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Alexander Union Cemetery 391537N 0820951W  
Angel Cemetery 391546N 0820252W  
Asbury Cemetery 391521N 0815713W  
Athens Cemetery 391951N 0820644W  
Augustine Cemetery 392235N 0820543W  
Barnhill Cemetery 391250N 0815702W  
Barrows Cemetery 391811N 0815012W  
Bassett Cemetery 391639N 0820621W  
Bates Cemetery 391550N 0820533W  
Bean Cemetery 391702N 0815453W  
Beasley Cemetery 392452N 0815741W  
Beebe Cemetery 391846N 0815203W  
Bethany Cemetery 391637N 0815152W  
Bethel Cemetery 391204N 0814957W  
Bethel Ridge Cemetery 392931N 0820856W  
Bishop Cemetery 391444N 0815812W  
Bishopville Cemetery 393042N 0820305W  
Brooks Cemetery 392120N 0821501W  
Broadwell Cemetery     "Spruce Run"
Brown Cemetery 392409N 0820507W  
Buchtel Cemetery 392802N 0821139W aka "Old Miners"
Buck Cemetery 391558N 0815633W  
Burson Cemetery 391340N 0820229W  
Butts Cemetery 391755N 0815010W  
Canaanville Cemetery 391940N 0815951W  
Carter Cemetery 392224N 0821227W  
Carthage Cemetery 391513N 0815408W  
Chase Cemetery 391212N 0820558W  
Chauncey Cemetery      
Clarks Chapel Cemetery 391842N 0820357W  
Concord Cemetery 392703N 0820303W  
Connett Cemetery 392456N 0821524W  
Coolville Cemetery 391315N 0814838W  
Copeland Cemetery 392127N 0815535W  
Crippen Cemetery 391831N 0815116W  
Crossroads Cemetery 391258N 0821032W  
Cumberland Cemetery 391515N 0821005W  
Cutler Cemetery 392458N 0815758W  
Dew Cemetery 392804N 0821154W  
Elida Cemetery      
Factory Cemetery 392018N 0821112W  
Fairview Cemetery 391438N 0815046W  
Federal Hill Cemetery 392535N 0815807W  
Ferguson Cemetery 391812N 0821751W  
Finsterwald Cemetery 391858N 0815147W  
Fort Street Cemetery 392746N 0821358W  
Frame Cemetery 391322N 0814758W  
Garden Cemetery 391239N 0815836W  
Gates Cemetery 391350N 0820339W  
Gilham Cemetery 391807N 0820912W  
Glouster Cemetery 393042N 0820407W  
Graham Chapel Cemetery 391604N 0820116W  
Greenlawn Cemetery 392554N 0821133W  
Guysville Cemetery 391736N 0815523W  
Haga Church Cemetery 391959N 0815156W  
Haines Cemetery 392001N 0821002W  
Haning Cemetery 391216N 0820852W  
Henrys Cemetery 392402N 0815707W  
Hewett Cemetery 391932N 0821551W  
Hewitt Cemetery 392056N 0821443W  
Higgin Cemetery 391750N 0820755W  
Hilltop Cemetery 3942500N 08209690W  
Hockingport Cemetery 391124N 0814507W  
Holmes Cemetery 391858N 0821121W  
Hooper Ridge Cemetery 392555N 0820033W  
Howson Cemetery 391922N 0821600W  
Humphrey Cemetery 391221N 0814733W  
Hunter Cemetery 392138N 0820404W  
Ireland Cemetery 391622N 0814635W  
Jeffers Cemetery 391419N 0820341W  
Jerseyville Cemetery 391333N 0820208W  
Johnson Cemetery 393026N 0820642W  
Judd Cemetery 392023N 0821654W  
Kilvert Cemetery 392043N 0815313W  
Koons Family Cemetery     Millfield, OH
Lefever Cemetery 392935N 0820319W  
Littler Cemetery 391859N 0820952W  
Lottridge Cemetery 391330N 0815231W  
Lower Baptist Cemetery      
Lyndon Cemetery 391106N 0814630W  
Mansfield Cemetery 391654N 0820236W  
Mansfield Cemetery 392007N 0820247W  
Maplewood Cemetery 393023N 0820329W  
Marshfield Cemetery 391928N 0821241W  aka New Marshfield Cemetery
Martin Cemetery 391301N 0821454W  
McCole Cemetery 391756N 0820400W  
McDougall Cemetery 392416N 0820221W  
Memory Gardens Cemetery 391635N 0820934W  
Millfield-Hilltop Cemetery 392530N 0820549W  aka Hilltop
Minear Cemetery 391522N 0821330W  
Moss Cemetery 392138N 0815432W  
Mound Hill Cemetery 392627N 0815847W  
Mount Calvary Cemetery 392021N 0820609W  
Mount Hermon Cemetery 392548N 0815211W  
Mount Zion Cemetery      
Mud Sock Cemetery 392349N 0815751W  
New Athens Hospital Cemetery 391855N 0820708W  
New England Cemetery 391952N 0815632W  
New Straitsville Cemetery      
New Torch Cemetery 391427N 0814439W  
Nye Cemetery 392419N 0820734W  
Old Athens Hospital Cemetery 391918N 0820651W  
Old Coolville Cemetery 391337N 0814743W  
Old Torch Cemetery 391418N 0814440W aka Torch Methodist
Orange Cemetery 391123N 0815437W  
Pedigo Cemetery 392256N 0821416W  
Pierce Cemetery 391919N 0821101W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 391423N 0820604W  
Pratts Fork Cemetery 391126N 0820037W  
Pruden Cemetery 391944N 0820304W  
Quail Trap Cemetery 391754N 0821318W  
Queen of Heaven Cemeteries 392932N 0820458W  
Ross Cemetery 391842N 0821147W  
Rowell Cemetery 391812N 0815110W  
Rush Cemetery 392727N 0820858W  
Russell Cemetery 392852N 0820458W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 391222N 0815636W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 391414N 0815858W  
Salem Cemetery 392123N 0821041W  
Sand Rock Cemetery 392217N 0815437W  
Sands Cemetery 392911N 0820511W  
Snowden Cemetery 391709N 0820821W  
South Canaan Cemetery 391702N 0815748W  
St. Patrick Cemetery      
State Street Cemetery 391958N 0820622W aka West State Street Cemetery
Sterling Cemetery 392135N 0815849W  
Stewart Cemetery 391136N 0814555W  
Stewart Cemetery 391832N 0815404W  
Stover Cemetery 392149N 0821156W  
Taylor Ridge Cemetery 392821N 0820605W  
The Ridges     aka State Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery
The Plains Hocking Cemetery 392209N 0820727W aka Plains Cemetery
Timothy Jones Cemetery 392046N 0815126W  
Town House Cemetery 391448N 0821408W  
Troy Cemetery 391607N 0814922W  
True Cemetery 392712N 0820631W  
Tuppers Plains Christian Cemetery      
Union Cemetery 391902N 0820950W  
Vanderhoof Cemetery 391158N 0815131W  
Weatherby Cemetery 391123N 0814810W  
Wesleyan Cemetery 392653N 0815042W  
West Union Street Cemetery 3932974N 08211083  
Whitmore Cemetery 392735N 0821044W  
Woodyard Cemetery 391150N 0820856W  
Wyers Cemetery 391652N 0815221W  
Young Cemetery 392214N 0821234W  
Zion Cemetery 391231N 0815922W  
Zion Cemetery 392103N 0820809W  


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