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Marriage Licenses

Source: (Lima News Newspaper unless otherwise specified below - Submitted by Linda Dietz unless otherwise noted )

Mar. 26, 1898
Herman Kimble and Miss Anna R. Zurgflush.

Oct 2, 1905
Oliver Hasting, 21, farmer and Daisy Brown, 17, of Westminster
Sidney Guy, 22, boilermaker, Lima, and May Jeffrey, 19, Lima [The Times - Democrat]

Dec 20, 1905

Lewis Fett, 25, Lafayette, and Miss Lillie M. Huber, 22, Bluffton, the Rev. Beard to officiate. [Lima Times Democrat]

Dec 21, 1905
Mr. Emmett E. Long and Miss Olive Hefner of Jackson township.
Mr. E. C. Pfeifer and Miss Effie Sherrick, of Elida. [Lima Times Democrat]

Dec 22, 1905
Oscar Bogart, 20, of Bluffton, and Miss Etta Biery, 18, also of that village. [Lima Times Democrat]

Jan 29, 1906
Rolla Craig, 21, farmer, of Lima, and Cora McManus, 18, Lima [Lima Daily News]

Feb 2,1906

Calvin Patterson, 23, teamster, and Mrs. Vitge Gwen, 19, both of Lima.
John Anderson, 22, lineman, and Orpha Leidon, 20, both of Westminster.
Otto Solomon, 21, cigar maker, and Margaret Omler, 20, both of Lima.
Albert Blair, 25, laborer, and Bessie Steinbuck, 19, both of Lima.
[Lima Daily News]

Apr 3, 1906
Dan Q. Risser, 23, telephone lineman, Lima, and Nellie V. Place, 21, telephone operator, Lima.
William Harper, 23, laborer, Lima, and Jessie Miner, 16, Lima. [Lima Daily News]

Apr 9, 1906
Lawrence Williams, 25, teamster, Allen county, and Edna Bowers, 20, Lafayette. [Lima Daily News]

May 24, 1906
James McBride, 28, farmer and Vinnie D. Byrd, 26, both of Lima.
Peter E. Kohli, 20, painter Putnam Co, and Rose Kiene, 22, of Bluffton.
Abla John, 30, oil worker, Elida and Ethel Morgan, 23 Elida.

Oct 1, 1906
Frank L. Voekier, 28, and Blanche E. Cole, 22, both of Lima, Rev. Weaver.
Wyndow Harigle, 31, Harrod and Mrs. Hortense Wilcox, 31, of West Newton. [Lima Times Democrat]

Nov 17, 1908
Wm. Waldmann, 45, Lima, and Ida Hefner, 39.
Earnest E. Dillehay, 23 Bucyrus, and Cora Hammaker, 19. [Lima Daily News]

Dec 1, 1908

Clifford E. Beiser, 21, Hamilton, O., and Selina B. Waldrick, 21, Lima
Clarence W. Breekenridge, 32, Findlay, and Maud Iresta Staley, 24, Lima. The latter couple were married by Squire Everett. [Lima Daily News]

Dec 3, 1908
Clark H. Ewing, 26, Lima, and Winnie Etta Belan, 24, Allen County [Lima Daily News]

Aug 23, 1909
James M. Steiner, 21, car repairer, and Iva G. Wood, cigar-maker, both of Lima [Lima Daily News]

Aug 29, 1909
Daniel A. Custer, 21, of German township, and Nettie Jane Mack, 26, of Bath township.
Abisha H. Rathburn, 36, of Findlay, and Emma Walker, 30, of Lima. [Lima Morning News]

Oct 22, 1909
Emmit R. Masters, age 20, Clerk in Hotel, residence at Van Wert and Hulda Purdy age 20, of Spencer Tp.
Charles E. Bendure, age 44, Laborer, and Bettie A. Price, age 32, house keeper, both of Lima.
Stephen D. Stevens, age 22, and Martha H. Krutsch, age 19, both of Delphos


Jun 1910
Robert C. Neuman, 22, assembly-man, 1015 W. Elm-st and Viola E. Allen, 21, 208 S. Jameson-av [Lima Daily News]


March 18, 1911
Charles Edward Myers, 24, of Decatur, Ind. and Olive Northrup, 19 of Spencerville
Frank O. Griffith 40, and Lizzie E. Jones, 38, both of Gomer [Lima Daily News]


Jan 6, 1912
Carl A. Putt, 33, assembler, was today licensed to wed Hazel K. Lindemann, 19. Rev. Fuller was named to officiate at the marriage of the young people, both of whom are from Lima. [Lima Daily News]

April 15, 1912

Frank S. Spencer, of Newton, Mass, and Lillian Selfridge, of this city.

