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Young American Patriots 1941/45

This genealogy treasure is a collection of Young American Patriots from the Armed Forces for the years 1941 to 1945.  The collection consists of a photo and personal information for each of the servicemen/women listed.  All are from Athens county, Ohio. Personal information includes name, age/birth date, rank, service, parents names and location, high school attended, church affiliation, wife's name, age and maiden name, and the current address (at that time).

Names of Service Personnel are listed by page.  Please click on the page number to go to that page.

Many thanks to Donna Walton for transcribing this booklet for us!!!

Source: "World War 2, Young American Patriots, 1941-1945"
National Publishing Company, Richmond, VA; pub. 1947.

Page One

Adams, Delbert E. - Nelsonville
Adams, Willard - The Plains
Addis, William - Buchtel
Allen, Boyd W. Jr. - The Plains
Allen, John R. - Athens
Allen, Wilkie M. - The Plains
Andrews, James Franklin - Trimble
Ashcraft, Charles H. - Guysville
Ashcraft, Richard Leo - Guysville
Ayers, Charles W. - Glouster
Bacus, John W., Jr. - Nelsonville
Bailey, John H. - Nelsonville
Baker, Virgile E. - Athens
Banfield, Steven J. - Glouster
Barron, Clyde R. - New Marshfield
Barrows, Charles W. - Nelsonville
Bateman, Charles G. - Nelsonville
Bateman, William Lee - Nelsonville
Baughman, Richard W. - Albany
Baughman, Wendell W. - Albany
Beal, Gerald G. - New Marshfield
Beal, simmonds W. Jr - Glouster
Bean, Forrest Lee - Athens
Barnard, Charles - Glouster
Bernard, Lewis David - Glouster
Bescoe, Robert E. - Millfield
Beveridge, George F. - New Marshfield
Birtcher, Joseph William - Athens
Blair, Dale Alvan - Coolville
Blake, Alvin R. - Coolville
Blimes, Bill - Nelsonville
Bobo, Clyde Theodore - Chauncey
Boggs, Carl Leland - Frost
Boggs, R. Carson, Jr. - Frost
Bolin, Edward F. - Athens
Bowens, William J.  - Nelsonville
Bowers, Delmar F. - Coolville
Bradley, Carl Legg - Chauncey
Brandenberg, Merl Roy - Athens
Breeze, Thurman M.- Nelsonville
Bricker, Jack - Athens
Brooks, Kenneth D. - Mineral
Brown, Charles R. - Jacksonville
Brown, Clarence H. - Athens
Brown, Robert Dale - Nelsonville
Brunton, Bill - Glouster
Bryson, John Maurice - Glouster
Bryson, Robert King - Glouster
Buffington, Clarence S. - Athens
Buffington, James E. - The Plains
Bulloch, James - Glouster
Bulstrom, Glenn R. - Glouster
Burcher, Billie L. - Amesville
Burdiss, Ernest F. - Jacksonville

Page Two

Burdiss, George H. - Jacksonville
Burris, Don C. - Glouster
Burson, George - Shade
Butcher, John Rex - Frost
Calaway, Lawrence - Frost
Call, James Person - Nelsonville
Calloway, Carl Elmo - Coolville
Calloway, Ralph B. - Coolville
Campbell, Charles R. - Glouster
Campbell, William A. - Glouster
Canter, Delbert F. - Chauncey
Canter, Jack G. - Chauncey
Canter, Richard P. - Chauncey
Carmichael, David R. - Athens
Carpenter, George W. - New Marshfield
Carsey, Robert P. - Athens
Carsey, Walter E. - Athens
Carter, Bernard E. - Nelsonville
Carter, Robert Leroy - Nelsonville
Carter, Roy - New Marshfield
Chiki, Martin, Jr. - Millfield
Christman, David Brenton, Glouster
Clarey, John H. - Chauncey
Clark, Charles Foster - Glouster
Clark, Floyd W. - Albany
Clark, James W. - Athens
Clark, Robert H. - Nelsonville
Clark, Victor W. - Coolville
Clendenin, Harold E. - New Marshfield
Coe, Ralph L. - Chauncey
Coen, Paul E. - Athens
Cole, Lowell - Athens
Collins, Francis Earl - Nelsonville
Collins, John Edward - Nelsonville
Collins, Kelly - Coolville
Collins, Thomas Henry - Nelsonville
Collins, William Robert - Nelsonville
Conger, John W. - Glouster
Congrove, Leonard Grover - Stewart
Conner,Charles F. - Nelsonville
Conner, Donald Robert - Nelsonville
Conner, Joseph M. - Nelsonville
Conner, Raymond G. - Nelsonville
Conrad, Franklin - Athens
Conway, Melvin R. - Glouster
Conway, Vilas - Glouster
Courtney, John W. - Nelsonville
Cox, William H. - Jacksonville
Cozart, Darrel E. - Frost
Crabtree, Robert Harved - Millfield
Craig, Charles L. - Chauncey
Creamer, Kenneth Floyd - Coolville
Crihfield, Carl Edward - Nelsonville
Crow, John William - Mineral
Crow, Leonard R. - Mineral
Crow, Lewis K. - Mineral
Cruikshank, James L. - Chauncey
Cubbison, Evelyn Ruth - Coolville
Cubbison, Howard James - Coolville
Cubbison, John - Coolville

