Emmett W. Gans

GANS, Emmett W.; born, Sparta , O., (Athens Co) May 20, 1861; son of Dr. D. L. and Margaret Gordon (Hanna) Gans; educated at Hiram College (O.) Preparatory School; University of Indianapolis, Butler College, degree of Ph.B., 1887; Spencerian Business College , Cleveland . Married at Mansfield , O., Aug. 17, 1892, Mary Churchill Weldon (now deceased). Was with The Burrows Bros. Co., Cleveland, for a few months after leaving college; identified for eighteen years with the Aultman-Taylor Machinery Co., Mansfield, O., successively as general salesman, manager of collections and general superintendent, also was director in the company; for a number of years has been actively connected with the Western Straw Board Co., St. Mary’s, O.; has been in general management of the Reliance Motor Car Co. since January, 1907. Member advisory board Farmers’ Savings and Trust Co., Mansfield, O.; director and treasurer The Western Straw Board Co.; also of the Bloomer Bros. Co., St. Mary’s, O. Member Detroit Board of Commerce and the Ohio Society of Detroit, Delta Tau Delta college fraternity. Club: Mansfield Country Club (Mansfield, O.). Recreations: Music and golf. Office: 89 E. Fort St. Residence: 50 Holbrook Av.

[The Book of Detroiters. Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis Copyright, 1908 - CW -Sub by FOFG]

Samuel Gillett

was born in Hartford county, Connecticut, September 26, 1785, and came to Athens county in 1818. He first settled in Ames, where in 1819 he established a tannery, which was located near where the old brick church stood in after years. He frequently tanned the skins of wild animals, panthers, bears, etc., which were, even as late as that, sometimes used for clothing or household purposes. In 1823 he removed to Canaan township, and settled on Stroud’s run, about four miles east of Athens. He and his present wife were married in 1809.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

John Gillmore

was born in Washington county, New York, December 25, 1786. Soon afterward his father’s family removed to Rutland, Vermont, whence they emigrated in 1813 to Ohio. They were accompanied by Cephas Carpenter, a relative by marriage, and all settled in Athens. The father, James Gillmore, was the first elder in the Presbyterian church formed here about the time of his arrival, and was an excellent man; he died July 25, 1827. John Gillmore held several minor local offices, and served with credit two terms in the state legislature. In 1836 he removed with his family to Illinois, and finally settled at Rock Island, where he died, July 9th, 1859. The Gillmores are remembered as one of the most substantial families of the town during their long residence here. One of the daughters of Mr. James Gillmore, Ann Eliza, married the Rev. 5. 5. Miles (brother of Mr. Joseph B. Miles), who now lives in Geneseo, Illinois.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Walter Glazier

Walter Glazier was born in Ames township, in this county, in 1807, and removed to Carthage in 1837. He has served as justice of the peace five years, township assessor seven years, and township trustee twelve years.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

William Golden

born in Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, October 5th, 1799, came to Athens county in 1824, and settled at first in Athens, but later, in Alexander township, as a farmer. Here he was elected justice of the peace for many successive years. He was county sheriff from 1843 to 1847, and county treasurer from 1848 to 1854. In 1843 he removed to the town of Athens, where he has since resided, and is now postmaster. Three of his sons are living, viz: John C., a farmer and stock dealer in Meigs county, Elmer, a merchant in Jackson Ohio, and William R.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

William Reed Golden

son of the last named, was born in Athens, April 11 th, 1827, and passed his early years on his father’s farm in Alexander. He was educated at the Ohio university, studied law at Athens with Lot L. Smith, and attended lectures at the National Law School at Ballston Spa, New York, where he graduated in 1851. Returning to Athens, he entered on the practice of his profession here in 1852. In 1865 he was elected, as a democrat, to the state senate, and re-elected in October, 1867, to represent the counties of Athens, Hocking, and Fairfield, composing the ninth senatorial district. He has recently removed to Columbus, Ohio, where he is now engaged in the practice of law.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Joseph Goodspeed

born in Barnstable,Massachusetts, in June, 1774, came to this county, with his family of five sons and three daughters, in 1818, and settled on a farm about two miles west of Athens, where he died February 12, 1857. His two sons, David and Ezra Goodspeed, well known in the county as successful farmers, were born in Barnstable, Massachusetts, and came to Athens, with their father, in 1818. Many of their descendants still live in the county, and are highly respected. Major Arza Goodspeed, son of David, was killed before Vicksburg, while bravely doing his duty as a soldier of the Union, and J. McKinly Goodspeed, son of Ezra, and a graduate of the Ohio university, is at present superintendent of the Athens union schools.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