Dec 26, 1912
Ralph W. Pugh, 21, brakeman of C. H. & D. and Mary Brooke, 20, cigar maker, both of Lima. Wedded Christmas Day, Justice Everett, officiating.
James Carl Patton, 23, farmer of Belle Center, O., and Maude Edna Bowman, 23, printer of this city. Rev. H. J. Jewett to officiate.
Tod Newland, 29, locomotive fireman, 520 east Elm street, and Carrie Phillips, 22, cigar maker, 594 east Elm street. Rev Mr. Dovey to officiate.
John Alden Fishbaugh and Evelyn Hoelscher, both of Lima
Paul A. Michael and Anna Louise Wooley, both of Lima
Fred Harold King and Mildred Ann Poehler, both of Lima

Sep 3, 1913
Clayton Ramsey, 27, carpenter, Van Wert, and Miss Minnie Motler, 23, Delphos. Rev. Father Rupert was named to perform the ceremony. [Lima Daily News]

Jan 4, 1914
Charley Bickel, 32, Ohio City, and Alice S. McClure, 29, Delphos. [Lima Daily News]

Jan 7, 1914
John R. Bickel, 29, employee of the Ohio Oil Company, and Lulu E. Myers, 25, waitress, both of Lima.
Floyd B. Woodyard, 35, harness maker, of Ft. Wayne and Catherine Coleman, 40, waitress, of Lima.

Jan 9, 1914
Hugh W. Burke, 28, waiter, and Estella Schiff 22, both of Lima [Lima Daily News]

July 3, 1915
Floyd E. Bartholomew, 26, salesman, and Maude S. Redman, 20, both of the Empire hotel.
Clarence J. McMahan, 26, Wood county, and Mable Mae DeHart, 20, of Spencerville
Roy Berl Siferd, 19, and Geraldine Delmez, 18, both of Lima.
Milton Edward Fillhart, 21, and Jennie Jane Jones, 18, both of Lima. [Lima Daily News]

July 10, 1915
Edward Fernando Spees, 32, of Lima and May Shanks, 19, of Hume
Walter E. Barber, 36, and Cora W. Bowers, 25, both of Beaverdam [Lima Daily News]

July 12, 1915

William D. Hardesty 30, and Minnie Myrtle Haggard 18, both of Lima
George Edward Adams, 25, fireman, of Dunkirk, O., and Irene Esther Ray, 18, of 798 south Elizabeth street. [Lima Daily News]

July 18, 1915
Earl Shreve, 36, machinist, and Estella Dewese, 36, both of Lima. [Lima Daily News]

July 19, 1915

Albert C. Pfaff, 29, traveling salesman, Lima and Hazel Riley, 27, stenographer [Lima Daily News]

July 20, 1915
Milton Duffield Bloom, 21, lumberman and Lela Fay Crider, 21, 1117 west High street, Rev. Spayde to officiate. [Lima Daily News]

Jan. 6, 1916
Orbie Frank Fisher, 21, farmer of Venedocia and Nellie Harter, 16, telephone operator, of Spencerville.
William Roscoe Upton, 24, lineman, of Celina, and Mary Jane Worley, 29, house-keeper, of Lima. [Lima Daily News]

Jan 8, 1916
Albert A. Stoker, 28, machinist, and Miss Mary L. Thomson, 27, both of 738 Greenlawn avenue
Jacob Plesia, 28, chipper, and Anna Ganeo, 21, cigar maker, both of Lima [The Times - Democrat]

Jan 10, 1916
Leroy Opal Brown, 23, laborer, of Lima and Susie Ellen Beech, 18, of Harrod
John Paul Brown, 21, boiler-maker, and Leona Estella Bryan, 24, cigar maker, both of Lima
William R. Knight, 28, farmer, of Ohio City, and *Sarah E. Redick, 58, of Spencerville *The Rev. C. J. Hance to officiate. The bride was unable to appear in court to secure the license being ill on account of rheumatism. The affidavit of a physician was presented to this effect- The bride is twice the age and more, of her husband. [The Times - Democrat]

