same, Timothy HARRIGAN to Martha FALLIER 

By Samuel Wilson, James COTTREL to Philura LEWIS 

By Thomas Griffith, Thomas MORRAWL to Mary HARBERT 

By same, Arnold ROMAC to Elizabeth HESFORD

 By R M Badeau, Joseph DAGUE to Martha SCOTT

By John Amstutz JP, Francis HANSJACOB to Barbara REUL

 By J O Brederick, Joseph DAVIS to Margaret SETFONA

 By Rev. A Doner, George FETTER to Sarah WARD 

Aug 1853 

By J O Brederick, Gustave SMITH to Brigada SCHILLING 

By Samuel Rockhill JP, Robert AUCHMUTZ to Martha WATSON

By Freeman Bell JP, Jacob KNITTLE to Elizabeth HAMILTON 

By Rev. A Harmount, Jacob HACKETHORN to Sarah TRACEY 

By same, Rev. C. B. MORRISON to Catherine FICKEL 

By John Fay, Morris MUMBAUGH to Matilda CRAIG

 By James Davis, Daniel GLASS to Ann EVANS 

By Thomas Davis JP, Scurman TRAVIS to Catherine DOSSEY 

Sep 1853

 By James Murphy JP, Samuel TALBERT to Mary WELLEBEY

 By Edward Williams, George SLEIGHT to Sarah ALEXANDER 

By Phillip Herring JP, Absalom MILLER to Rachel CARMEAN 

By Locan Coffin JP, Armstrong BOYD to Elizabeth ASKINS

 By Harrison Maltbie, John BLACKBURN to Mary McKIBBEN 

By Rev. A R Krebs, Marshall ATMUR to Elizabeth HUFFMAN 

By William Moorman, David HOWARD to Hannah RICKNER 

By W B Hutchins JP, Samuel BAXTER to Rachael CARMEAN

By (Blank), Calvin GILBERT to Emily LEIGH 

By Archelaus Martin JP, Wiliam SUNDERLAND to Julia DEVORE

By R M Badeau, James ELLIOTT to Margaret SNODGRASS 

By same, Joseph FENTON to Emeline STRATTON 

By Freeman Bell JP, Jacob DINSBERGER to Caroline GASTNER 

 Oct 1853 

By M.Hard, Richard THOMAS to Hannah JONES

 By John Tussing, William BARGS to Nancy LIPPENCOTT 

By same, Samuel McSWISHER to Elizabeth SIFERD

By Jonas Seitz JP, Joseph LEHMAN to Mary STEMEN

By John Hall, Christian BARSCHNIDER to Frederike HAUBER

 By Rev. Thomas Elcock, Thomas TOLAND to Hattie SKINNER

By Rev. Michael Martz, George FREET to Elizabeth BRANDERMAN 

By William Yocam JP, John WHITE to Sarah RUMBAUGH 

By Rev. Benjamin Stroub, John YANT to Nancy DOWNING

 By Benjamin Byerly, John MILLER to Elizabeth MILLER

 By Samuel Rockhill JP, Elias EVERETT to Marilla TRUMBO 

By Thomas Griffith, Isaac McHENRY to Rebecca SCOTT 

By John Amstutz JP, Daniel FETT to Gottlieb MECKLEY

 By J.L.DeLeal, Thomas GANDER to Elinor WILKERSON 

Nov 1853

 By J. B. Roberts JP, Uriah SHRINER to Nancy WITHEROW 

By Rev. A.R.Krebs, Daniel HADSELL to Catharina ALDRIDGE

 By Christian Suter JP, Jonas AMSTUTZ to Barbary NEUSHEVANDER 

By R.M.Badeau, Vance ROBB to Sarah ALFRED 

By John Tussing, Amon LIPPENCOTT to Miram BUDD 

By J.O.Brederick, Rufus STELZER to Theresia BIHLER

 By Samuel Rockhill JP, Robert MEEK to Eve FRUT 

By John Snodgrass, Robert CLARK to Lucinda BLACKBURN 

By Jonas Seitz JP, William CLARK to Jane DAVIS

ROBB, Vance to ALFRED, Sarah M

 Dec 1853

 By William Yocam JP, John LEHMAN to Deborah WHITE 

By same, William McCLURE to Jane McHAFFERTY 

By M.K.Hard, William ANDERSON to Ruth WATT 

By (Blank), Levi WEORNER to Josepha WUSHER 

By Jacob Hall JP, Joseph KELLOGG to Elizabeth ARMSTRONG 

By Thomas Delzell JP, Henry CHRISTOPHER to Ann SCOTT 

By R.M.Badeau, Samuel HIBBETS to Harriet BAILEY

 By same, M. McCULLOUGH to Sarah McKIBBEN 

By Thomas Davis JP, Uriah RUPPERT to Mariah STOFFER 

By Harrison Maltbie, Joseph RILEY to Amanda BERRYHILL 

By Thomas Babcope, Bazell NEELY to Mary SHOBE 

By Phillip Hering JP, Ephrim McMILLEN to Rebecca LEHMAN 

By same, Michael CHITTICK to Mary BRICK

By Michael Martz, George MURRAY to Anna TEEGARDEN 

By William Yocam JP, Jonas LEHMAN to Susannah WHITE

 By Joseph Murphy JP, John SUATER to Christine MENKER 

By John Amstutz JP, David BUNDY to Eliza MADISON

 By John Dinkleman, Charles WILLIAMS to Margaret LANE 

By William Moorman JP, John McMULLEN to Mary CARR 

By E.D.Richardson, David SHADE to Mary HEFNER 

By Isaac Hardesty JP, Samuel DIEHLER to Susannah ROYER

ANDERSON, William J to WATT, Ruth


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