Benjamin Sheffield 111---1------ 112--1-------
James Knight 1----11------ --1-11-------
John G Hearine 1----1------- 2---1--------
Claudeus L Fisk 222-11------- 11-1-1-------
William Morel --------1---- --------1----
Thomas Harris 1--2-1------- -2--1--------
John White jr ----1-------- 1---1--------
John Lowry jr ----1-------- 11--1--------
Abner Drew ---1--1------ ---2--1------
John Chamberlain ---11-1------ ------1------
Daniel Nellson -11----1----- 211211-------
John Lillybridge -1---1------- --1-1--------

TRANSCRIBERS NOTE: Special note- the town of Nelsonville is a part of York Township. On this census, it is numberated and tallied separately however, appear on the 4th and 5th page of the York Township pages. At the end of Nelsonville, the census continues enumerating York Township.
This 1830 U.S.Federal Census was enumerated in a general order of the neighborhood. When creating this list I followed the order of the original census therefore, these names are not in alphabetical order.
On another note; decifering the handwriting on the original census can sometimes be a challenge and I thoroughly investigated the writing to apply the best reasoning in deciding the letters written. If you feel I have decifered a name incorrectly please email me your interpretation and if I concur, I will gladly make the change. I should also note that if the enumerator misspelled the name, the name will not be changed, however, if evidence is provided, I will make a footnote.

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