Jan 11, 1916
Frank William Van Pelt, 22, iron-worker, of 610 Harrison avenue and Anna Irene Vogelsang, 21, cigar packer, of Allen county [The Times - Democrat]

Jan 12, 1916
Carl William Feil, 24, mail carrier, of 727 east Findlay street, and Marie Lucille Rader, 16, house-keeper, of Lima
Robert Howard Nesbitt, 22, farmer, and Florence Cecil Davis, 20, both of R. F. D. No. 6, Perry township [The Times - Democrat]

Jan 13, 1916
Coil Oliver, 34, barber, of Joliet, Ill., and Daisy V. Boone, 36, house-keeper, of 1105 west Spring street. Rev. John Hagins was named to officiate. [The Times - Democrat]

Jan 15, 1916
Raymond Richard Penn, 33, farmer, and Thelma Velma Vanschoyck, 18, housekeeper, both of West Minster. A Justice of the peace was named to officiate.
Joseph M. Niemeyer, 23, farmer, of Delphos, and Nancy H. Strohl, 18, domestic, of Spencerville. [The Times - Democrat]

May 22, 1919
Theodore J. Heller, 25, 306 1/2 east market street and Doris G. McDonald, 25, 215 east North street

May 24, 1919
Clyde F. Geise, 26, 1064 Reese avenue, mechanic, and Erma I. Wiswell, 20, 621 Prospect avenue, cigarmaker.
Harold B. McKinley, 18, laborer, Spencerville, and Kathryn E. Strohl, 18, printer, Spencerville.

May 26, 1919
Elmer Franklin Starkey, 28 and Dana Mabel Miller, 18.
Vernon Brubaker, 33, and Cleo Isabell Johnston, 24
Ivan E. Coon, 27, and Nellie F. Klinefelter, 24
Larney Howell, 24, and Ethel F. Dolph, 19
James Vertner, 51, and Laura Hazel Fowler, 35
Isaac A. Stone, 29, and Goldie Ines Ryan, 23

Jan 6, 1920
Richard O. Day, 28, truck driver, 683 north Jackson-st, and Goldie R. Crawford, 28, cigar-maker, 607 north Jackson-st. [Lima News]

Jan 7, 1920
Joseph B. Aber, 21, painter, American township, and Elizabeth Mae Church, 18, cigar-maker, 926 Leland avenue.
George William McCleary, 22, mechanic, Alger, and Leah Isabella Crane 17, Harrod.
Leo H. Davis, 22, proprietor of a cigar store, Lima, and Edna L. Coy, 21, waitress, 128 N. Central-av [Lima Daily News]

Jan 10, 1920
Dewey Elvin Estes, 19, lineman, 623 south Scott street, and Hazel Mae Carolus, 17, cigar-maker, 942 south Atlantic ave
Vern Marrean Lee, 34, laborer, 711 west Market street and Flora Adessie Miller, 30, housekeeper, 510 west Spring street.

Jan 14, 1920
Oles James Howell, 22, printer, 603 east High street and Bernadine M.Wimmers, 20, domestic, 1212 Arch avenue.

Jan 29, 1920
Chauncey G. Exline, 40, farmer, Jacksonville, Fla., and Goldie E. Crider, 29, 1117 west High street
Valentine W. Kohl, 24, salesman, 521 west Wayne street, and Alleene R. Hoover, 23, 632 west Market street [Lima Daily News]

May 1, 1920
Finley Dempster, 38, superintendent of Lima Steel Works, and Dollie Lee, 34, sales- woman, both of Lima.
Avey B. Coleman, 21, moulder and Carrie R. Howard, 18, operator, both of Lima.
Carl A. Curtiss, 23, steel worker, and Mary E. Murphy, 18, both of Lima.
Eldon G. Coulter, 23, electrician, and Bernice A. Wilhelm, 18, clerk, both of Lima.
Leroy Levi Weaver, 26, laborer and Violet Jennie Taylor, 16 both of Lima.
Joe William Matson, 22, florist, and Grace Mildren Rockwell, 18, both of Lima.

