Page One

Adams, Delbert E. - Nelsonville
Adams, Willard - The Plains
Addis, William - Buchtel
Allen, Boyd W. Jr. - The Plains
Allen, John R. - Athens
Allen, Wilkie M. - The Plains
Andrews, James Franklin - Trimble
Ashcraft, Charles H. - Guysville
Ashcraft, Richard Leo - Guysville
Ayers, Charles W. - Glouster
Bacus, John W., Jr. - Nelsonville
Bailey, John H. - Nelsonville
Baker, Virgile E. - Athens
Banfield, Steven J. - Glouster
Barron, Clyde R. - New Marshfield
Barrows, Charles W. - Nelsonville
Bateman, Charles G. - Nelsonville
Bateman, William Lee - Nelsonville
Baughman, Richard W. - Albany
Baughman, Wendell W. - Albany
Beal, Gerald G. - New Marshfield
Beal, simmonds W. Jr - Glouster
Bean, Forrest Lee - Athens
Barnard, Charles - Glouster
Bernard, Lewis David - Glouster
Bescoe, Robert E. - Millfield
Beveridge, George F. - New Marshfield
Birtcher, Joseph William - Athens
Blair, Dale Alvan - Coolville
Blake, Alvin R. - Coolville
Blimes, Bill - Nelsonville
Bobo, Clyde Theodore - Chauncey
Boggs, Carl Leland - Frost
Boggs, R. Carson, Jr. - Frost
Bolin, Edward F. - Athens
Bowens, William J. - Nelsonville
Bowers, Delmar F. - Coolville
Bradley, Carl Legg - Chauncey
Brandenberg, Merl Roy - Athens
Breeze, Thurman M.- Nelsonville
Bricker, Jack - Athens
Brooks, Kenneth D. - Mineral
Brown, Charles R. - Jacksonville
Brown, Clarence H. - Athens
Brown, Robert Dale - Nelsonville
Brunton, Bill - Glouster
Bryson, John Maurice - Glouster
Bryson, Robert King - Glouster
Buffington, Clarence S. - Athens
Buffington, James E. - The Plains
Bulloch, James - Glouster
Bulstrom, Glenn R. - Glouster
Burcher, Billie L. - Amesville
Burdiss, Ernest F. - Jacksonville

Page Two

Burdiss, George H. - Jacksonville
Burris, Don C. - Glouster
Burson, George - Shade
Butcher, John Rex - Frost
Calaway, Lawrence - Frost
Call, James Person - Nelsonville
Calloway, Carl Elmo - Coolville
Calloway, Ralph B. - Coolville
Campbell, Charles R. - Glouster
Campbell, William A. - Glouster
Canter, Delbert F. - Chauncey
Canter, Jack G. - Chauncey
Canter, Richard P. - Chauncey
Carmichael, David R. - Athens
Carpenter, George W. - New Marshfield
Carsey, Robert P. - Athens
Carsey, Walter E. - Athens
Carter, Bernard E. - Nelsonville
Carter, Robert Leroy - Nelsonville
Carter, Roy - New Marshfield
Chiki, Martin, Jr. - Millfield
Christman, David Brenton, Glouster
Clarey, John H. - Chauncey
Clark, Charles Foster - Glouster
Clark, Floyd W. - Albany
Clark, James W. - Athens
Clark, Robert H. - Nelsonville
Clark, Victor W. - Coolville
Clendenin, Harold E. - New Marshfield
Coe, Ralph L. - Chauncey
Coen, Paul E. - Athens
Cole, Lowell - Athens
Collins, Francis Earl - Nelsonville
Collins, John Edward - Nelsonville
Collins, Kelly - Coolville
Collins, Thomas Henry - Nelsonville
Collins, William Robert - Nelsonville
Conger, John W. - Glouster
Congrove, Leonard Grover - Stewart
Conner,Charles F. - Nelsonville
Conner, Donald Robert - Nelsonville
Conner, Joseph M. - Nelsonville
Conner, Raymond G. - Nelsonville
Conrad, Franklin - Athens
Conway, Melvin R. - Glouster
Conway, Vilas - Glouster
Courtney, John W. - Nelsonville
Cox, William H. - Jacksonville
Cozart, Darrel E. - Frost
Crabtree, Robert Harved - Millfield
Craig, Charles L. - Chauncey
Creamer, Kenneth Floyd - Coolville
Crihfield, Carl Edward - Nelsonville
Crow, John William - Mineral
Crow, Leonard R. - Mineral
Crow, Lewis K. - Mineral
Cruikshank, James L. - Chauncey
Cubbison, Evelyn Ruth - Coolville
Cubbison, Howard James - Coolville
Cubbison, John - Coolville