Page Three

Cubbison, Margaret E. - Coolville
Cullison, Herbert E. - Athens
Culp, Joseph R. - Jacksonville
Cunningham, Bernard E. - Coolville
Cunningham, Donald H. - Glouster
Cunningham, Jack B. - Chauncey
Danielson, Glen L. - Athens
Davis, Harold - Coolville
Davis, Harry W. - Chauncey
Dean, Joseph A. - Athens
Dearth, William m. - Albany
Deeter, Donald S. - Coolville
DeFord, Rufus R.  - Nelsonville
Dehmann, Guy O. - Chauncey
Dew, John H. - Glouster
Dodderer, Frank E. - Coolville
Dodderer, Hobart M. - Coolville
Dolman, Gerald P. - Nelsonville
Dolman,Richard M. - Nelsonville
Dorr, Donald E. - Athens
Dowler, Clifford H. - Chauncey
Downey, Perry - Athens
Drescher, Floyd F. - Millfield
Dunfee, Luther B. - Athens
Dunfee, Ray H. - Coolville
Dunfee, Raymond A. - Athens
Eddy, Jack P. - Athens
Edwards, Irvin E. - Chauncey
Evener, Charles L. - Nelsonville
Evener, Jack E.- Athens
Evener, Joe Cephus - Athens
Evener, William R. - Athens
Faust, Russell J.- Glouster
Fell, Leo F. - Athens
Finnearty, John F. - Millfield
Forbes, William - Nelsonville
Forsbach, William H. - Jacksonville
Fortney, Harter P. - Guysville
Foughty, Glennis E. - Millfield
Frank, Charles L. - Nelsonville
French, Kenneth E. - Athens
Frost, Samuel M. - Athens
Fuller, John W.  - N Plymouth
Fultz, Alston D.- Glouster
Fultz, Foster - Glouster
Fultz, Robert - Glouster
Fultz, Wallace - Glouster
Gabriel, Elmer L. - Athens
Gabriel, Francis - New Marshfield
Gail, Wiliam R. - Hollister
Galbreath, Stanley E. - Coolville
Gall, Homer B., Jr. - Athens
Gall, Roger E. - Athens
Gilbert, Wilson - Athens
Gilham,Harley N. - New Marshfield
Goodwin, Walter A- Coolville
Gordon, Roy P. - Coolville
Gorrell, Howard H. - Torch
Graham, Arnold L. - Nelsonville

Page Four

Graham, Earl, Jr. - Nelsonville
Graham, Erma Fay - Athens
Graham, Pearl Eugene - Nelsonville
Green, Charles R. - Torch
Green, Clarence W. - Nelsonville
Grogg, Harold G. - Athens
Grogg, James Branson - Athens
Gulley, Elmer F. - Nelsonville
Hall, Arthur R. - Doanville
Halsey, Robert A. - Hockingport
Hart, Herbert J. - Coolville
Harvey, Kenneth R. - Nelsonville
Harvey, William Henry - Athens
Haskins, Dean E. - Trimble
Hawk, Lester Milford - Coolville
Hawkins, Ernest Robert - Glouster
Hayden, Clyde Ralph - Hollister
Heaton, C. William - Pomeroy
Heffken, William E. - Jacksonville
Hellyer, Charles Isaac - Nelsonville
Henderson, Arthur E. - Athens
Henderson, Arthur M. - Chauncey
Herron, Earl C. - New Marshfield
Hewitt, William H. - Nelsonville
Hillyer, Robert C., Jr. - Chaucey
Hoisington, Richard M. - Columbus
Holland, Charles Raymond - Athens
Holland, James Martin - Athens
Hollingshead, Glen C. - New Marshfield
Hollingshead, James E. - New Marshfield
Hollingshead, William L. - Trimble
Hook, Carl W. - Nelsonvile
Hornsby, Ward - Coolville
Hoskins, Delbert R. - Doanville
Howard, Ernest Paul - Guysville
Howard, Wade H. - The Plains
Hubble, Harley Joe - Nelsonville
Hubble, James R. - Nelsonville
Hudnall, Paul O. - Frost
Hudnell, Charles Arnold - Albany
Huffman, Donald L. - Coolville
Hulbert, Emmett V. Jr. - Athens
Humbhrey, Donald A. - Coolville
Humphrey, Elmer Kenneth - Glouster
Hunter, Howard E. - New Marshfield
Hunter, Lawrence W. - New Marshfield
Hutchins, Bob E. - Nelsonville
Irvin, Samuel D. - Guysville
James, Ben Edwin - Athens
James John Joseph - Athens
James, William Matthew - Athens
Jeffrey, David Welker - Nelsonville
Jenkins, Estel S. - Nelsonville
Johnson, Ernest Edward - Trimble
Johnson, Harold J. - Nelsonville
Johnson, Harrison G. - Nelsonville
Johnson, Jasper D. - Nelsonville
Johnson, Kermit L. - Frost
Johnson, Robert W. - New Marshfield
Jones, Harold Story - Shade
Jones, Paul Earl - Nelsonville
Jones, Robert L. - Shade
Judson, Thurman C. - Glouster
Kayser, John H. - Guysville
Kayser, William B. - Guysville
Keating, Thomas E. Nelsonville
Kempton, Wilbur Jr. - Jacksonville
Keplar, Emmett T. - Nelsonville
Kesterson, John W. - Nelsonville
Kimes, Harold R. - ?

