William Rardin

born near Pittsburgh, April 29, 1797, came here in 1822 and settled on the state road between Marietta and Athens. For many years the wolves were a great scourge, and the secluded valley of the Marietta run, at the head of which he lived, was about their last retreat. Mr. Rardin has been a farmer all his life and his descendants are well known in the township.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...."Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Samuel Robbins

was one of the early settlers of York. He was born in Massachusetts in 1771,came to Athens county in 1819, and to Nelsonville in 1822, where he lived the rest of his life. He built and carried on the first tannery in this part of the county. He died September 21, 1832. His descendants are mostly living in York.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...."Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Solomon Roberts

a native of New York, came to Athens county in 1819 and settled in Nelsonville in March, 1821. He found here less than half a dozen cabins and one frame house. Coal was not known to exist about Nelsonville for several years after this date. Mr. Roberts being a blacksmith got his coal from Minker’s run and Monday creek, for some time after he came here. Prior to the opening of the canal, samples of the Nelsonville coal were sent in wagons to Lancaster, Circleville, and other towns for blacksmithing, and its quality fully tested and approved. Mr. Roberts and his son, Mr. W. P. Roberts, are well known in Nelsonville. 

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...."Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Ezekiel Robinett, Sens

The third family was that of Ezekiel Robinett, Sen. [to Waterloo township]

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...."Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Norman Root

born in Canaan, Litchfield county, Connecticut, January 22, 1798, removed to Ohio in 1816, and to the town of Athens about the year 1820. In 1824 he married Jane Brice, sister of Thomas Brice, long known as a leading citizen of Athens. In 1827 Mr. Root was elected county auditor, and served till 1839, being re-elected five times. He. was also, for many years, recorder of Athens, and held other positions of trust in the community, in all of which he discharged his duty with scrupulous fidelity. He was a man of great modesty and reticence, but of sound judgment and excellent business capacity. He was, for a long time, prominent as a Free Mason, and, for forty years, was a devoted and consistent member of the Methodist church. He died September 21, 1867.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...."Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Elijah Rowell

In 1811, Elijah Rowell, migrated with his little family to the then "far west," and settled in Rome township, where Mr Rowell has passed nearly the whole of his peaceful and useful life, and where he continues to reside, respected and beloved by all who know him.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...."Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Elmer Rowell

Elmer Rowell, a son of Elijah Rowell, is one of the few surviving pioneers of this period, was born in the county of Middlesex, Massachusetts, in the year 1793, of excellent parentage, the family on both sides of the house being noted for their sterling honesty, intelligence, and patriotism. In the year 1812 young Rowell, then only nineteen years old, began to teach school, and continued teaching during the winter season for many years. He had eminent fitness for educating the young, and his unwearying fidelity and philosophic methods of instruction gained for him a deserved popularity. In 1815 he married Ester Culver, daughter of Roswell Culver, who is still living. To them were born six children, of which only three survive, viz: Ohiolus, born in Rome township in 1816, now a farmer in the same township, Mrs. Theresa P. Dorr, wife of Edmund Dorr, and William Wirt Rowell. Esquire Rowell has been a farmer during the most of his life. He has always taken a lively interest in the welfare of the community where he dwells, and has filled, at different times, all the township offices and the office of county commissioner.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...."Charles M. Walker - 1869]

Rev Alfred Ryors, D.D.

Rev. Alfred Ryors, D.D., was born in Philadelphia, June 28, 1812. Being left an orphan at a very early age, he was received into the family and select school of Rev. Robert Steel, D.D., at Abington, Pa. He graduated at Jefferson College, Pa., in 1835, and in May, 1836, he wasw elected Professor of Mathematics in the Ohio University where he remained till 1844. In that uear he was called to the same chair in Indiana State University. In 1848 he was elected President of the Ohio University, and filled the office for four years.

[Source: History of Hocking Valley, Ohio; Chicago:Inter-State Publishing Co. 1883, ]

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