William Gorsline

born on Long Island, New York, in 1755, came to Athens county and settled in Alexander township in 1817. He brought with him a family of three sons and three daughters, of whom only one (Mr. J. M. Gorsline, of Lee township) survives. Mr.Gorsline was a man of fine intelligence. He died July 7th, 1825.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Matthew D. Griffin

who resides three miles south of Tonasket, (WA) on the Okanogan river, is one of the heavy property owners and large stock men of the county. He is a man of knowledge and good executive ability, as will be noticed by the following: Matthew D. Griffin was born in Athens county, Ohio, on March 21, 1851, the son of Daniel and Rhoda (Fleak) Griffin, both natives of Ohio. The father's father fought in the war of 1812. The parents are now both deceased. The mother passed away in 1902, aged eighty-seven. Our subject was favored with a good common-school and academic education, completing the same in Tupper Plains Academy in Meigs county, Ohio. Following this he taught school in West Virginia for two terms, then studied medicine for two years but never practiced. Returning to Ohio, he was married in 1874, in Athens county. Miss Mary J., daughter of Joshua and Louisa (Hannis) Burdette, becoming the bride at that time. She was a native of Belmont county as were also her parents. Her father died in 1901, aged ninety-eight and her mother in the spring of 1903. During the centennial year Mr. Griffin went to West Virginia and in 1883, came west on the Canadian Pacific railroad in the Northwest Territory, where he did construction work. He also had large contracts later, on the Northwestern and Milwaukee & St. Paul roads. In addition, he was a railroad contractor on different lines through Nebraska, Texas, Kansas and so forth, also on the Bear river canal in Utah and the New York canal at Boise, Idaho. It was largely an irrigation enterprise. During the construction of the Great Northern, he did the construction for the shops at Hillyard and other heavy work along the line. The fall of 1892, Mr. Griffin settled on the homestead ten miles below Oroville, where he immediately went into general farming and stock raising. In 1896 he was elected county commissioner on the Democratic ticket and gave good service for two years. He sold the ranch, then bought his present place, which is an estate of three hundred and twenty acres, valuable for general farming and hay raising. He has a fine eleven-room residence, large barn and other buildings, with plenty of water to irrigate the entire estate. His stock consists of cattle and horses, mostly, although he raises some hogs. To Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, have been born the following children : Frank, married to Maude Dougherty, now living at Pentickton, British Columbia; Nerea B., deceased; Edward R., married to Deborah Symons, who is now residing with our subject, her husband having died; Arthur J., at home, and Roscoe C, at home. Mr. Griffin is a man who deserves and receives the respect and esteem of all who know him, being a man of good principles and public spirit.

[Source: "An illustrated History of Stevens, Ferry, Okanogan, and Chelan Counties in the state of Washington" Western Historical Publishing Company, 1904 - Tr. by Helen Coughlin]

Charles H. Grosvenor

born in Pomfret, Connecticut, September 20, 1833, came to Athens county with his father’s family when five years old, and lived in Rome during his youth and early manhood. While clerking in the store of Daniel Stewart he obtained books from Lot L. Smith, of Athens, and read law assiduously. He practiced with success in Athens for a few years prior to the breaking out of the rebellion, and entered the service in July, 1861, as major of the 18th Ohio infantry. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel March 16, 1863. March 14, 1865, Maj. Gen. J. B. Steedman recommended Col. Grosvenor to the secretary of war for promotion “for faithful, distinguished and gallant services. The recommendation was thus indorsed by Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas: “Respectfully forwarded and earnestly recommended. Lieut. Col. Grosvenor has served under my command since November, 1862, and has, on all occasions, performed his duties with intelligence and zeal.” Gen. Grosvenor was promoted to colonel April 8, 1865, and served till the close of the war. He was brevetted brigadier general to date from March 13, 1865, and was mustered out October 28th in that year. He is now practicing law in Athens.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Daniel A. Grosvenor

Daniel A Grosvenor was a son of Peter Grosvenor. He served in the Union army during the war of the rebellion. He entered the service as a private in the 3d Ohio regiment

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Edward Grosvenor

Edward Grosvenor was a son of Peter Grosvenor. He served in the Union army during the war of the rebellion. He entered the service as a private, and for good conduct was commissioned a captain in the 92d regiment O.V.I. He died while on the march with Sherman's army "to the sea."

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

John M Grosvenor

John M Grosvenor was a son of Peter Grosvenor. He served in the Union army during the war of the rebellion. He served in the quartermaster's department.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Peter Grosvenor

Peter Grosvenor, born at Pomfret, Windham county, Connecticut, January 25, 1794, removed to Athens county and settled in Rome township in May, 1838. His father, Colonel Thomas Grosvenor, served with distinction through the revolutionary war, part of the time on the staff of General Warren and of General Washington, and was wounded at the battle of Bunker Hill. Peter Grosvenor served in the war of 1812. He was among the first to clear up and make an improvement on the present road from the Canaan line to Federal creek, the northwestern part of Rome, where he settled, being at that time very sparsely populated. He died September 29, 1859, on the farm where he first settled. Mr Grosvenor was a man of uncompromising integrity and an excellent citizen. Four of his sons served in the Union army during the war of the rebellion.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Thomas Grosvenor

Thomas Grosvenor, a brother of Peter, settled near him in 1839. He lived in Rome about twenty years and then removed to Washington county, where he died April 9, 1867, aged eighty-one years. All of his sons, five in number, enlisted in the Union army at the beginning of the war of the rebellion. Of the nine sons of the two Grosvenor families who volunteered only four lived to return.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

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