May 26, 1920
Wesley J. Robinson, 25, attendant and Myrtle Walker, 38, milliner, both of lima
Charles H. Walters, 21, telephone employe, Beaverdam, and Hazel W. Burkholder, 17, glove maker, Bluffton
Walter L. Hydaker, 38, tool dresser, Duncan, Okla., and Hazel Pauline Tracy, 21, clerk, Spencerville [Lima Daily News]

May 27, 1920
James William Dingledine, 23, blacksmith, and Cecil B. Walters, 20, cigar-maker, both of 1118 E. Elm-st [Lima Daily News]

June 2, 1920
Louis F. Hughes, 20, travelling salesman, Chicago and Mildred C. Richason, 21, school teacher, Delphos.
Alfred H. Barton, 32, grinder, Kokomo, Ind., and Maude May Edmiston, 36, housekeeper, Lima. [Lima Daily News]

June 4, 1920
Claude S. Brown, 33, tailor, Indianapolis, and Adda E. McKinney, 34, Harrod.
Robert D. Anderson, 49, lawyer, Wapakoneta, and Carolyn W. Prueter, 28, railroad clerk, Lima.
Eugene Miller, 22, negro, porter, Lima and Maud Nelms, 22, hotel silver girl, Lima.

June 8, 1920
Aldine Amstutz, 36, farmer, Allentown and Sylvia Diller, 29, Beaverdam
Frederick L. Hubbard, 22, laborer and Ida May Smith, 26, domestic, both of Lima.
Mitchell H. Brown, 21 moulder, and Nellie Engard, cigar-maker, both of Liima.

June 9, 1920
Robert C. Newman, 22, assembly man and Viola E. Allen, 21, both of Lima.

Dec 24, 1920
Russell E. Makin, 22, core-maker, 653 S. Elizabeth-st, and Florence A. Cook, 17, Lima.
Marvin A. Vanschoyek, 19, core-maker, 429 Greenlawn-ave and Verla Fox, 18 cigarmaker, Allen-co.
William A. Miller, 35, butcher, and Esther V. Morse, 35, both of Lima.
John C. Helser, 24, farmer, Ada, and Iva J. Smith, 21, domestic, Harrod.
George C. Peters, 32, locomotive fireman, 791 S. Elizabeth-st, and Willa M. Marshall, 20 housekeeper, 549 S Union-st.
John H. Moore, 21, laborer, near Gomer, and Thelma R. Sawmiller, 17, American-tp.
John R. Boham, 20 cigarmaker, Lima and Fairy A. Eley, 17, 201 1/2 S. Main-st.
James R. Brown, 23 welding instructor, Chicago and Geraldine C. Vogel 18, teacher, 20 S. Baxter-st.
Ralph W. Helms, 22, dental student, and Alma C. Thuer, 21, stenographer, both of Lima. [Lima News and Times Democrat]

Jan 3, 1921
William Feener, ?9, lineman and Grace Morrison, 20, both of 124 Euclid-av. [Lima News]

Jan 6, 1921
James A. Harris, 23, farmer, Van Wert, and A. Marie Chamberlain, 23, waitress, Delphos
Lester Houx, 2?, cigar maker, 652 N. Jackson-st and Myrtle G. Hall, 18, cigar maker, 539 Hazel-av [Lima News]

Sep 8, 1921
John Ritter, 55, assistant foreman and Mrs. Stella Caroline Edington, 19, housekeeper, both of 1058 Reese-ave.
William Christopher Reiff, 21, farmer, and Miss Katherine Faye Rupert, 19, both of Auglaize-tp.
Roland Cook, 27, blacksmith, 119 1/2 W. Market-st and Mrs. Avous Eldson Herberger, 31, linotype operator, 125 S. West-st.
Hubert A. Spires and Miss Irene C. Schmelzer
Anthony C. Weger and Miss Lucille J. Mandary, all of Delphos. [The Lima News and Times Democrat]

Sep 9, 1921
James Lonzo Shiverdecker, 60, mattress maker, 349 E high-st and Mrs. Amanda Jane Rambler, 55, housekeeper, 611 Prospect-ave. [The Lima News and Times Democrat]

Apr 3, 1923
Arthur Lewis Yazell, 49, fireman, and Harriett Malinda Stratton, 46, cigar factory employee.
Everett R. Arnold, 21, street car operator, Van Wert, and Hilda Marie Kindley, 20, maid, Delphos
Delbert Beery, 22, machinist helper, Delphos, and Mary Olive Willison, 20 cigar marker, Marion-Tp.

Jan 2, 1928
Robert W. Mohr, 22, insurance man, and Katharine B. Renz, 20, both of Lima.

