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1854 Marriages

Jan 1854

 By Phillip Herring JP, James MILLER to Rebecca ANDERSON

 By same, Lemich SPANGLER to Sarah MILLER 

By Cyrus Carter, Samuel RUMBAUGH to Susan CHANNELL

 By William Moorman, Jacob CARR to Susan STUCKEY 

By Benjamin Byerly, John BERRYHILL to Mary HARVEY

 By Thomas Delzell JP, Henry MILLER to Joanna HAINLEY 

By John Hull, John KRERMER to Susanna BULLIE 

By Isaac Hardesty JP, James KIMEY to Rhoda ROBERTS

 By (Blank), Patrick CONLIN to Ann CARL

 By Loren Collins JP, Joseph HUNTLEY to Mary WOOLLEY 

By John Ream JP, Christopher MARTIN to Catharine CRUMRINE 

By Freeman Bell JP, Joseph SATHERTHAIT to Malinda HARTSHORN

 By Joseph Murphy JP, Frederick KRUHESEN to Juliann DALLS 

By John Amstutz JP, Christian GIGER to Elizabeth RISON 

By John Shockey, William A. MOSS to Eliza MONFORT 

Feb 1854 

By George Goble JP, Jereminah BUCKMASTER to Polly HIPSHIRE 

By P. Herring JP, William WILCOX to Susannah MOSIER

 By Samuel Rockhill JP, Calvin GILBERT to Margaret CLOSE 

By R.M.Badeau, Thomas UDALL to Elizabeth WHITE 

By S.W.Heaton, John COOK to Luisa CURTIS

 By J.O.Brederick, Phillip STIPPICH to C. WOLFF

 By Isaac Hardesty JP, Benjamin ROYER to Elizabeth DITCHLER

 By Jacob Hall JP, William SPERA to Caroline SWARTZ

 By W.K.Brice, John RAMSEY to Susan HARRIS

 By Rev. A.R. Krebs, John RICHARDSON to Emily MORRIS 

By Isaac FRYER, Robert HARTER to Sarah MILLER 

By John Amstutz JP, Alexander McCONNEL to Caroline RAMER 

Mar 1854

 By John Sprott JP, John ALBERT to Sarah ANGAS 

By J.S.DeLeal, James WATSON to Malinda THOMAS

 By Freeman Bell JP, Frederick KOST to Lona ALSTETTER

 By same, Stephen HUFF to Elnora POINT

 By William Moorman JP, John SUTTON to Elizabeth SUNDERLAND

 By same, James MORTON to Mary PLACE

 By same, Jacob MOORMAN to Mahala PLACE

 By J.B.Roberts JP, Samuel BINKLEY to Mariah GUTHRIE 

By same, Christian ROTHE to Ann SCHUEY

 By M.H.Hard, John McMANNES to Lydia SPRAGUE

 By Daniel Richardson, Robert SHAFER to Mary BOLENDER 

By Nathan Taylor, John ENSLER to Mary SHUTTS 

By Rev. A.R. Krebs, Henry MISNER to Ruth CHERRY 

By same, James McDONEL to Juliann MCCLAIN

 By Benjamin Byerly, Isaac SHUPE to Nancy CLAYTON

 By same, William HARVEY to Hannah WINE

 By Jacob Hall JP, Daniel LOSH to Catherine RIDENOUR

 By Phillip Herring JP, Soloma COLLINS to Caroline LEISER 

By Harrison Maltbie, John WALTON to Elizabeth CHURCH 

By same, Henry HALL to Unice STALEY

 By Archelaus Martin JP, Noah JOHNSON to Lyda DELONG 

By Thomas Babcock, Thomas FOSTER to Sarah IRELAND 

ALBERT, John to ANGAS, Sarah

Apr 1854 

By John Webster JP, George MILLER to Rebecca ARCHER 

By same, Isaac SHUPE to Nancy CLAYTON 

By same, Thomas CLAYBAUGH to Elizabeth FISHER 

By J.S.DeLeal, Peter KIMBER to Supphron RUSSELL 

By Rev. A.R. Krebs, Calvin OSBORN to Frances BARBER

 By same, John KEEVES to Mary DEPUE 

By Thomas Elcock, Lewis ROBUCK to Mary RUTH