Page Five
Kincade, Ronald L. - Coolville
Koons, James E. Jr. - Trimble
Koons, Paul J. - Trimble
Kovaleski, John E. - Chauncey
Kovaleski, Lorenzo J. - Chauncey
Kozma, Alexander - Millfield
Krivesti, John E. - The Plains
Landie Frederick E. - Athens
Lang, Walter J. Jr. - Doanville
Lanning, Ernest M. - Chauncey
Lanning, Willard H. - Chauncey
Lash, George E. - Albany
Lax, Howard J. - Nelsonville
Lechleidner, Charles - Nelsonville
Leffler, Phillmon B. - Nelsonville
Lemoine, Delbert L. - Jacksonville
Levering, Samuel E. - Nelsonville
Lewis, Foster G. - Glouster
Lewis, Jack E. - Glouster
Lewis, William O. - Chauncey
Linscott, Charles M. - Athens
Littleton, Ira J. - Coolville
Lock, Harold H. - Chauncey
Locke, Homer L. - Chauncey
Loper, William E. - Athens
Lovsey, John H. - Athens
Lowry, Max D. - Mineral
Lowry, Orville M. - Nelsonville
McCallister, Charles E. - The Plains
McAllister Paul F. - Glouster
McClellan, Weldon N. - Trimble
McCreanor, Paul F. - Glouster
McDonald, Charles M. - ?
McDonald, Earl Jr. - Glouster
MDonald Ralph L. - Glouster
McDonald, William A. - Torch
McDonald, William W. - New Pittsburg
McKibben, Charles T. - Chauncey
McKibben, Elmer R. - New Marshfield
McKibben, Lawrence C. - Nelsonville
McKibben, Richard T. - Athens
McKnight, Clarence R. - Coolville
NcKnight, Daniel L. - Nelsonville
McLaughlin, Pauleta L. - Guysvillle
McManaway, James C. - Nelsonville
McNamee, Robert L. - Nelsonville
McQuaid, Arthur L. - Nelsonville
McQuaid, Elden - Buchtel
McVay, Walter R. - Albany
Maccombs, Delbert R. - Nelsonville
Mace, Charles E. - New Marshfield
Mace, Nolan H. - Athens
Manda, John E. - The Plains
Manda, Joseph P. - Murray City
Mann, Robert C. - Nelsonville
Manning, John E. Jr. - Athens
Mansfield, Clarence G. - Athens
Matheny, Ivan E. - Nelsonville
Matheny, Jess - Nelsonville
Mayle, William E. - Stewart
Mayles, Deward A. - Athens
Meade, Paul E. - Glouster
Mecum, John K. - Jacksonville
Meeks, Ernest L. - Jacksonville
Metcalf, Esther L. - The Plains
Metcalf, Thomas M. - The Plains
Michael, Darius E. - The Plains
Miller, Arvil - Jacksonville
Milligan, James G. - Albany
Mingus, Donald F. - Jacksonville
Misner, Pearl H. - Millfield
Molnar, Alex - Glouster
Molnar, John W. - Glouster
Molnar, Joseph - Glouster
Molnar, Steve - Glouster
Monk, Sherman E. - Nelsonville
Moody, Carl H. - Millfield
Moody, John J. - Glouster
Morris, Alfred B. Jr. - Glouster
Morris, Byron J. - Glouster
Morris, Ernest W. - Glouster
Mosier, Raymond R. - Albany
Murvay, Bert D. - Glouster
Myers, Harry E. Jr. - Trimble
Nanna, Carl I. - Athens
Neal, Billy R. - Athens
Nelson, Charles L. - The Plains
Nelson, Floyd L. - Trimble
Nelson, Keith D. - Trimble