Dec 1, 1928

John Porter Sherwood, 25, store manager, and Adeline Ruth Hamilton 24, both of Lima.
Charles P. Kenton, 37, salesman, Cleveland, and Blanche M. DeKalb, 31, stenographer, Lima.
Milton Herman Luginbill, 21, farmer, and Helen Lucile Burkholder, 20, both of Richland-tp.
Joe Douglas Nance, 18, machinist, and Elizabeth Magdalene Guenther, 18, nurse, both of Lima.


Lima News, Jan 3, 1929

Jan 10, 1929
Carl B. Osman, 20, clerk, and Hazel Iona Candler, 22, both of Lima.
Emil Keith Eltner, 22, and Minnie Eugenia Goldsmith, both of Lima.

Jan 15, 1929
Clyde B. Bradshaw, 21, draftsman, Barcroft, Va., and Edith E. Eberle, 16, Lima.

Jan 17, 1929
Howard J. Debo, 23, sailor, Bellevem, and Laura Reinsel, 21, Lima.
John T. Mumea Jr., 57, laborer, Columbus Grove, and Florence M. Allen, 21, Lima.

Jan 22, 1929
Roman F. Omlor, 22, machinist, American-tp, and Stella M. Miller, 16, Lima.

Jan 26, 1929
Carl Reid Burden, 21, railroad worker, and Pearl Sophia Hinkle, 21, both of Lima.

Jan 24, 1929
Benjamin Franklin Allen, 27, carpenter, and Rosangela Monica Schmitz, 21, both of Delphos.

Jan 31, 1929
Grover John Keller, 41, salesman, Celina, and Mary Edith Livengood, 41, saleslady, American-tp.
Gurney Cloyd Sanders, 41, farmer, and Rachel Freda Coppler, 21, both of Auglaize-tp.
Kenneth David East, 24, truck driver, and Ellen Amelia Gardner, 21, laundress, both of Lima.
Ralph W. Snider, 28, laborer, and Katherine Rose Bender, 33, both of Lima.

Jan. 15, 1929
Howard E. Marion, 20, clerk, and Lila M. Diehl, 20, both of Lima.

Lima News, Jun 2, 1929

Jan 1, 1930
Malcolm Anderson, 23, clerk, of Akron, and Elizabeth A Douglas, 23, teacher, of 720 N. Baxter-st
Lewis E Widmark, 25, mechanic, of 141 W High-st, and Florence McDorman, 21, of 831 E High-st
Everett A Campbell, 26, physical director, of Cleveland, and Mayre E Larsh, 22, of 318 N McDonel-st
Vincent P McGraw, 2?, sales manager, of 527 West-st, and Marion R Cable, 26, of 540 W Market-st [Lima News]

Apr 3, 1930

Charles William McGhee, 39, salesman, of 131 E Pearl-st, and Edith Odella Herndon, 40, 728 S Union-st. [Lima News]

Apr 4, 1930
William Lawton McKissick, 25, truck driver, and Edith Marcella Konst, 21, maid, both of 614 North Shore Drive.
Frank Leroy Gross, 24, service station attendant, Auglaize-tp, and Clara Belle Siferd, laundry worker, of 57 S Pierce-st. [Lima News]

Apr 22, 1930
James Emmett Connors, 41, salesman, 948 N. West-st, and Myrtle Avilda Burkett, 41, housekeeper.
Harold Clem Yazel, 22, bookkeeper, 1174 Brice-av, and Dora Hortense Harmon, 21, elevator operator, 862N. McDonel-st.
[Lima News]

Aug 2, 1930

Raymond Joseph Ferry. 24, steelworker, of Canton , and Mildred Lucille Wilds. 21, housekeeper, of 1100 St. Johns-av.
Ernest Franklin Sandy. 50, farmer, of Bath-tp. and Mary Ethel Koogler, 40. nurse, of Jackson-tp.
Bernard Anderson Church . 29. laborer, of Crldersvllle. and Nellie Leona May Rudy, 20. of 1607 Norval-av.
Harold Herbert Bechdolt. 24. salesman, of 721 Js. Main-st. and Katherine Elizabeth Trlbolet, 27, clerk, of Shawnee-tp.