Page Three

Cubbison, Margaret E. - Coolville
Cullison, Herbert E. - Athens
Culp, Joseph R. - Jacksonville
Cunningham, Bernard E. - Coolville
Cunningham, Donald H. - Glouster
Cunningham, Jack B. - Chauncey
Danielson, Glen L. - Athens
Davis, Harold - Coolville
Davis, Harry W. - Chauncey
Dean, Joseph A. - Athens
Dearth, William m. - Albany
Deeter, Donald S. - Coolville
DeFord, Rufus R. - Nelsonville
Dehmann, Guy O. - Chauncey
Dew, John H. - Glouster
Dodderer, Frank E. - Coolville
Dodderer, Hobart M. - Coolville
Dolman, Gerald P. - Nelsonville
Dolman,Richard M. - Nelsonville
Dorr, Donald E. - Athens
Dowler, Clifford H. - Chauncey
Downey, Perry - Athens
Drescher, Floyd F. - Millfield
Dunfee, Luther B. - Athens
Dunfee, Ray H. - Coolville
Dunfee, Raymond A. - Athens
Eddy, Jack P. - Athens
Edwards, Irvin E. - Chauncey
Evener, Charles L. - Nelsonville
Evener, Jack E.- Athens
Evener, Joe Cephus - Athens
Evener, William R. - Athens
Faust, Russell J.- Glouster
Fell, Leo F. - Athens
Finnearty, John F. - Millfield
Forbes, William - Nelsonville
Forsbach, William H. - Jacksonville
Fortney, Harter P. - Guysville
Foughty, Glennis E. - Millfield
Frank, Charles L. - Nelsonville
French, Kenneth E. - Athens
Frost, Samuel M. - Athens
Fuller, John W. - N Plymouth
Fultz, Alston D.- Glouster
Fultz, Foster - Glouster
Fultz, Robert - Glouster
Fultz, Wallace - Glouster
Gabriel, Elmer L. - Athens
Gabriel, Francis - New Marshfield
Gail, Wiliam R. - Hollister
Galbreath, Stanley E. - Coolville
Gall, Homer B., Jr. - Athens
Gall, Roger E. - Athens
Gilbert, Wilson - Athens
Gilham,Harley N. - New Marshfield
Goodwin, Walter A- Coolville
Gordon, Roy P. - Coolville
Gorrell, Howard H. - Torch
Graham, Arnold L. - Nelsonville

Page Four

Graham, Earl, Jr. - Nelsonville
Graham, Erma Fay - Athens
Graham, Pearl Eugene - Nelsonville
Green, Charles R. - Torch
Green, Clarence W. - Nelsonville
Grogg, Harold G. - Athens
Grogg, James Branson - Athens
Gulley, Elmer F. - Nelsonville
Hall, Arthur R. - Doanville
Halsey, Robert A. - Hockingport
Hart, Herbert J. - Coolville
Harvey, Kenneth R. - Nelsonville
Harvey, William Henry - Athens
Haskins, Dean E. - Trimble
Hawk, Lester Milford - Coolville
Hawkins, Ernest Robert - Glouster
Hayden, Clyde Ralph - Hollister
Heaton, C. William - Pomeroy
Heffken, William E. - Jacksonville
Hellyer, Charles Isaac - Nelsonville
Henderson, Arthur E. - Athens
Henderson, Arthur M. - Chauncey
Herron, Earl C. - New Marshfield
Hewitt, William H. - Nelsonville
Hillyer, Robert C., Jr. - Chaucey
Hoisington, Richard M. - Columbus
Holland, Charles Raymond - Athens
Holland, James Martin - Athens
Hollingshead, Glen C. - New Marshfield
Hollingshead, James E. - New Marshfield
Hollingshead, William L. - Trimble
Hook, Carl W. - Nelsonvile
Hornsby, Ward - Coolville
Hoskins, Delbert R. - Doanville
Howard, Ernest Paul - Guysville
Howard, Wade H. - The Plains
Hubble, Harley Joe - Nelsonville
Hubble, James R. - Nelsonville
Hudnall, Paul O. - Frost
Hudnell, Charles Arnold - Albany
Huffman, Donald L. - Coolville
Hulbert, Emmett V. Jr. - Athens
Humbhrey, Donald A. - Coolville
Humphrey, Elmer Kenneth - Glouster
Hunter, Howard E. - New Marshfield
Hunter, Lawrence W. - New Marshfield
Hutchins, Bob E. - Nelsonville
Irvin, Samuel D. - Guysville
James, Ben Edwin - Athens
James John Joseph - Athens
James, William Matthew - Athens
Jeffrey, David Welker - Nelsonville
Jenkins, Estel S. - Nelsonville
Johnson, Ernest Edward - Trimble
Johnson, Harold J. - Nelsonville
Johnson, Harrison G. - Nelsonville
Johnson, Jasper D. - Nelsonville
Johnson, Kermit L. - Frost
Johnson, Robert W. - New Marshfield
Jones, Harold Story - Shade
Jones, Paul Earl - Nelsonville
Jones, Robert L. - Shade
Judson, Thurman C. - Glouster
Kayser, John H. - Guysville
Kayser, William B. - Guysville
Keating, Thomas E. Nelsonville
Kempton, Wilbur Jr. - Jacksonville
Keplar, Emmett T. - Nelsonville
Kesterson, John W. - Nelsonville
Kimes, Harold R. - ?

