William Pierce 2222--1------ -1-1-1-------
Samuel Ewin ----1-------- ----1--------
George Utsler ----1-----1-- ----3---1----
Henry Utsler jr 21--1-------- -2--1--------
Jonathan Trover ----1-------- 1---1--------
George Utsler jr 11----1------ 12---1-------
Ezekiel Custer 1111-1------- 21---1-------
John Murphey -----1------- 1---1--------
Solomon Kichendol ---1--1------ 12---1-----1-
Thomas Philips 11---1------- --1--1-------
Royal Althar 11--1-------- 2---1--------
Robert Pastrick 22---1------- 1---2--------
William Mark --12--1------ 111-1-1------
Elizabeth Lyons --211-------- 22121-1------
Isaac Hawk 2---1-------- ----1--------
James Reed ---11--1----- --2----1-----
James Reed jr ---1--------- ---1---------

TRANSCRIBERS NOTE: This 1830 U.S.Federal Census was enumerated in a general order of the neighborhood. When creating this list I followed the order of the original census therefore, these names are not in alphabetical order.
On another note; decifering the handwriting on the original census can sometimes be a challenge and I thoroughly investigated the writing to apply the best reasoning in deciding the letters written. If you feel I have decifered a name incorrectly please email me your interpretation and if I concur, I will gladly make the change. I should also note that if the enumerator misspelled the name, the name will not be changed, however, if evidence is provided, I will make a footnote.

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