November 10, 1930
Clair Elmer Welker, 21, box maker, of 303 1/2 S. Main-st, and Goldie Mahale Shingledecker, 21, of 712 Broadway.
Thomas J. Marquis, 22, day cleaner, of Lima and Ethel Mae Gallant, 20, bookkeeper, of 330 S. McDonel-st.
Charles Clarence McCoy, 25, garageman, and Ida Mae Lawson, 22, housekeeper, of 1202 W. Market-st.
William J. Lepley, 60, merchant, of Dayton, and Maude M. Vance, 46, housekeeper of 130 S. West-st.
Ernest G. Skillman, 22 laborer, of Piqua, and Louise M. Newland, 21, housekeeper, of 1018 E. Wayne.

Mar 15,1931
Orville Raymond Hellwarth, 26, farmer, of Celina, and Mabel Lee Grimm, 26, saleslady, of Shawnee-tp.
Albert Whetsel, 63, laborer, of Route 4, Lima, and Lillie May Roney, 46, housekeeper, of 210 Water-st. [Lima News]

Mar 16,1931

Richland Brooks Harrod, 29, farmer of Route 6, Lima and Prudy Mae Davis, 28, cigar maker, of 693 N. West-st [Lima News]

Feb 8, 1932
James Frances Grigsby, 23 chauffer and Bernice Ora Bowsher 21, cigar packer.

Feb. 9, 1932
Clarence E. Early, 55, floor sander, and Della Henryetta Green, 48, nurse, both of Lima. (Lima News)

Feb 10, 1932
Kelsey A. Francis, 29?, sheet metal worker, and Elizabeth L. Mack, 18, both of Lima.
Russell Nile Strayer, 21, farmer, Elida and Velva Rosella Clark, 21, Marion-tp.
George Henry Bice, 26, automobile machinist and Emma Pauline Bosch, 19, both of Lima.

Oct 31, 1933
Clifford P. Steiner, Columbus Grove and Florence Mae Adams, Monroe-Tp

Jan 3, 1935
William Clarence Ault, 778 W. High-st and Dorothy Ella Schulhoff, 224 N. West-st [Lima News]

Jan. 14, 1937
Roy Moser and Arlene Marshall, both of Beaverdam.

Jan. 18, 1942
Paul A. Cahill, 34, cigar factory employee, of Cairo and Helen Louise Wilburn, 21, of Lima.
Robert Flanagan, 22, laborer of Delphos and Martha M. Youngpeter, 21 , domestic, of Spencerville.
Carl B. Wolfe, 30 clerk and Hilda Mary Snook, 35, bookkeeper, both of Lima.

Apr 1, 1942
Joseph W. Miller, 57, steam engineer, of 501 E. Third-st, and Mary A. Knight, 41, clerk, same address.
Berle Roush, 26, welder, of 410 S. McDonel-st. and Ruth M. Hegemier, 21, nurse, of 724 W. Elm-st.
John W. Downie, 28, radio engineer of Schenectady, N.Y. and Helen M. Miller, 23, teacher, of Rt. 5, Lima.
George F. Hefner, 19, machinist, of 863 Robb-av, and Marguerite A. Utterback, 16, same address.
LaDoyle G. Rumple, 24, farmer, Rockford, and Charlotte F. Hill, 21, beautician, of 219 1/2 S. Cole-st.
Merle Leedy, 20, baker, of Rt. 1, Lima and Margaretta Breitigam, 20, typist, of Rt. 6, Lima.
Daniel W. Buck, 57, stationary engineer, of 480 McPheron-av, and Chloe Miller, 56, practical nurse, of Delphos.
Samuel G. Weagley, 61, car inspector, of Columbus Grove, and Carrie M. Barnt, 61, of 974 Ritchie-av. [Lima News]

Feb 1, 1946

Harold Beery, 23, Wapakoneta discharged veteran, and Vivian Gracely, 20, 903 Oxford-av [Lima News]

Feb 2, 1946

George O. Williams, 55, 644 S. Main-st., boilermaker, and Emma L. Ehly, 50, 612 S. Main-st, bookkeeper. [Lima News]

Apr 23, 1946

Herman W. Miller, 24, tube bender, and Lucille Kettler, 23, clerk.
Robert M. Putt, 20, laborer, and Beulah Hinkle, 21.
Charles A. Helmig, 27, store clerk and Bertha M. Wright, 24.

Apr 25, 1946
Gilbert Breitigam, 21, machinist and Dorothy Duncan, 20, clerk.
Earl T. Fleishans, 31, and Betty J. Furnish, 23, both of Bluffton.


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