Page Five

Kincade, Ronald L. - Coolville
Koons, James E. Jr. - Trimble
Koons, Paul J. - Trimble
Kovaleski, John E. - Chauncey
Kovaleski, Lorenzo J. - Chauncey
Kozma, Alexander - Millfield
Krivesti, John E. - The Plains
Landie Frederick E. - Athens
Lang, Walter J. Jr. - Doanville
Lanning, Ernest M. - Chauncey
Lanning, Willard H. - Chauncey
Lash, George E. - Albany
Lax, Howard J. - Nelsonville
Lechleidner, Charles - Nelsonville
Leffler, Phillmon B. - Nelsonville
Lemoine, Delbert L. - Jacksonville
Levering, Samuel E. - Nelsonville
Lewis, Foster G. - Glouster
Lewis, Jack E. - Glouster
Lewis, William O. - Chauncey
Linscott, Charles M. - Athens
Littleton, Ira J. - Coolville
Lock, Harold H. - Chauncey
Locke, Homer L. - Chauncey
Loper, William E. - Athens
Lovsey, John H. - Athens
Lowry, Max D. - Mineral
Lowry, Orville M. - Nelsonville
McCallister, Charles E. - The Plains
McAllister Paul F. - Glouster
McClellan, Weldon N. - Trimble
McCreanor, Paul F. - Glouster
McDonald, Charles M. - ?
McDonald, Earl Jr. - Glouster
MDonald Ralph L. - Glouster
McDonald, William A. - Torch
McDonald, William W. - New Pittsburg
McKibben, Charles T. - Chauncey
McKibben, Elmer R. - New Marshfield
McKibben, Lawrence C. - Nelsonville
McKibben, Richard T. - Athens
McKnight, Clarence R. - Coolville
NcKnight, Daniel L. - Nelsonville
McLaughlin, Pauleta L. - Guysvillle
McManaway, James C. - Nelsonville
McNamee, Robert L. - Nelsonville
McQuaid, Arthur L. - Nelsonville
McQuaid, Elden - Buchtel
McVay, Walter R. - Albany
Maccombs, Delbert R. - Nelsonville
Mace, Charles E. - New Marshfield
Mace, Nolan H. - Athens
Manda, John E. - The Plains
Manda, Joseph P. - Murray City
Mann, Robert C. - Nelsonville
Manning, John E. Jr. - Athens
Mansfield, Clarence G. - Athens
Matheny, Ivan E. - Nelsonville
Matheny, Jess - Nelsonville
Mayle, William E. - Stewart
Mayles, Deward A. - Athens
Meade, Paul E. - Glouster
Mecum, John K. - Jacksonville
Meeks, Ernest L. - Jacksonville
Metcalf, Esther L. - The Plains
Metcalf, Thomas M. - The Plains
Michael, Darius E. - The Plains
Miller, Arvil - Jacksonville
Milligan, James G. - Albany
Mingus, Donald F. - Jacksonville
Misner, Pearl H. - Millfield
Molnar, Alex - Glouster
Molnar, John W. - Glouster
Molnar, Joseph - Glouster
Molnar, Steve - Glouster
Monk, Sherman E. - Nelsonville
Moody, Carl H. - Millfield
Moody, John J. - Glouster
Morris, Alfred B. Jr. - Glouster
Morris, Byron J. - Glouster
Morris, Ernest W. - Glouster
Mosier, Raymond R. - Albany
Murvay, Bert D. - Glouster
Myers, Harry E. Jr. - Trimble
Nanna, Carl I. - Athens
Neal, Billy R. - Athens
Nelson, Charles L. - The Plains
Nelson, Floyd L. - Trimble
Nelson, Keith D. - Trimble