By T.J. Babcock, Simon BROWN to Irene VANWEY

 By same, William HOLLAND to Cassander FOSTER 

By J.O.Brederick, Peter PHELAN to Ann WILLS 

By same, Henry KLINGEMBERG to Caroline NEWER 

By T.H.King JP, John MARSH to Mary RAINS 

By Thomas Delzell JP, William BANKS to Mary LEWIS

 By William Yocam JP, Phillip FISHER to Lydia KELLER 

By same, Lewis MUMAUGH to Barbary CONSTANT

 By M.K.Hard. Henry WESBY to Cyntheann HAYS 

By Archelaus Martin JP, Elias FARVER to Rosannah CULVER

 By P. Herring JP, John DILLER to Catherine PENCE

 By John Sprott JP, Julius CURTIS to Elizabeth JENNINGS

 May 1854

By T.H. King JP, Michael ROOPRIGHT to Malinda YOUNG 

By Rev. A.R. Krebs, Isaac ANDREWS to Mary IRELAND 

By John Hall, Alanson ROADS to Ellen STEVENS 

By same, William HALL to Eliza WATT 

By same, James CRAFT to Malinda SIMPSON 

By R.M.Badeau, David OWEN to Fanny ROSE 

By Thomas Davis JP, Joseph CARPENTER to Mary ARMITAGE

 By Harrison Maltbie, Harrison NORMAN to Sarah STEVENSON

 By Cyrus Carter JP, Enoch CASEBEAR to Catherine BOWMAN 

By John Sprott JP, Josiah MILLER to Irie TIPTON

By J.B.Roberts JP, Elijah WILLIAMS to Mahala CLORE 

By same, William LHAMON to Millesent FORD 

By Michael Martz, Miles USHER to Emily MILLER

 By (Blank), John HAND to Mary OMEN 

By S. Wilson, Robert PEARSON to Elizabeth MEEKS

 By S. M. Brower, John NEAL to Mary MAXON

 Jun 1854 

By Loun Coffin JP, John WORNE to Matlida YAZLE 

By Freeman Bell JP, George DAVIS to Mary A. BOOTH

 By Michael Martz, Richard OARD to Christena RIDENOUR 

By Fred Allstetter, Henry BIDINGER to Elisa ALLSTETTER 

By same, Frank BEYER to Mary GEISERT 

By Rev. A. R. Krebs, John VANNATTA to Eliza LONGSHORE 

By J.B. Roberts JP, Henry SLYGH to Mary BOWMAN 

By Benjamin Byerly, Lewis MILLER to Jane KIGER

By Isaac Hardesty JP, George BROWN to Martha CANADY

 By S.M. Brower, Samuel HOVER to Minerva PRATT 

Jul 1854 

By R.M. Badeau, Leysander BEECH to Rebecca FRAZER

 By (Blank), John SOWERS to Catherine SHROVE 

By J.B.Roberts JP, Adam LEATHERMAN to Luisa BINKLEY

 By Rev. A.R.Krebs, Joseph DAVIS to Elizabeth DICKEY

By Daniel Richardson, Frederick BOLANDER to Amelia DICKEY

 By same, Samuel BOWERS to Mary FOUST 

By J.R. Hall, Samuel DOTSON to Hester BOWSHER 

By Frederick Allstettler, Earnest JOHN to Willamina BRINKMAN

 Aug 1854

 By L. Klinger, Amos CRITES to Carlila SHOCK

 By John Hull, John CLEVENGER to Frances LONG

 By George Goble JP, Robert MEANS to Sarah DICKEY 

By James Wilson, Samuel McKEE to Synthyann EDGECOMB 

By Wm. Yoakam, Andrew LEECH to Christana WATT

 By same, Valentine HUFFMAN to Margaret McCLURE 

By David Ogden JP, John GENSEL to Rachel HAYS 

By M.K. Hurd, Asa LEACH to Mary MULL

 By Thomas Delzell JP, James HANTHORN to Sarah WALLACE

By Isaac Hardesty JP, William RUSSELL to Sarah HERSH 

Sep 1854

 By Thomas Delzell JP, John WRIGHT to Adaline DREW 

By (Blank), Henry WEAVER to Catherine BADER 

By George Goble JP, Frederick SHULL to Mahala FIELD 

