Name DOB DOD Residence/Place of Death Father Mother
Lightfritz, Jane 02/11/1881 5/23/1961 Angel of Mercy John Cullison Matilda Six
Lightfritz, Pearl 08/06/1877 2/17/1953 Parkersburg, WV Lewis Lightfritz Claris Brooks
Lightfritz, William H. 05/12/1873 1/28/1936 Carbondale Lewis Lightfritz Claris Brooks
Locke, Grace 7/22/1902 8/11/1962 Athens St. Hosp. Abner Groce Zeltha Hunter
Mace, Calvin C. 02/14/1919 07/11/1961 Verdune, France Rome Mace Rosa Young
Sickels, James H. 09/30/1878 01/31/1954 Mineral James Sickels Sarah Hawk
Sickels, Mary N. 02/02/1878 11/09/1955 Mineral Emmett Addis Almyra Farley
Six, Eunice 4/6/1903 12/29/1970 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Henry Todd Hattie Hamilton
Six, Mary Jane 26 days 8/14/1945 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Chester Six Eunic Todd
Six, William 4/21/1890 6/14/1964 Athens/Athens Co. John Six Sarah Bowersock
Six, William Chester 11/18/1900 12/21/1964 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Theodore Six Ida Reeves

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