James W Thompson

James W Thompson, section 29, Starr township [Hocking Co], was born in Lodi Township, Athens Co, Ohio, Nov 6, 1837. His father John Thompson, deceased, was a native of York Township, Athens County. Our subjects's grandfather, Jeremiah Thompson, came from England to Athens County prior to the year 1800. Mr Thompson's grandfather, Josephus Carpenter, used to run foot races with the Indian boys. Mr Thompson was reared on the farm and received a limited education. For some years he worked on public works. He served as a soldier in Company I, Seventy-fifth Ohio Infantry, three years, and participated in the battles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Freeman's Ford, second Bull Run, Camp Baldwin, Gainsville, Pocataligio and others. He was wounded at the battle of second Bull Run and now draws a pension. During the last eighteen months of service he was a Corporal. He was married Sept. 6, 1865, to Mary C Buckingham, daughter of Curtis Buckingham, of this township [Starr twp, Hocking Co]. They have three children-Ellenora, William, and Charles W. Mr Thompson owns eighty-four acres of land and is engaged in general farming. Mr and Mrs Thompson are members of the Methodist Episcopal church, and he is an Odd Fellow in good standing.

[Source: History of Hocking Valley, Ohio Chicago:Inter- State Publishing Co. 1883 — submitted by bmt]

Josiah True

Daniel Weethee of New Hampshire, saved money enough, during his youth, to buy a tract of land in what is now Dover township. At the age of nineteen Daniel set out for the northwestern territory, made the tedious journey on foot and alone, and reached Marietta about the middle of December, 1798. The next spring he and another young man, Josiah True, came out to Dover, traveling through the woods by the aid of a compass. Arrived here they built a log cabin for their joint occupancy (they were both unmarried), and lived together about three years. Mr True managed, by hard work and by selling skins, furs, etc., to secure means enough to purchase a piece of land, and bought part of the farm now owned by his son, Austin True, where he lived during the rest of his life. Thus they lived for about three years in this truely pioneer fashion, with not companions but the forest trees, and no neighbors but the wild game of all sorts which abounded near their cabin.
In 1802 Mr. Weethee married Lucy Wilkins, daughter of John Wilkins, one of the early settlers of Athens township, and the next year Mr. True married Almira, a daughter of Solomon Tuttle, then living on the creek a few miles above, what is now Trimble township.

Josiah True, the companion and friend to Daniel Weethee, was born in New Hampshire, October 25, 1776, came to Marietta in 1793, and to Dover township in 1800. He held the office of Justice of the peace in Dover, from 1815 till 1851, and was respected and popular. He died September 16, 1855. Mr True was one of the founders of the "Coonskin library" of Ames, and always a leader in pioneer improvements. One of the first spinning wheels introduced into Dover was bought by him in 1803. Having accumulated a few bear and deer skins he carried them on his back to Zanesville, forty miles distant, purchased the wheel with the proceeds of the skins, brought it home on his back (walking all the way), and made the round trip of eighty miles in two days.
Most of the early settlers engaged more or less in hunting, depending mainly on the forests for fresh meat. On one occasion Josiah True and Cyrus Tuttle, his brother-in-law, drove a bear into a cave on the farm now owned by Mr. Austin True, in Dover. They succeeded in shooting the animal in a narrow passage of the cave, and, having fastened a hickory withe to his nose, were about to drag it to the open air. Mr True entered the cave, and got behind the dead bear to assist Tuttle in shoving it out, when another bear, hitherto unobserved, came rushing from the rear end of the cave, directly on and over True's back, crushing him down on his face with great violence, and so made its escape out of the cave.
Mr. True, at a very early day, bought some choice apples at Marietta, and sowed the seed from them, from which he established the first nursery attempted in the county. Most of the old orchards on Sunday and Monday creeks were planted from this nursery, and some of the trees are still bearing.

[From: "History of Athens County, Ohio...."Charles M. Walker - 1869]

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