By John Webster JP, Thomas DOTSON to Susannah BETY 

By same, George SHRIDER to Mary CLUM 

By Lewis Foster JP, Henry HARTLEY to Dorcas THOMAS 

By J. Klinger, Adam BINKLEY to Lydia CURL 

By R.M. Badeau, Thomas RAY to Roxanna WOOD

 By same, William DELZELL to Eunice McCULLOUGH 

By J.B. Roberts JP, Eli FOGLEMAN to Catharine BINKLEY 

By Harber Smith JP, Charles POINT to Hannah MANING 

By P. Cahill JP, Eli IMLER to Rachel BRAND 

By Rev. A. R. Krebs, Benjamin McCLELLAN to Nancy McCLURE

 By same, Calvin HOLLIDAY to Isabelle KINCAID 

By Jos. Griffiths JP, Joseph WATKINS to Mary BREECE

 By same, George CRABILL to Mary ROBERTS

 By Phillip Herring JP, Jackson MYERS to Mary HIGHLAND 

By Edward Williams, Clark BROTHERS to Jane HULL

By Thomas Griffiths, Joseph MORROW to Emily HARBERT

 By Archelaus Martin JP, John CLINK to Elizabeth SUNDERLAND 

By Wm. Yocam JP, Lewis GILLASPIE to Allis RUMBAUGH

 Oct 1854

 By Charles States JP, Joseph LEATHERMAN to Elvira ALISON 

By Freeman Bell JP, Christian WELCH to Mary CLARK 

By Jos. Murphy JP, William BROWN to Mary CLAWSON 

By J.O.Brederick, Frederick WACHTER to Mary TRENTMAN

 By same, August RHEINMEIER to Catharine LINDHOUSE

 By same, Henry FORNIFIELD to Mary KAPPERMAN 

By same, Patrick CONILON to Ann CLARK


 By Benjamin Byerly, Benjamin PARKER to Mary STOW

 By P. Stirewalt, Abramham DONER to Luisa HOLSAPPLE 

By M.K. Hard, Enos COLE to Juliet CHEEVERS

 By John Webster JP, Joseph HALL to Catherine SUDDATH 

By J.B.Roberts JP, Washington HOOVER to Mary CONKLE 

By Moses Bonham, Daniel DENNIS to Emily CUNNINGHAM 

Nov 1854

 By John Amstutz JP, George RIMER to Adaline STRATTON

By Rev. A.R. Krebs, John EDMOND to Elizabeth ALEXANDER

 By same, N.A. CLARK to Cynthia CLARK 

By Jacob Fegtly, George STRAYER to Rachel KIMMEL 

By Henry Morris, Francis MEYERS to Elizabeth ALSTETTER

 By R.M. Badeau, Z.M. WALKER to Eliza JUNKINS

 By same, J.J. ANDERSON to Adelia BLACKBURN 

By J.S.DeLeal, Phillip HOOPER to Mary PALMER

 By Freeman Bell JP, William MILLER to Catherine BAKER

 By John Shockey, Reuben HARDESTY to Elizabeth ANDERSON

 By same, William PHILLIPS to Cyntha GOODENOW 

By Phillip Herring JP, Jonathan BARRICK to Catharine KNITTLE 

By Jacob Hall JP, Daniel HATTERY to Miranda HALL

 By (Blank), Elijah DENNIS to Elmira CUNNINGHAM 

By Jos. Griffiths, Jacob CLAPPER to Catherine RIDENOUR 

By Geo. Goble JP, Lewis OSWALT to Nancy FOCKLER 

By Thomas Delzell JP, William OSMON to Irena CORNS

Dec 1854 

By Rev. A.R. Krebs, Garrett WYKOFF to Eliza STRALEY


By Thomas Elcock, William MELLON to Emaline CHAMBERS 

By Nathan Webb JP, John WICKS to Catherine PRICE 

By Geo. Goble JP, Jonas DAISH to Mary WISE 

By same, Daniel FANSLER to Hannah MILILIKEN

By Jos. Griffiths JP, Thomas JONES to Elizabeth OWENS

 By P. Stirewalt, Christian DONER to Sarah STUCKEY 

By Isaac Fryer, James MAXWELL to Mary JACOBS

 By (Blank), Isaac EHERENMAN to Margaret MOSIER


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