Page Six

Nelson, Kenneth R. - Trimble
Nicholas, William E. - Jacksonville
Nicholson, Charles E. - Athens
Norman, Verlen G. - Coolville
Ogg, Albert A. - Stewart
O'Nail, Carl H. - Nelsonville
Orme, Charley H. - Jacksonville
Parker, Millard L. - Albany
Parsons, Horace D. - Stewart
Pickett, Marion H. Jr. - Nelsonville
Pierce, Charles H. - Stewart
Pierce, Glen A. - Nelsonville
Pierce, Oscar J. - Coolville
Piecer, Richard A. - Millfield
Pinney, David D. - New Marshfield
Polley, Thomas M. - Nelsonville
Potter John E. Jr. - Glouster
Potter, Ralph - Jobs
Potts, Theodore E. - Athens
Powell, Donald L. - Nelsonville
Powell, Orland C. - Coolville
Pratt, Delno L. Jr. - Athens
Pritchard Thomas M. - Nelsonville
Pullins, Ralph D. - Coolville
Radcliffe, Earl F. - Albany
Rainey, Harold M. - Trimble
Rardin, Glen P. - Coolville
Raybould, John W. - Nelsonville
Reeves, Jack - Nelsonville
Russell, William P. - Nelsonville
Sams, Elmer M. - Coolville
Sanborn, Thomas C. - Glouster
Schackert, James W. - Doanville
Schoenian, Norman B. - Trimble
Schoonover, Ray - Nelsonville
Scott, Vern E. - Nelsonville
Shanborn Ernest J. Jr. - Hollister
Sharp, Joseph P. - Trimble
shea, Wilford H. - Athens
Shea, Willard w.- Frost
Showalter Charles H. - Millfield
Shuttleworth, Walter M. - Glouster
Simons, Walter W. - Glouster
Six, Birgie E. - Nelsonville
Six, Elden E. - Glouster
Six, Ralph L. - Athens
Smith, Clarence E. - Athens
Smith, J. Clayton - Stewart
Smith, Robert L. - Millfield
Smith, Thomas J. - Nelsonville
Sorrell, Clyde l. - Glouster
Spencer, Forrest B.- Nelsonville
Sprouse, Henry W. - Nelsonville
Spurgus, Mike - Glouster
Staley, Walter E. - Chauncey
Staneart, Max B. - Albany
Stimel, Harold E. - Nelsonville
Stocklen, Edward S. - Nelsonville
Sover, Otis G. - Shade
Thompson, Clarene L. - Athens
Thompson, Eugene A. - Nelsonville
Thompson, Franklin C. - Athens
Thompson, Robert D. - Nelsonville
Tippie, William L. - Glouster
Tittle, Dale - Athens
Tolliver, William J. - Glouster
Trace, James Jr. - Glouster
Trace, Robert G. - Glouster
Tucker, Preston E. - The Plains
Tucker, Raymond E. - Trimble
Tucker, Victor L. - Chauncey
Uhl, Charles W. - Torch
Valkinburg, Max E. - Nelsonville
Van Dyke, Edward T. - Amesville
Vanway, Willard W. - Glouster
Varady, Stephen E. - Athens
Vaughn, Harry D. - Trimble
Vernon, Robert F. - Jacksonville
Vess, Clarence H. - Stewart
Vess, Ray S. - Stewart
Vieth, Lona B. - Coolville
Viney, Andrew J. Jr. - Glouster
Viney, Robert E. - Glouster
Vore, Harold M. - Glouster
Vore, Jack R. - Glouster
Wachenschwanz, Charles Jr. - Nelsonville
Wachenschwanz, Don - Nelsonville
Wachenshwanz, Paul E. - Nelsonville
Wade, Clifford F. - Canaanville
Wade, Kenneth E. - Chauncey
Wade, Lloyd F. - Chauncey
Walters, Charles E. - Chauncey
Ward, Harold H. - Coolville
Warren, Edward J. - Nelsonville
Welling, Carl O. - Coolville
Whaley, Joe F. - Glouster
Whipple, Charles L. - Albany
Whipple, Dale E. - New Marshfield
White, Clyde L. Jr. - Coolville

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