Page Six
Nelson, Kenneth R. - Trimble
Nicholas, William E. - Jacksonville
Nicholson, Charles E. - Athens
Norman, Verlen G. - Coolville
Ogg, Albert A. - Stewart
O'Nail, Carl H. - Nelsonville
Orme, Charley H. - Jacksonville
Parker, Millard L. - Albany
Parsons, Horace D. - Stewart
Pickett, Marion H. Jr. - Nelsonville
Pierce, Charles H. - Stewart
Pierce, Glen A. - Nelsonville
Pierce, Oscar J. - Coolville
Piecer, Richard A. - Millfield
Pinney, David D. - New Marshfield
Polley, Thomas M. - Nelsonville
Potter John E. Jr. - Glouster
Potter, Ralph - Jobs
Potts, Theodore E. - Athens
Powell, Donald L. - Nelsonville
Powell, Orland C. - Coolville
Pratt, Delno L. Jr. - Athens
Pritchard Thomas M. - Nelsonville
Pullins, Ralph D. - Coolville
Radcliffe, Earl F. - Albany
Rainey, Harold M. - Trimble
Rardin, Glen P. - Coolville
Raybould, John W. - Nelsonville
Reeves, Jack - Nelsonville
Russell, William P. - Nelsonville
Sams, Elmer M. - Coolville
Sanborn, Thomas C. - Glouster
Schackert, James W. - Doanville
Schoenian, Norman B. - Trimble
Schoonover, Ray - Nelsonville
Scott, Vern E. - Nelsonville
Shanborn Ernest J. Jr. - Hollister
Sharp, Joseph P. - Trimble
shea, Wilford H. - Athens
Shea, Willard w.- Frost
Showalter Charles H. - Millfield
Shuttleworth, Walter M. - Glouster
Simons, Walter W. - Glouster
Six, Birgie E. - Nelsonville
Six, Elden E. - Glouster
Six, Ralph L. - Athens
Smith, Clarence E. - Athens
Smith, J. Clayton - Stewart
Smith, Robert L. - Millfield
Smith, Thomas J. - Nelsonville
Sorrell, Clyde l. - Glouster
Spencer, Forrest B.- Nelsonville
Sprouse, Henry W. - Nelsonville
Spurgus, Mike - Glouster
Staley, Walter E. - Chauncey
Staneart, Max B. - Albany
Stimel, Harold E. - Nelsonville
Stocklen, Edward S. - Nelsonville
Sover, Otis G. - Shade
Thompson, Clarene L. - Athens
Thompson, Eugene A. - Nelsonville
Thompson, Franklin C. - Athens
Thompson, Robert D. - Nelsonville
Tippie, William L. - Glouster
Tittle, Dale - Athens
Tolliver, William J. - Glouster
Trace, James Jr. - Glouster
Trace, Robert G. - Glouster
Tucker, Preston E. - The Plains
Tucker, Raymond E. - Trimble
Tucker, Victor L. - Chauncey
Uhl, Charles W. - Torch
Valkinburg, Max E. - Nelsonville
Van Dyke, Edward T. - Amesville
Vanway, Willard W. - Glouster
Varady, Stephen E. - Athens
Vaughn, Harry D. - Trimble
Vernon, Robert F. - Jacksonville
Vess, Clarence H. - Stewart
Vess, Ray S. - Stewart
Vieth, Lona B. - Coolville
Viney, Andrew J. Jr. - Glouster
Viney, Robert E. - Glouster
Vore, Harold M. - Glouster
Vore, Jack R. - Glouster
Wachenschwanz, Charles Jr. - Nelsonville
Wachenschwanz, Don - Nelsonville
Wachenshwanz, Paul E. - Nelsonville
Wade, Clifford F. - Canaanville
Wade, Kenneth E. - Chauncey
Wade, Lloyd F. - Chauncey
Walters, Charles E. - Chauncey
Ward, Harold H. - Coolville
Warren, Edward J. - Nelsonville
Welling, Carl O. - Coolville
Whaley, Joe F. - Glouster
Whipple, Charles L. - Albany
Whipple, Dale E. - New Marshfield
White, Clyde L. Jr. - Coolville 


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