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Allen County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Sugar Creek Township Settlers

Ebenezer DAVIS, son of Henry and Mary Davis, was born in this township, on the 1st of September, 1844. His father came to this county in 1832, from Pennsylvania. His mother came from Butler County, Ohio. They have six children--Jane, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Margaret, Silas, and Ebenezer. His wife was born at Utica, N. Y., in June, 1843. Her parents, Edward and Sarah Morris, are from North Wales. They came to Allen County in 1855. Their children are Jane, Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Annie, Harriet, and William. [Unknown source, submitted by Linda Dietz]

Israel JONES, is a son of John and Elizabeth Jones. He was born Dec. 25, 1828, in Montgomeryshire, North Wales, where his father died, and where his mother still lives. His wife (deceased) was Mary, daughter of Josiah and Mary Jones. She was born in Llanbrynmair, Montgomeryshire, North Wales, April 29th, 1837. They have no children. Mr. Jones has one brother, Thomas. [Unknown source, submitted by Linda Dietz]

Henry MOLLENHOUR, was born in Fairfield County, Nov. 24th, 1811. His wife was born in the State of New Jersey, July 13th, 1813. They have eight children--Joseph, Daniel, John, Sarah, George W., Frederick W., Phoebe and Christian. Mr. M. is a son of Ernst and Elizabeth Mollenhour, and is a brother of Frederick, Lewis and Augustus. Mrs. M. is a daughter of Daniel and Phoebe Kitchen. She has four brothers--Joseph, Isaac, Wilson and Daniel Kitchen. Mr. Mollenhour has held the office of justice of the peace. [Unknown source, submitted by Linda Dietz]

Joseph THOMAS was born in South Wales, Sept. 2, 1834, and came to Allen County, in 1842, with his parents, John and Elizabeth Thomas. He has eight brothers--John, William, Howell, James, David, Evan, Lewis and Morris. His wife is a daughter of Morris F. and Mary F. Jones, who came to this county in the year 1846, from Butler County, where Mrs. Thomas was born, July 22, 1843. Mrs. Thomas is one of a family of six--Sarah, John, Elizabeth, Richard, David and Benjamin. Mr. Thomas has been constable and school director. [Unknown source, submitted by Linda Dietz]


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