Ashland County, Ohio
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Ackley Cemetery 404804N 0821425W  
Albion Cemetery 405828N 0821042W  
Andrews Cemetery 404853N 0822207W  
Ashland Cemetery 405158N 0821943W  
Ashland County Home Cemetery 404821N 0821558W aka Heartland Home
Ashland Memorial Park 405425N 0822024W  
Beeghley Cemetery 405521N 0821837W  
Bethel Cemetery 404848N 0820818W  
Bethesda Cemetery 404245N 0821536W  
Brandt Cemetery 405028N 0821031W  
Brytes Churchyard 405457N 0822313W  
Burge Cemetery 405730N 0821431W  
Burns Cemetery 404918N 0822238W  
Bushnell Cemetery 404638N 0821429W  
Cannon Cemetery 405446N 0821401W  
Chilcote Cemetery 405747N 0821435W  
Cliff Cemetery 404704N 0821104W  
Close Street Cemetery 410332N 0821514W  
Copus Hill Cemetery 404404N 0822131W  
County Line Cemetery 404305N 0821320W  
Crouse Cemetery 405404N 0821628W  
Dickey Church Cemetery 405032N 0821512W  
Evangelical Church Graveyard 405402N 0820920W  
Fast Cemetery 405632N 0822013W  
Ford Cemetery 405538N 0821859W  
German Lutheran Cemetery 410042N 0822033W  
Gould Cemetery 410051N 0821329W  
Green Lawn Cemetery 403915N 0821750W  
Gregg Cemetery 405842N 0822132W  
Hammond Methodist Cemetery 404458N 0821858W  
Harlan Cemetery 404428N 0821903W  
Heiffner Cemetery 405553N 0821632W  
Hopewell Cemetery 405932N 0821436W  
Hubler Cemetery 410234N 0821200W  
Imhoff Cemetery 405212N 0822447W  
Jeromesville Cemetery 404802N 0821137W  
King Cemetery 405906N 0821005W  
King Cemetery 405907N 0821001W  
Krebs Cemetery 405851N 0821823W  
Lakefork Cemetery 404514N 0820846W  
Loudonville Cemetery 403751N 0821357W  
Marsh Cemetery 410055N 0821223W  
McAdoo Cemetery 404943N 0821815W  
McCrory Cemetery 404608N 0821720W  
McFall Cemetery 403756N 0821751W  
McKay Cemetery 404215N 0821445W  
Meng Cemetery 404913N 0821020W  
Methodist Cemetery 404819N 0821141W  
Mifflin Cemetery 404622N 0822142W  
Miller Cemetery 404756N 0821825W  
Mohicanville Cemetery 404336N 0821102W  
Nankin Cemetery 405518N 0821634W aka Orange Cemetery
North Orange Cemetery (historical) 405933N 0821839W  
Nova Cemetery 410203N 0821815W  
Ohl Cemetery 405011N 0822204W  
Old Hopewell Cemetery 405246N 0822021W  
Old Presbyterian Cemetery 403921N 0821842W  
Old Rowsburg Cemetery 405101N 0820919W  
Old Sixteen Cemetery 404142N 0820953W  
Old Sullivan Cemetery     aka Main Street Cemetery
Peterson Cemetery 404338N 0822207W  
Pioneer Cemetery 404147N 0820909W  
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 405244N 0821337W  
Polk Cemetery 405639N 0821216W  
Reformed Church Cemetery 405457N 0822316W  
Rice Cemetery 410142N 0821217W  
Rickert Cemetery 405730N 0822026W  
Rickle Cemetery 405545N 0820751W  
Ripple Cemetery 405300N 0821458W  
Rowsburg Cemetery 405133N 0820917W  
Ruggles Township Cemetery 410144N 0822404W  
Saint Lukes Cemetery 405641N 0821731W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 403842N 0821342W  
Sandridge Cemetery 403456N 0821836W  
Savannah Cemetery 405756N 0822212W  
Smeltzer Cemetery 405023N 0822312W  
Southview Cemetery 410131N 0821315W  
Strickland Cemetery 404754N 0821821W  
Sultzer Cemetery 405028N 0822202W  
Sunset Cemetery 404242N 0821502W  
Swope Cemetery 405643N 0820851W  
Synagogue Cemetery 404451N 0821426W

aka Synagogue-Church of God Cemetery

Trinity Cemetery 405215N 0821240W  
United Cemetery      
Vermillion Cemetery 404609N 0821540W  
Vesper Cemetery 404755N 0822001W  
West Main Street Cemetery 410143N 0821333W  
Wolf Cemetery 403426N 0821431W  
Zehner Cemetery 404648N 0822208W  



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