Solomon Newton

a native of Worcester, Massachusetts, came to Athens county in 1821, and settled in Trimble in 1822. His place was on the creek about three miles below James Dew's, and, being situated on the main road between Athens and Zanesville, was formerly very well known. Mr Newton died in 1849.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...."Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Abraham Norris

Abraham Norris, born in New York in 1807, came to Ohio and settled in Carthage in 1829, where he now lives a farmer.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Capt. Amos Northrop

born in Litchfield county, Connecticut, December 19, 1796, came to this county in the autumn of 1814, and ultimately settled in Alexander township, where he still resides in the town of Hebbardsville. In early life Capt. Northrop developed some military taste, He served in the war of 1812, and, after coming to this county, was captain of the militia for several years. He is now deputy sheriff of the county, and also coroner, which last position he has held for a number of years. Though in his seventy-third year he is an active and efficient man.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Ebenezer Nye & Family

The Nye family, consisting of Ebenezer, the father (a native of Tolland, Connecticut, who came to the territory in 1790), and four sons, viz: George, Neal, Nathan, and Theodore, came out from Marietta in 1814, and settled in Dover about a mile north of Chauncey. The eldest son died in 1825, leaving a widow, Mrs. Lydia Nye, now living at an advanced age with her son, George Nye, on the place first occupied by his father. The other brothers removed to Meigs county, where their descendants are numerous and respectable.
In 1820 the Nyes and some others formed a company to bore a salt well, on the place where Jeremiah Morris now lives, but, after boring to a considerable depth, abandoned the undertaking. Ten or twelve years later it was resumed by John Pugsley, who, after boring a little deeper, struck a vein of good salt water. This was the first successful salt well bored in the Hockhocking valley.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...." Charles M. Walker - 1869]

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